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• 2/3/2019

Harley, Poison Ivy,Katana and Starfire and other characters aren't in the reboot

When I first watched the first episode of the reboot, I discovered that the other superhero girls aren't in this new reboot! I'm disappointed. How do you guys feel?

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• 1/25/2019

Which DC superhero girl series do you like better?

In my opinion I think they are both good.

Which do you like better?
  • 2015 series
  • 2019 series
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• 12/12/2018
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• 5/20/2018

Titans wiki logo

Hello DCSHG fans. I'd just like to make you aware that Raven Beauty and I have been working on a wiki for the Titans and Doom Patrol live action shared universe coming to the DC Universe streaming service. The series is getting pretty close to premiering and since we gots logos now I was thinking it's time to make a wiki logo with the Titans and Doom Patrol logos here. https://www.dccomics.com/dcuniverse

And since I'm not the best artist or image editor, I was hoping to find a good one to help me. If you can, here's my two cents. Since Doom Patrol is confirmed to be in the Titans series' universe, I'm debating between calling the wiki Titans wiki or Titans-verse wiki. Just in case, I think it's best to make two logos. For both of them keep the Titans logo the same. For "Titans wiki" make "WIKI" in the style of "PATROL" in Doom Patrol. For "Titans-verse wiki", have the dash and "VERSE" in the style of "DOOM" in Doom Patrol. And that's pretty much it, the series is getting closer and closer so I feel like we should get a logo soon. Any help is appreciated.

The link to the wiki if you're interested: titansdcuniverse.wikia.com
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• 4/16/2017

So uh... Legos

Is anybody going to add pages for these shorts?
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• 9/24/2016

Calling All Admins

Attention admins, MrQuest17 here, would you please all meet me in the chat for an important and private discussion, thanks. If you can't make it just give me a holler over at my wall. The discussion will take place at 12:00PM BST, please don't miss it.
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• 9/19/2016

Category Nomination.

Rather than go to each specific admins wall, I decided to just post here. Considering the material we're dealing with, I suggest we use a character for Heroes and Villains. Or at least a part in the infobox that mentions it. This is DC Super Hero Girls after all ;)
If not that, I also suggest mentioning or categorizing the antagonists of the series. For example, Cheetah was the primary antagonist for season one of the webisodes, Granny Goodness for the first movie and Dark Opal for the second movie. Thoughts?
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• 6/6/2016

The search for new admins

Today, I'm going to be starting a search for three new admins to join the team here on DC Super Hero Girls wiki, with the help of Yslimegirl and M3, the other two active admins on the site, we'll be patrolling the wiki throughout the wiki and will pick 3 candidates this sunday, who've shown dedication, trust and kindness to their fellow peers. That's all for now and good luck Heroes!
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• 2/13/2016

DC Super Hero Girls Wiki, under consideration for Link-up with MH and EAH wiki's

Hi, guys MrQuest17 here with a very important notice. Today I've found out that Mojojojo13579 is considering adding the character names for the characters from DC Super Hero Girls under the list of voice acting roles for Stephanie Sheh and Karen Strassman. Now what this means for this wiki is a possible link-up from what I understand. If we do manage a link-up I'd like all of you to work co-operatively with the users over at MH and EAH wiki's for our franchises are maybe in the same universe and information may eventually overlap. That's all.
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• 12/21/2015

Christmas DC Super Hero Girls quiz competition

Hi guys, just MrQuest17 here. Today I was thinking as the festive season Is now underway and Christmas is fast approaching, why not do something fun for the holidays. So today I would like to announce a special Christmas themed DC Super Hero Girl quiz. Here's the lowdown; basically I will be running this competition up until Christmas day. Each day I will post a new blog featuring a quiz and there'll also be a prize available for the winner of each day, like a shout-out on the front page. Now on the final day(Christmas day) an admin spot will be up for grabs and at the end I'll tally up all the scores from the week and see who's got the most points. This person will be the overall winner. Let's let the good times roll and finally happy Christmas everybody.
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