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Little Diana! There you are.

Has it really been that long?
Over 100 years.

~ Diana Prince and Antiope

#AwesomeAuntAntiope is the fiftieth episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


The episode starts with a flashback on Themyscira, where a young Diana and her aunt Antiope were enjoying themselves, and Antiope pretends to be the cyclops. They were interrupted by Queen Hippolyta, who commanded Antiope to not interrupt her daughter's studies and told Diana that she is two years younger to hold a weapon. Diana was then commanded to polish all the weapons, only to escape with the help to Antiope in a pegasus, to see the real cyclops.

Then the episode cuts to Sweet Justice, at the present time, where Babs, Karen, Zee, Jess and Kara are trying to study for the school finals. Diana then appears and tells the girls that her aunt Antiope is coming for a visit, whom she describes as fierce warrior and monsters hunter, as well as fun. Kara says that they are cramming, since the finals are tomorrow. Just then, Antiope appears at the café, having to ride a motorbike on the way there. Diana and her aunt embrace warmly and the former intruduces the latter to the Super Hero Girls. Then, Antiope asks the girls what to do, only that they are stuck studying for the finals. Antiope convinces the girls to take a break from studying, which they all agreed to. Then the girls and Antiope go to a dance club.

After the dance break, Karen reminds them they have to go back to studying. Antiope suggested that they should eat so they could be ready for the test. At the diner, Antiope orders chicken wings, Zee eats a burger, Diana burps after drinking cola, and Karen eats a French fry with hot sauce. Antiope then grabbed the hot sauce, drank it straight from the bottle, and ended up breathing fire. Before they left, the waiter calls Diana to pay their bill, claiming Antiope hasn't paid. Zee calls her that they are heading to the pool hall, making Diana wonder that they should have been studying by right now.

At the pool hall, a guy struggles to keep up with Antiope at a wrestling match, until he lost. Then he bragged that he never loses to girls. Then Antiope and the girls except Diana had a brawl fight. As the girls leave excited about what had just happened, Diana nervously reminded them that finals begin in 7 hours, which makes the girls worried as well. Antiope sadly agree but claims that she wants to do one more thing before she leaves.

At a basement, Antiope plays cards with the Royal Flush Gang while the girls stand uncomfortable with the situatuion (mostly Diana). The cops then break in to arrest the group including the girls. They managed to escape with Antiope driving them back to Sweet Justice but with a “stolen” car. Diana tells her aunt that cars don’t work like that.

It’s morning and the group is at the underground base. Antiope tells them where to get breakfast, only to be commented by Diana saying the girls have wasted their study time for the finals. Then orders her aunt to stop interfering with their studies. Antiope responds she is disappointed at her, saying she sounds just like her mom (in the flashback). Then the girls heard a loud noise just outside of the cafe. It was the Kraken. Antiope told the girls that she forgot the actual reason why she went to the world of man. It was to change the lock of the Kraken’s underwater cage. Diana loses her temper at her aunt for being irresponsible. 

The girls then went superhero mode. Batgirl, Zatanna, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman all strangle its tentacles, and Bumblebee confuses it by moving around its eyes. Supergirl attempts to punch it, only to bounce back and to be saved by Wonder Woman. Antiope and her niece argue about what to do, and has soon Wonder Woman was about to blow again, Diana remembers the 3 ways on how to defeat a Kraken.

Just outside the school, the girls wore Greek clothes, with Diana drawing an ancient symbol used to summon magical stuff. Diana utters an incantation, with the girls following the ritual and holding hands together, which allows her to summon a magical flower. Kara then throws her close to the Kraken, crumples the flower into dust, and blows it against the Kraken’s face. The Kraken becomes unconscious as it falls into the school roof, suspending classes for the day. Antiope would have left, till Diana commands her as princess of the Amazon to bring the Kraken back to where it belongs.




  • Lauren Faust confirmed this episode in a tweet[2] on March 7, 2020.
  • This is the thirtieth episode in production order.[3][4]
  • This episode was originally planned to air on May 24, 2020, but was removed from the schedule for unknown reasons.[5][6]
    • It was later scheduled to air on September 28, 2020, only to be pulled again[7]. Therefore, this is the most delayed episode of the series thus far.
  • It was confirmed by Lauren Faust on Twitter that Antiope will be voiced by April Winchell, who voiced Sylvia from Wander Over Yonder.[8]
  • This is the first episode to premiere in other countries before in the United States.
  • This marks the first appearance of Antiope.
  • This is the first time we see young Diana
  • This marks the first time Diana has done the following things:
    • Diana burps for the first time.
    • She pressed herself on glass.
    • Losing her temper.
  • This marks Hippolyta's second physical appearance since "Sweet Justice."
  • A 3-minute clip was released on the Cartoon Network UK YouTube channel on March 15, 2020 and a 4-minute clip released on July 26, 2020.
  • Lilly Aspell respires her role as Young Diana Prince from the 2017 film Wonder Woman.
  • Antiope steals a car due to assuming vehicles on the street are for public use, a possible nod to Mera assuming the same regarding boats in the bays in James Wan's Aquaman.


  • If Antiope "stole" a car while escaping from the cops, does this mean that at Sweet Justice, she also "stole" a motorbike on the way there or did she really own it? Anyway, it isn't possible that she knows how motorbikes work, but not cars.


  • In Cartoon Network Turkey, the scene showing the girls following the ritual and holding hands together was cut.



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