#BackInAFlash is the twenty-ninth episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


Barbara eats a burrito with beans during a meeting in the school auditorium, and when Mr. Chopin tells the students to sit down, she farts, prompting Leslie to yell it was her. After school, the other students make fun of Barbara, humiliating her.

Barbara, with the assistance of Barry, to go back in time and replace the burrito with a vegetable burrito. When they succeed, the two decide to go back to time and fix every regret and they did. However, they return to the present to find Zod controlling everything, so they go back to time and fix everything except the farting incident.

During an alternate timeline in which Starro is destroying everything, Barbara initially blames Barry for altering the timeline, before coming to terms with her mistake and returning to the past to fix everything. The two encounter Barbaras from various alternate timelines, who either attempt to prevent the timeline from being disturbed or wish to remain in the altered timeline. The battle culminates in the Barbara from that timeline eating the bean burrito, restoring the timeline. When Barbara farts again, she proudly says that it was her, geefully adding "you're welcome."



  • Among the alternate universe Barbara Gordons seen at the episode's climax include her Burrito Bucketeer persona from "Burrito Bucket," one using her high-tech search equipment from "Meet The Cheetah," another wearing her improvised superhero costume from "BabsGirl," yet another wearing her chemistry lab coat from "Super Who?," and one using her night vision goggle from "Pack Bat."
    • Additionally, some of the alternate universe counterparts created for this episode include:
    1. Gas mask
    2. Green hoodie
    3. White Batgirl suit
    4. Marching suit
    5. Robot
    6. Elderly
    7. Boy
    8. Robin costume
    9. Catwoman costume
    10. Post-apocalyptic
  • Apparently, Barbara carries multiple varieties of burritos with her.
  • General Zod makes a reappearance from "DC Super Hero Boys" but played a minor role.
  • Although Karen, Zee, Jessica, Kara, Diana, Hal, Garth, Carol and Pamela appear in this episode, they do not have any dialogue.
  • This episode's title is a reference the idiom of the same name.
  • When Barbara took the sand box, baby Barbara crying, it is sounds similar like Dil Pickles from Rugrats.
  • This episode aired on televison four years after the original web series' episode, "Designing Disaster".


  • Baby Barbara has five toes on her right foot, but only four toes on her left foot.



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