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A Millions Volts is a song from the episode Shock It to Me.


[rock music playing]
♪ I'm gonna crush you
♪ And I'll enjoy it, too
♪ I wanna bring you down
Kara: [guffaws]
♪ Humiliation's cool
♪ And cruelty's how I want to rule ♪
Kara: [whoops]
[all laughing]
♪ Watch me go
♪ With a million volts
♪ With a million volts
♪ A million volts
♪ A million volts
♪ A hundred thousand volts of lightning ♪
♪ Pointing at yourself
♪ Oh, did I make you sad?
♪ I feel really bad
Zee: [shudders]
♪ Maybe we should call your mom ♪
Babs: [screams]
♪ Too bad she can't help you
♪ Now you're weak against my awesome power ♪
♪ Don't turn your back
You'll never know when I'll attack ♪
♪ You won't see me coming, but you so will feel the zap ♪
♪ A million volts
Karen: [groaning]