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Amanda Waller made her first cartoon appearance in the season 1 episode Welcome to Super Hero High. She is voiced by Yvette Nicole Brown in the English version of the cartoon.

Season 1


She is the narrator for the welcome video.[1][2]

She welcomes Wonder Woman to Super Hero High.[2]

She announces Poison Ivy as the hero of the month.[3]

She chastises Wonder Woman on her poor performance during a Save the Day drill.[4]

She informs Poison Ivy that despite her great academics, she needs to sign up for a club. She is later in the courtyard.[5]

Amanda Waller announces Bumblebee as the Hero of the Month and is later startled when Bumblebee shows up next to her.[6]

She tells Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy, Bumblebee, and Harley Quinn that Lucius Fox got stuck at the top of the school. She watches as they save him, and upon hearing what Cheetah did against Wonder Woman, she gives her detention.[7]

Amanda Waller announces Wonder Woman as the next Hero of the Month[8]

Season 2


Amanda gives Wonder Woman her first assignment as the New Student Ambassador, being to recruit Supergirl to Super Hero High.[9]

Amanda announces Supergirl as Hero of the Month.[10]

Amanda awards Harley Quinn as Hero of the Month.[11]

Principle Waller announces Batgirl as the next Hero of the Month.[12]

Amanda announces Katana as the next Hero of the Month.[13]

Amanda Waller announces Frost as Hero of the Month.[14]

Amanda appears as the main invigilator on a wilderness Survival exam.[15]

Amanda announces Hawkgirl as Hero of the Month, as she's told off by Hawkgirl for talking in the library.[16]

Amanda Waller's voice is heard, ending Frost's Hero of the Month VT, from a previous webisode.[17]

Amanda announces Star Sapphire as the Hero of the Month.[18]

Principle Waller announces two heroes, in the forms of Cyborg and Starfire as the Heroes of the Month.[19]





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