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Aquaman (real name Arthur Curry) is a character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is the young King of Atlantis.


Season four

Aquaman appears in DC Super Hero Girls: Legends of Atlantis sleeping on his throne before waking up and introducing himself as the King of Atlantis to Siren and her sister Mera. He battles Siren over his trident, and gains the upper hand before Mera begins trying to defend her sister. He is eventually defeated by Siren who casts a spell on him from the Book of Legends, separating him from his trident and making him fall into a coma. After Siren is defeated by Mera and the students of Super Hero High School, Raven awaken him using a spell from the Book of Legends and Mera gives him back his Trident. He then thanks the super heroes of Metropolis and banishes Siren to the other dimensional realm of Xebel for her crimes against the oceans of Earth. He then forgives Mera for helping Siren as she helped defeat her and welcomes Mera to make Atlantis her home. However, she declines for now in favor of attending Super Hero High. As she and her new friends leave Atlantis, he says goodbye to them and wishes Mera luck at Super Hero High, reminding her that she will always have a home in Atlantis.

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