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Ace is a superhero dog and the pet of Batgirl.


Ace is a gray Great Dane that has blue eyes and wears a black mask and cape. He also wears a golden dog collar with a Bat symbol on it.

Depiction in the web series

Season four

Ace first appears in Gone to the Dogs Part 1 as the Gordon family's newly adopted dog and proceeds to have a play date with Supergirl and Krypto at the park. They are later locked into Batgirl's batbunker while their owners investigate a jewelry store break-in. When they see a cat wearing stolen jewelry in the store's surveillance footage, they decide to pursue it. In Gone to the Dogs Part 2, they escape the batbunker and chase Catwoman's cat Roz in the park who eventually runs up a building. Ace manages to catch Roz in a net after Krypto scares him off, but Catwoman suddenly appears and rescues Roz. Krypto and Ace come into the jewelry store having found the stolen jewelry to show their owners and Principal Waller, who decides to overturn Super Hero High's no pets policy.

In Pets Peeved Part 1, Ace appears with the other Super-Pets and their owners in the Super Hero High gym chasing Kitsune and getting threatened with failing by Grodd if they do not work together. In Pets Peeved Part 2, Ace appears catching tennis balls from a machine and is called by Jumpa to help rescue their owners after they get captured by the Animilitia at the zoo. Ace and Krypto pose as stray dogs when thy are noticed by the Animilitia in an alley. The pets battle the Animilitia, with Ace defeating Killer Croc by shooting tennis balls at him with his machine, successfully defeat them and rescue their owners.

Season five

In All Pets Are Off, Batgirl enters Ace in the Super Hero High pet show. Ace appears successfully completing an obstacle course and is later awarded a medal. He is later kidnapped by Artemiz along with the other pets in the Battywagon who plans to bring them to Apokolips to recruit them into Granny Goodness' animal army. After Supergirl freezes the road with her freeze breath, the pets break free and knock Artemiz out of the Battywagon. Ace and Krypto then take away her arrows, leaving her disarmed when she tries to engage their owners. Ace and Krytpo then capture her by throwing a net over her. Reunited with their owners, all the pets split the pet show's grand prize.

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