#AdventuresInBunnysitting is the fifth episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls (TV series). It is aired on March 17, 2019 on Cartoon Network.



The episode opens with Kara asleep in her room, interrupted by Zee who brings in her two magical bunnies in separate cages. Zee reminds Kara that she agreed to bunnysit them while Zee makes her first paid performance as a solo magician. Zee warns Kara not to put the bunnies together. Kara, acting indifferent to the bunnies while Zee is around, immediately baby-talks them when Zee leaves, and takes them out to play with them. The bunnies magically spawn heaps of tiny bunnies which Kara tries to put away, but more and more keep appearing. The bunny spawn spill into the street and flood it.

Eventually the bunny spawn flood the park where Zee is performing. At first Zee and Kara sweep the spawn into Zee's top hat and make them disappear, but more and more keep flooding in. Zee casts a hate spell on the spawn, but this turns the flood of bunny spawn into a giant bunny monster made up of individual bunny spawn. Kara is eaten by the giant bunny monster but flies out with the two magical bunnies in her hands and breaks the bunnies from their embrace, making all their spawn disappear.


  • This episode title is a reference of a 1987 film and a 2016 remake Adventures In Babysitting.
  • The names of the bunnys are references to characters of the book/movie Watership Down.
  • This episode reveals Kara had a soft side.
  • Lauren Faust, the show's developer and the executive producer of the episode, had previously written she's "a huge Star Trek dork", and compared the episode "Swarm of the Century" from the series My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic to the Star Trek episode "The Trouble with Tribbles" and the Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends episodes "The Trouble with Scribbles". M.A. Larson is the writer for both "Swarm of the Century" and "Adventures in Bunnysitting". The line "time to take out the adorable trash" is spoken by Kara in this episode, and by the pony character Rainbow Dash in the episode "Swarm of the Century".



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