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Ares is a recurring character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. He is the older half-brother of Wonder Woman, the Greek god of war and a reformed antagonist.


Ares is a large Man with his body completely covered in dark blue armour, including a helmet, featuring four spikes protruding from either side and a hole for his head. His armour also involves a large dark purple cape, with blue chest-plate and arm-pads. His lower body and arms are mostly black, featuring some dark blue gloves and some dark blue shorts.


Ares is voiced by Fred Tatasciore in the English version of the cartoon.

Season three[]

In The Ares Up There, Ares crashes the Party of Plenty in Themyscira in a blast of fire, believing his and Wonder Woman's father Zeus to have been celebrating there rather than at his feast to which he invited him to. When Harley Quinn confronts him over showing up uninvited, he easily throws her away. When Wonder Woman denies Zeus being there, he demands to know where he is and engages Wonder Woman and her friends. Wonder Woman sends Harley to retrieve the Amulet of Harmonia from the Hall of Honors to defeat him while she continues the battle against him with Batgirl and Supergirl. Ares blasts them out of the palace and pursues them in the forest. After Wonder Woman and her friends manage to capture him in her Lasso of Truth, he frees himself and turns into a giant, materializing weapons and attacking the palace. Harley eventually returns with the Amulet and puts in on him, causing him to turn mellow, apologize for destroying her home, return to normal size and leave to meditate in the same fire blast as he arrived.

In Fresh Ares Part 1, he, still wearing the Amulet of Harmonia, enters Capes & Cowls Café to visit Wonder Woman, giving her a golden fleece as a peace offering. He socializes with Wonder Woman and her friends when Catwoman sees his Amulet and decides to steal it. She distracts Wonder Woman and her friends to Super Hero High School, leaving him. As he talks to more SHHS students at the Café, she uses a pollen grenade to distract the Café patrons. As Ares attempts to take care of it, Catwoman steals the Amulet from him, causing him to turn into a giant, and smash out of the building to start a rampage. In Fresh Ares Part 2, he begins his rampage to destroy Metropolis, triggering a Save the Day alarm. Wonder Woman and her friends, along with other SHHS students return to the city to battle him. The students work together and eventually manage to stun him by electrocuting a radio tower he pulled off a building as a weapon, and then subduing him with ropes and harpoons. In Fresh Ares Part 3, he breaks free and resumes his rampage. Wonder Woman and Supergirl distract him by taunting him with the golden fleece while Batgirl, Miss Martian and the Flash find the Amulet in Catwoman's vault. Upon returning with it. Catwoman appears and takes the Amulet, managing to return it to him before he can attack Wonder Woman and Supergirl. He returns to his mellow state and to his normal size with a headache. As he realizes that he "did it again", Wonder Woman walks away with him. As he asks that she will help him after what happened, she replies "That's what family's for".


  • Ares has a deep, echoing voice when he fights Wonder Woman or grows to an enormous size, but when exposed to the effects of the Amulet of Harmonia (which seems to act as a tranquilizer of sorts), he shrinks down to normal human size, and takes on a more laidback-sounding voice, even saying that he has a "gnarly" headache.
  • He also seems to have developed ways to contain and control his violent, warlike tendencies, such as meditation.
  • He is a god of Greek mythology. There, he is still Zeus’s son and he also is Hera’s son.
  • When he wears gold, he becomes a calm, smooth guy
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