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[theme song playing]
Jessica:Uh, what are we looking at here?
Karen: I see a bunch of ones and zeros.

Kara: My GPA.

[all gasp]

Kara: My counselor says if I want to pass this semester, I got a sign up for an extracurricular. Karen: Hey, you can join the AV club.

Jessica: [gasps] Or My community gardening project.
Diana: Or The ancient Greece Historical Society.
Kara: Lame. Boring. Lame and boring.[groans] Don’t you do anything cool?
Garth: Looking for "cool" are you? What if I told you I know a club that’s so face-meltingly, nose-hair sizzlingly cool, that it will blow your mind?
Kara: Nose-hair sizzling, you say? I'm in!
Garth: Behold, the MAMX fan club! MAMX? Maximum Assault Mech X. The famous anime slash manga slash card game slash lifestyle?
Kara: No. We're done here.
Garth: Oh, okay. I guess I just thought that you at least want to hear about the MAMX Mech battles.
Kara: Ugh! Fine.
Garth: Oh, yes! Mech battles are the best part about MAMX. Remote control Mechs face off in combat. in fact MAMX-Con, the world's biggest mech competition is coming, and it’s always been my dream to win. Only you gotta have at least two members on a team to enter. That’s why I thought you... Nevermind. Probably couldn’t even get you to try a single battle.
Kara: [groans] So what? We just make these toys beat the snot out of each other?
Garth: A Mech Battle is more nuanced than that. In the show, these contests are engagement of integrity and honor.
Kara: But to win, my toy's gotta beat the snot out of yours, right?
Garth: Yes. MAMX, engage!
Kara: [grunts] Stay still, I-- Whoa! how do you... Oh! [grunts] Okay, okay, I think I’m getting the hang of it-- Garth, that was... awesome! Again!
[mechs whirring]
Garth: Oh, good move! Oh, another one!
Kara:[grunts] Oh, man! Okay, you kick my butt again. Go on bask in the glory.
Garth: Come on, Kara, you know MAMX is about honor not glory. BTW, that Takeshi Tornado you pulled off? [exclaims] Sick!
Kara: Well, I got a pretty sick teacher.
[Boy]: Takeshi Tornado's amateur at best.
Garth: Winslow Schott? The Winslow Schott? It is an honor! I'm Garth,this is Kara. Winslow Schott is nationally-ranked Mech Battler. He’s been in the finals of MAMX-Con three years running.
Winslow Schott: This year, I intend to win. i’ve just transferred to Metropolis High. I’d heard the MAMX club had a chapter here, but...
Kara: [groans]
Winslow: [clears throat] Ouch. And to think, I’d hoped to find a teammate for this year’s MAMX-Con.
Garth: [gasps] Hey Winslow, I'm ranked 24th in the tri-city area.
Kara: Garth! What are you doing? I am your partner.
Garth: Sorry Kara, but Winslow Schott is a genius. I mean, he’s been customizing mechs since he was three. You know winning MAMX-Con is my dream. This is my best chance.
Winslow: Oh, he’s right on both counts. I am a genius and his best chance at winning.
Kara: Oh yeah? Well, then, prove it!
Garth: [gasps]
Winslow: Hmm. MAMX, engage!
Kara: Okay, Winslow, get ready t--

[blow landing]

Winslow: That is how are you MAMX.
Kara: Best out of three.
Winslow: Okay, but let’s make it interesting: You lose, not only are you off the MAMX-Con team, but you have to quit the fan club, too.
Garth: Kara, you don’t have to do this.
Winslow: [laughs menacingly]
Kara: Hmm.
Winslow: See Garth, this is just sad.
Kara: You know what’s not sad? A little level-six Tenkiri frontal assault!
[both gasps]
Winslow: [grunts, growls]
[trilling] [Device beeps, powers up]
Kara: Huh? [grunts in frustration] [growls] What the..
Winslow: Ha. As expected.
Kara: Wait, what was that? That kid cheated. Seriously some kind of ray just came out of his robot guy. My guy just froze up.
Winslow: [scoffs] Ray? Garth, did you see a ray?
Garth: [stammers] [groans]
Winslow: Accusing a fellow MAMX-er of cheating? That is low.
Kara: Listen, kid.
Winslow: [exclaims]
Garth: Kara!
Winslow: [grunts]
Garth: Maybe you should go.
Kara: Hmph.
[crowd cheering]
Garth: Oh, I've never seen so many MAMX-ers. Kara would've loved this.
Winslow: That sore loser's no MAMX-er. None of these people are! Not like us, anyway.
Kara: Then that weasel's robot shoots a beam thingy. The next thing I know, my controller-gizmo and robot guy start acting all wonky.
Karen: Winslow must've disrupted your mech's servos with an electro-magnetic pulse. And because of your radio-telescopic vision, only you could see it.
Kara: I don’t even care about Winslow or MAMX, it's only fun because Garth is fun. And now, the little goober is living his dream, and that jerk Winslow gets to be there with him.
Diana: Kara, is there a reason you cannot be there to see the little goober live his dream?
[audience cheering]
Garth: Wow, the finals! Oh, can you believe it?
Winslow: [sighs] This is my fourth time here Garth. This time I am taking no chances. When I give the signal, you create a distraction.
[decive trilling]
Garth: You're gonna cheat? Ugh! Kara was right! Winslow, MAMX is about honor.
Winslow: Honor? What honor is in letting some poser walk off with the title?
Announcer: It's final battle time.
Winslow: Huh. Winning is your dream too, isn’t it? Garth, focus!
Kara: Garth, woohoo! Yeah!
Winslow: Garth! It’s time. The glory shall be ours.
[Device beeps, powers up]
[audience gasps]
Winslow: Huh?
Garth: Sorry Winslow. [loudly] He’s cheating!
[audience gasps, jeers]
Kara: A-ha!
Winslow: Huh?
[whistle blows] [buzzer dings] [audience clamoring]
Winslow: Garth, you fool! [growls]
Garth: Kara, I just wanna say I am so sorry.
Kara: Look, I’m not big on mushy make ups, so we’re good?
Winslow: These noobs have seen but a fraction of the genius of Winslow Schott.
[device trilling] [people screaming] [both gasp]
Winslow: [laughs menacingly]
Kara: Why don't you let me handle this?
Winslow: [continues laughing]
Kara: Heads up!
Winslow: [gasps]
Kara: This giant robot thing, it’s a little extreme, don’t you think kid?
Winslow: Would people stop calling me a kid? I am not a kid. I am a man. A toy man!
Kara: Ugh. You know what? Let me just smash you.
[both grunting]
Kara: [gasps, grunts]
Winslow: You see, Garth, even Supergirl can’t stand up against the genius of Winslow Schott!

You should have joined me when you had the chance!

Kara: [grunts]
[device powering up]
Winslow: Once I destroy this noob... I'm coming for you and that loser friend of yours, Kara. [laughs] And then all of the world will know the greatness, The glory of the mighty MAMX master Toy Man!
Kara: You know, for a genius, you’re not too bright.
Winslow: Huh?
Kara: Garth already told you. [grunts] MAMX isn't about glory...
Garth: [gasps]
Kara',: It's about honor!
[both grunting]
Winslow: [screaming] [screaming from distance]
[crowd applauding, cheering]
Kara: And that's how are you MAMX. I won! I actually won! Ha! That's two!
Garth: Hmm. Well, I don't think the time you said my mom was outside and knocked my mech over when I wasn't looking should count as a win.
Kara: Hmm. Mmm-hmm, mmm-hmm, I see what you mean. Oh, Garth, your Dad's outside.
Garth: What?
Kara: Now it's three.
[theme music playing]