DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
[theme song playing]
♪ When super me
Becomes super we ♪
♪ Suddenly, magically
Pretty automatically ♪
♪ Crushing it side by side ♪
♪ Look out, world
We're Super Hero Girls ♪
♪ Now that we're together
Gonna get that super life! ♪
♪ Wow! ♪
Antiope: Surrender now, Diana!
You are no match for the mighty Cyclops! [grunting]
Young Diana: You are wrong. I will be a legendary slayer of monsters one day, just like my awesome aunt Antiope!
Antiope: This Antiope. She sounds most impressive. [grunting] Zounds! I am outmatched!
Young Diana: I'm sorry, Mother. We were just--
Hippolyta: -Just what? You have two more years of training before you are allowed to use a sword! You know that!
Antiope: Calm yourself, Hippolyta. The girl has been working hard.
Hippolyta: As your sister, I have asked you many times not to interfere with my daughter's studies. Now, as your queen, I command it.
Antiope: As you wish, my queen.
Hippolyta: And you. If you are so desperate to hold a weapon, you may do so while polishing them. All of them.
Young Diana: Oh!
Antiope: Psst, Diana. Want to go see a real cyclops?
Young Diana: [gasps]
Diana: I have excellent news, everyone!
Babs: The school's been crushed by a giant monster and we don't have to take finals?
Diana: My beloved Aunt Antiope is coming to visit Metropolis!
Karen: Who?
Diana: Antiope is the fiercest of warriors. A legendary monster hunter. When the vicious three-headed hound Cerberus escaped, it was she who sent the beast back to the death-realm Hades! She is also super, duper fun!
Kara: M'kay, that's great and all, but we've got a lot of cramming to do before tomorrow.
[motorcycle engine revving]
Diana: [gasps] It is she!
[rock music playing]
Antiope: Little Diana! There you are. Has it really been that long?
Diana: Over 100 years. Aunt Antiope, these are my friends.
Antiope: Then they are my friends as well! So, friends, what shall be our evening's entertainment?
Jessica: You're looking at it. We're stuck studying for finals.
Antiope: Studying? You live in a world of motorcycles, men, action movies, pizza, men, and even more men, and yet you choose to read books? If you do not give your minds a rest, they will be exhausted when you need them.
Karen: That does kinda make sense.
Babs: I've been reading comic books for the past hour anyway.
[dance music playing]
Babs: Study break!
Antiope: Whoo!
Diana, Babs, Jessica, Zee and Kara: Whoo!
Karen: That was so fun! Aw, I can't believe we have to go back to studying.
Antiope: Sisters! A warrior's mind cannot function properly if her body is depleted.
Kara:I could eat something.
Antiope: Bring us hot wings, peasant boy!
Zee: Ooh, you know, could I just have a side salad?
Antiope: There shall be no leaves on my supper table! Hot wings, now! The World of Man's greatest delight must certainly be breading.
Zee:Ah... Ah...
All (exept Zee): Yeah!
Diana: [burps]
All (expect Diana):Yeah!
All (expect Karen): Yeah!
All (expect Antiope): Antiope! Antiope! Antiope! Yeah!
Antiope: Ahhh!
Babs: That was amazing.
Kara: Right? I'm full! I never get full!
Waiter: Hold on, what about the check?
Diana: Did my aunt not pay?
Waiter: Nope.
Zee: Diana, hurry up! Antiope says she can get us into the pool hall!
Diana: Pool hall? But I thought we were going back to study.
[man grunting]
[all cheering]
Man in crowd: Argh!
Kara: Antiope!
[all exclaiming and cheering]
Diana: [chuckles] Yes, a wondrous victory, let us now return to our studies.
Man: [grunting] I don't lose to girls.
Kara: Oh, then you're gonna hate this next part.
[men grunting and groaning]
Antiope: Haha!
Karen: [laughs] That was fun!
Diana: Indeed! An exhilarating way to end our evening. Now, let us be off. Finals begin in seven hours.
[all exclaim]
Jessica:That's right, finals.
Babs: Ugh, way to bring down the mood, D.
Antiope: No, Diana is correct. The time has come for our night to end after one final thing. Something to help us unwind!
Diana: I do not feel unwound.
Antiope: Why? We are simply playing a pleasant game of cards with some nice, upstanding citizens.
Babs: I think they're bluffing.
Police officer: Everybody freeze! We're here to arrest the Royal Flush gang!
[all gasp]
Police officer: And these girls they hang out with, I guess!
Antiope: Run!
[siren wailing]
[police radio chattering indistinctly]
Antiope: Come on! Get in!
Diana: Why do we flee? We have done nothing wrong. Wait, Antiope, when did you get a car?
Antiope: I took one of the ones they leave on the street for anybody to use.
Diana: That is not how cars work!
Antiope: Hold on!
[all screaming]
Antiope: Huzzah! What an adventure we have had! Now, where shall we break our fast?
Diana: Breakfast? We do not have time for breakfast! Thanks to you, we just spent the last of our study time running from the police!
Antiope: Why are you so concerned with these meaningless tests? I thought you enjoyed having fun with me.
Diana: Last night was not fun. You must leave now and interfere with our studies no more.
Antiope: I am disappointed, Diana. You sound just like your mother.
Zee: Uh, should we, like, give you two a minute?
Kara: What was that?
Antiope: [gasps]
Antiope: Oh, no.
[kraken roaring]
Antiope: Is it Friday already?
Diana: Uh, what do you mean "Is it Friday already?"
[kraken roaring]
Antiope: Your mother may have sent me to the World of Man for a reason. Reason may have been to change the lock on the kraken's underwater cage. And I may have forgotten. [chuckles]
Diana: How can you be so irresponsible? You are Antiope, legendary monster hunter! You were the one who sent Cerberus back to Hades!
Antiope: Yes, well... Heh... I was also the reason he escaped in the first place.
[kraken roaring]
Diana: Come, sisters! Let us clean up this mess.
Antiope: [chuckles awkwardly]
Zatanna: Ezylarap!
Wonder Woman: [grunting]
[kraken roaring]
Wonder Woman: Now, Supergirl! Supergirl!
Supergirl: Ow! Ow! Ow! Ow! Magic skin, magic skin!
[kraken roaring]
Green Lantern: [grunting]
Antiope: You cannot defeat the kraken this way! We must journey to Greece, secure a Gorgon's head, and use it to turn the beast to stone.
Wonder Woman: There is no time for that!
Antiope: Well, then, we must feed it a beautiful maiden instead. Here, you shall all draw straws.
Wonder Woman: Find another way.
Antiope: I don't know! It's not as though I spent my life studying krakens!
Wonder Woman: [gasps]
Young Diana: Mother, studying is so boring. I want to be a warrior.
Hippolyta: And you shall be. A great one. But being a warrior means more than running around with a sword. We study so that, no matter what the challenge, we will be ready. Now, tell me, what are the three ways to defeat a kraken?
Wonder Woman: I know what we must do.
Zee: Oh, I love it! Greek chic!
Wonder Woman: Nearly finished. Focus, everyone! From eternal darkness deep below...
[kraken roaring]
Wonder Woman: ...let the Stygian Bloom of Hypnos grow!
Karen: Is it working?
Babs: That's it? A flower?
Wonder Woman: Not just a flower.
[kraken roaring]
Wonder Woman: Kara, now!
[kraken roaring]
Antiope: Yes! We have done it!
Kara: Interesting use of "we."
Karen: I'm guessing this means school's canceled.
Antiope: Huzzah again! A happy ending for all! Well, I should be going. I can count on you to put the kraken back in the cage, right? Okay, great.
Wonder Woman: You will put the kraken back yourself. As your princess, I command you.
Antiope: You sound just like your mother.
Wonder Woman: I know.
Antiope: [grunting] A little help? Oof!
[theme music playing]