Ares is a recurring character and the half-brother of Wonder Woman and is the god of war. He is the main antagonist in Summer Olympus.


Ares is a large muscular teenage boy, with his body completely covered in dark blue armour, including a helmet, featuring four spikes protruding from either side and a hole for his head. His armour also involves a large dark purple cape, with blue chest-plate and arm-pads. His lower body and arms are mostly black, featuring some dark blue gloves and some dark blue shorts.


Ares is voiced by Fred Tatasciore in the English version of the cartoon, making his first appearance in the third season webisode; The Ares Up There.

Ares interrupts a party in Themyscira, believing his and Wonder Woman's father to have been partying there.


  • Ares in this show is a teenager, rather than the fully-grown adult god he is in other Wonder Woman projects. Also, he and Wonder Woman seem to be on good speaking terms, as Wonder Woman manages to calm him down, and even help him, on two separate occasions. This may be because they are just teens here.
  • Ares has a deep, echoing voice when he fights Wonder Woman or grows to an enormous size, but when exposed to the effects of the Amulet of Harmonia (which seems to act as a tranquilizer of sorts), he shrinks down to normal human size, and takes on a more laidback-sounding voice, even saying that he has a "gnarly" headache.
  • He also seems to have developed ways to contain and control his violent, warlike tendencies, such as meditation.
  • He is a god of Greek mythology. There, he is still Zeus’s son and he also is Hera’s son.
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