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#AmBatgirl[1] is a two-part episode of Season 2 of DC Super Hero Girls. These are the first and second episodes of the second season of the show, which also serves as its season debut.


Part 1[]

At the Metropolis's Jewelry Store, a couple of cops inspect a piece of broken glass, but couldn't explain what happened. As they left, Batgirl and Bumblebee arrive at the scene to investigate on their own. Using a UV-rayed flashlight, Batgirl discovers the Riddler's logo, realizing that he's in Metropolis which could mean Batman might be there as well. She discovers Riddler's riddle he had left at the crime scene and figures that he's going to steal something important at the Science Museum, giving her a chance to show Batman what she's capable of.

At the museum, the Riddler attempts to steal a machine, the Thera-Magnetic Wave Generator, only for Batgirl to stop him with her Batarang. A rope appears and to Batgirl's dismay, it was Robin, claiming that he himself had captured the Riddler. Batgirl and Robin bicker as to who's the better sidekick, as Batman comes in to capture the Riddler. But, the Riddler, who was tied up, manages to escape without anyone noticing. Batman then grumbles as he leaves the place to continue his search for the Riddler.

Later, in an alleyway, she and Robin will compete with each other to see who will be a better sidekick. Batgirl took down some serious criminals such as a bank robber, a smuggler, to Giganta. Robin, however, arrests innocent people such as a elderly woman not crossing the street properly, to a man who brought outside food to a restaurant. At the end, they meet back at the alley. Batgirl brings in three criminals, but Robin has four, including a baby, and a goldfish. As he technically wins the contest, he dances in celebration, only to pull his right hamstring. One of the criminals try to escape, but was ultimately stopped by Batman. Robin tries to steal the credit again, saying that he caught all seven criminals while on his break.

Batman then showed both Batgirl and Robin a riddle left by the Riddler that said "What has branches and leaves but no barks?" Batgirl realizes the answer is a library and finds out that the Riddler is going there to steal an ancient book. Batman then mumbles to Robin to go but since Robin pulled his hamstring earlier, Batgirl offered to take his place. Robin thinks she was joking, only to see Batman and Batgirl up to the roof.

Batgirl returns to her hideout as the others were cleaning their respective spaces. A smoke bomb appears next to Jess and it explodes. She is thrilled that she's about to work with her hero, but the others look at her, mad that she wasn't there to help them. Batgirl pleads to the Girls that this is her once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to live out her dream. Later at Wayne Manor, Robin slides downstairs, implying that his leg has fully healed. He asks Alfred on Batman's whereabouts, which he ends up screaming in horror, knowing that Batgirl went on with Batman to catch the Riddler.

Later that night at the Metropolis Library, the Riddler obtains a book called the Ancient Volume of Puzzles. Batman and Batgirl, arrive at the scene to detain him as he gave them another riddle. Batgirl quickly finds that the answer was a bomb, realizing that he rigged the whole library with bombs and dynamites. Thinking he's bluffing, they both step forward as the Riddler tries to escape. Just then, he finds his hands stuck to a book as Batgirl reveals that she switched the book with a decoy and covered it with her homemade Bat-Glue, which prevents him from activating the bombs. Batman took his belt and mumbles that he's taking him back to Arkham Asylum. Unfortunately, Robin shows up but ruins their plan as the Riddler barely escapes.

Back at the hideout, as the Girls continue to clean up, Batgirl informs that she will officially become Batman's sidekick, which meant leaving Metropolis and moving back to Gotham. She then becomes conflicted as Karen asks if she will be leaving the team, meaning she has to choose between her dreams or her friends.

Part 2[]

Upon knowing that being Batman's sidekick would mean leaving the team, Batgirl told them it's been her childhood dream to work with her hero, and the girls know that she can't give up on the opportunity. So, they agreed to let her go, as the group hugs her. Unfortunately, Batgirl's homemade glue made them stick. In a short montage, Batman and Batgirl started their search for The Riddler, such as questioning other criminals, finding the Riddler's logo, and taking down a few crooks, causing Batgirl to shed a tear in happiness.

Back at the hideout, the girls have trouble adjusting without Babs so Wonder Woman invites another female hero to join their group as Batgirl's replacement: Katana. She vows to obtain the same unattained standards that she had held herself, which was showing mercy to her enemies.

Later at an old abandoned warehouse, Batman and Batgirl discovers that the Riddler wasn't there but instead finds a large supply of cargo boxes. Batman uses the UV flashlight to discover that the Riddler had left another clue which was on the boxes themselves. They rearranged the boxes as they spell out a riddle. Batgirl quickly figures it out that the Riddler plans to steal the King of Markovia's treasure from a cargo truck, tomorrow night. Wanting to celebrate, Batgirl suggests that she and Batman go get some ice cream, but Batman leaves immediately, leaving her alone.

Back at the hideout, Supergirl reveals that Katana has left the group since they couldn't match her "almost impossible" standards, so she brought in another candidate for Babs's replacement: Bizarrogirl. Unfortunately, when Bumblebee tries to make friends with her, Bizarrogirl instead attacks her while wrecking the hideout, which Supergirl forgets to mention that to Bizarrogirl's perpesctive, everything to her is the exact opposite (being a friend means being an enemy to Bizarrogirl.)

While eating ice cream, Batgirl finds Robin trying to get a job to save people but the bystanders kept ignoring him. Batgirl shows up and asked if he has anywhere else to go and he told that he became Superman's sidekick, but it wasn't true. He then told Batgirl that in the past, he saw her with a lot of friends, but he only had Batman. So when she took away the spotlight, he felt that Batman doesn't need him anymore. As Batgirl feels sympathy for the lone wolf, she offers her help and even her ice cream, which he ate it at first but then complains about the flavor.

Back at the hideout, the Girls were having second thoughts to replace their friend. Catwoman then comes out of the shadows, willing to be her replacement. Wonder Woman asks her how she can help the team. Catwoman convinces them such as making a better slogan for Jess's protest. Zatanna thinks that it wouldn't be a bad idea, but then, the girls could no longer find their items, implying that Catwoman stole from them. This angered Kara as she, along the other girls, was unable to notice it. Batgirl appears, confused, as the others hug her for her return. She only went there so she can retrieve her supplies, and take down the Riddler. She is surprised that Bumblebee's proto-oscillator is in flames, as that Bumblebee asked Bizarrogirl to fix, but instead, she breaks it. Batgirl also notices the slogan Katana wrote, questioning that she was at the hideout too. She realizes that they were trying to replace her "for the foreseeable future," just so she can live her dream. She is saddened that her friends had to make such sacrifice for her.

At the bank, she has her eyes set on the treasure. She decides to call in Robin so he can get his role as sidekick back. She pursues the cargo truck as it stops from a red light. The Riddler opens a manhole which was under the truck. As he prepares for his biggest heist yet, he finds Batgirl, who is somehow tied up. She calls Batman, saying that he caught her, although she was just acting. Robin comes over the truck and then captures him. Batman finally opens the truck but is surprised that Robin defeated him while Batgirl is tied up. He then welcomes back Robin as his sidekick. With her final moments as his sidekick, Batgirl tells that it is an honor working for him, as Batman looks forward to seeing her again.

At the hideout, she shares her experience being Batman's sidekick, but she misses being with her friends. They all hug it out. She sets to change back to her classic Batgirl purple, but she couldn't find her cowl. The others sneakily move away from the couch, knowing that Catwoman also stole her cowl.




  • This episode was first previewed during 2020 DC Kids Fandome.[2]
  • This episode marks The Riddler's first appearance.
  • This is the first episode to premiere in 2021.
  • Robin doesn't like sherbet.
  • Batgirl is the only member of the Super Hero Girls to not be seen in her civilian outfit for the entire episode.
  • Katana, Bizarrogirl, and Catwoman all know the Girls' hideout, and where it is located.


  • At the end of part one when Babs mention her staying with her uncle Al, this is a nod to the 1997 film "Batman & Robin," where Barbara (who goes by Barbara Wilson in that film) is the niece of Alfred.


  • Starting from this episode onwards, the show would be animated by Boulder Media.
  • This episode continues Batgirl and Robin's rivalry against each other. This also shows that said rivalry is prominent throughout the episode.


  • The title includes improper grammar, it should be #IAmBatgirl.



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