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Speaker Dialogue
[Time-skip. Metropolis High School.]
Mr. Chapin Settle down, now! This is a morning assembly, not recess.
[Students chattering.]
Batgirl [appears; eating a burrito 🌯; looks at the Super Hero Girls; chomps] What? [gasps] How rude of me! [clears throat] Morning burrito? It's got six kinds of beans in it! Oh, well, not everyone likes haute cuisine. [chomps]
Mr. Chapin [yelling] 😡Everybody SIT DOWN!
[Batgirl farts; everyone looks at Batgirl.]
[We see them laughing at Batgirl having a burrito nightmare.]
[Time-skip. Sweet Justice. The Super Villain Girls and The Invinci-Bros are snickering and chuckling at Batgirl.]
Batgirl 😒Hit me again, Barry!
Flash Uh, I don't know, Babs. Don't you think you've had enough? I mean, I know that much dairy--
Batgirl After what happened today, 😫MY LIFE IS OVER!! So... HIT ME AGAIN!
Flash Okay, yeah, okay, I get it. But, listen, maybe everybody's talking about you today and making up nicknames and changing the lyrics to pop songs...
Oliver Queen 🎵Her tale of stinkiness started,🎵
🎵The moment when young Babs far--🎵
Flash [squishes it (💩) by making a fart sound; nervously] Oops! Sorry.
[We see them laughing at Batgirl again.]
Student? 🤣Classic!

[bell ringing]
Barry: [whistles]
Babs: Barry! [grunts]
Barry: Hey. Uh... Did you change your hair?
Babs: Barry, I was up all night, well, week. And, look! It only took eighty hours of intense calculating but I did it. See! I can fix EVERYTHING!
Barry: [gasps] You can?
Babs: Actually, I can't.
Barry: Ah, emotional roller-coaster.
Babs: [deep voice] We can! All we have to do is go back in time and make sure I never eat that breakfast bean burrito in the first place. This altering the very fabric of space-time wrapping us into a parallel timeline where on that morning in front of the whole school I did not toot my own horn. So to speak.
Barry: It's cool how you make impossible stuff sound like, super easy.
Babs: That's 'cause it is. If this morning's calculations are correct, you've had the power to travel back in time all along and we just never knew it. All you have to do is synchronized non-thermionic cork spin with a semi-hyperbolic region of n-dimensional space. All you have to do is run around in a circle really really fast.
Barry: Oh, yeah, right, totally, duh,
Babs: All right, The Flash, let's unmake history.
This assembly is going to save a lot of lives.
We did it.
He's still setting up.
Now to swap out my yet to be eaten traitorous morning burrito.
Good riddance.
And putting one without beans.
I carry a variety of burritos with me at all times.
Come on.
Let's see if it worked.
At what moment did my tale of stinkiness start?
Answer in a song.
What are you talking about?
It totally worked!
Oh, Barry, who knew changing the past would feel so amazing?
When I think of all the things
I regret in life... the movies I missed, the words I mispronounced, the Robins I didn't tell off.
[gasps] Hey!
If we could somehow go back in time, we could go back and tell you to tell me...
What were we talking about?
You're right!
We should go back in time and fix every regret we've ever had.
You're a genius, Barry.
[bell chiming]
Remember Batman vs. Pizza Rat, number 77, limited edition, foil cover?
The one that was sold out everywhere in three hours?
"Was" being the operative word.
I'd like one copy of your finest
Batman vs. Pizza Rat number 77, limited edition, foil cover, my good sir.
Cash only.
Hang on, I got you,
I got you.
I have five cents.
Where am I going to get $3.50?
Or when...
Think of it as investing in your future, kid.
[crying hysterically]
How do you like me now?
[cash register dings]
[Barry] That was so cool.
Speaking of cool, you thinking what I'm thinking?
-[bullets fired]
-[crowd exclaims]
Wow! I get all those memes now.
Can you believe they banned this candy just 'cause some kids blew up?
Nice try, mud.
You gotta get on this, Barry.
I don't know.
It's like I think my life's, you know, my life is pretty great the way it is.
Come on.
There's gotta be something.
What's the biggest mistake of your life?
Your biggest regret?
[shudders] There it is.
How could you be so stupid?
I'm sorry, what?
Yeah, so this birthday card, it's for my nana.
It was her 70th birthday.
Look here.
I wrote,
"Happy Birthday Nana!"
But I only put one exclamation point.
I was way happier than that.
She must have thought
I was a monster.
Now I can stop being so burdened all the time.
Oh, now that we've solved all of life's problems, shall we return to the present and bask in the awesomeness we just created?

Speaker Dialogue
Batgirl Barry, how could you be so careless?
Flash [gasps] This is my fault?
Batgirl You're the one who had to go sticking punctuation where it didn't belong and now you've messed up the space-time continuum.
Flash [sobbing] I'm so sorry.

Babs, doesn't this kinda look,
I don't know, way worse?
All will kneel before Zod.
Classic Neil.
Hate that guy. [groans]
I mean, I love that guy.
Ow! Babs!
Come on!
[both exclaiming]
Now a star is destroying the planet?
But we undid everything.
Yep, we sure did that.
Undo all the things...
Fine! I admit it.
I didn't undo the-- hmm, you know, don't make me do it, Barry.
It's too embarrassing.
You're putting me in an impossible position,
What's more important?
My dignity or six billion human lives?
I think it's seven billion, actually.
So, it's a few more than I said.
Also, all the plants and animals too.
But you heard the song.
No, you're right.
It's a tough call.
-What would you do?
-[people screaming]
Well, the ground disintegrating beneath my feet makes me lean towards saving the world and all, but still...
You're my best friend, Babs.
Whatever you decide,
I'll support you.
I've made my decision.
I tried blaming the burrito.
I tried blaming Barry.
But the truth is
I only have one person to blame, myself.
And putting one without beans.
Yes, I carry a variety of burritos with me at all times.
Come on, let's see if it worked.
That's right, Babs.
I'm you!
You know, from a future timeline where nobody knows what happened?
Oh, you mean a timeline where I didn't go back in time to re-switch the burritos with the one with beans, so I can re-humiliate myself so I can undestroy the world?
And I've come to stop you from stopping you.
It's over, me.
This burrito is not going back in our locker.
Not if we can help it, me.
We hate our futures and we won't let you let them have it.
Oh, yeah?
Well, we're okay with our horrific futures and we won't let you re-humiliate us for a second time.
[all screaming]
[all exclaiming]
Oh, hey, I'm Barry.
No way!
That's my name too.
[all] Wow! What are the odds?
Humanity has been reduced to post-apocalyptic asteroid caves.
But it's better this way.
If it means saving the world,
I would cut a thousand cheeses.
Uh, what's going on?
Heads up, me.
Hey, look, a burrito.
I know everything.
[Mr. Chapin] Settle down, now.
Everybody, sit down!
-[Batgirl farts]
-[crowd complains]
It was me.
-You're welcome.
-[girl] Gross.
[theme music playing]