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Scene: Super Hero High School.

Batgirl: Another tie!
Supergirl: Again?
Wonder Woman: What?!
Frost: Enough sonic booms! We're setting this once and for all!

Scene: Super Hero High School at night.

Frost: An old-school street race! No superpower, just horsepower.
Supergirl: (hops on a motorcar and takes her helmet on)
The Flash: I love a good race! Hey, Wonder Woman, where's your bike? You're not forfeiting, are you? Oh! (thud) Ow!
Wonder Woman: Invisible cloaking technology. (her device beeps, her motorcar suddenly appears)
(Wonder Woman gets on her motorcar. Supergirl and Wonder Woman face each other.)
Batgirl: Thanks for shutting down the route for the race, Dad.
Gordon: Happy to oblige, as long as you uphold your end of the bargain and—
Batgirl: —never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, drive over the speed limit.
Frost: On your marks! Get set!
Harley Quinn: (suddenly appears, interrupting by honking the horn) Nobody street races without Harley Quinn!
(Frost starts over for Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Harley Quinn facing each other.)
Frost: Go!
(They start driving out of Super Hero High, but Frost stands as the Flash, Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon run and stand still. Supergirl then gasps and stops and Wonder Woman stops her and drives away. Harley Quinn sees a car then stops.)
Harley Quinn: Ha! This is what you get for double parking! (her motorcar goes over a car)
(Steve sweeps off the ground and Wonder Woman drives faster and away)
Steve: That girl really blows me away.
(Supergirl appears at Wonder Woman. The Double Dare Twins appear robbing a bank.)
Supergirl: Bank robbers!
Wonder Woman: I'll catch them!
Supergirl: No, I will!
(The Double Dare Twins hop on their motorbike and drive away. As Wonder Woman and Supergirl chases the twins down, Harley Quinn comes to a holt due to a sign on the road but Harley Quinn pushes her button in her vehicle to destroy it and drives on ahead. Back with Wonder Woman and Supergirl, they seem to have chased the twins in a small lonely dusty area of the city but they were nowhere in sight.)
Wonder Woman: Where'd they go?!
Supergirl: (uses her X-ray vision to find the Double Dare Twins) There! I've got them!
Wonder Woman: I'm already on it! (the Double Dare Twins jump-and-flip away) Double Dare Twins, welcome to the end of my rope!
Supergirl: Not if I can come up with a pun relating to my weapon first. Um— uh— Nothing but net!
(Both girls manged to catch the twins and both girls fist bumped in victory but quickly become competitive once again.)
Supergirl: Yeah!
Wonder Woman: A-ha!
(Both still determined to win the race. The following scene once again shows Wonder Woman and Supergirl driving side-by-side.)
Supergirl: Hey! No superpowers!
Wonder Woman: You no superpowers!
Supergirl: Which one of us won?
Wonder Woman: Did I win?!
Harley Quinn: (appears) Ha! You wish, slowpokes! Mmm! (chomping) But there's still some super food victory cake left. Ha! If you hurry!
Wonder Woman: Race ya!