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Bank Robbers are recurring characters in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. They debuted in the short "Bat and Switch", and served as the main antagonists of the episode "Burrito Bucket" and "Super Wonder Bat Bee Zee Lantern Mobile'.


Terrible Trio[]

These bank robbers are a trio of criminals dedicated to robbing banks, made up of two men and one woman. They use animal masks to hide their identities and commit their robberies. The first has light skin and brown hair, and he wears a dark gray t-shirt, dark yellow leather jacket, grey jeans, and brown boots; and he uses a horse mask as a disguise.

The second is bald and also has fair skin, he wears a black t-shirt, pale green jacket, blue jeans and dark brown shoes; and he wears a panda mask as a disguise.

The third and only woman has pale skin and bright green hair, and she wears a teal sweater, gray leggings with pink stripes on the legs, and burgundy and white flats; and she wears a goose mask as a disguise.

Other robbers[]

In others episodes, there are more robbers with normal masks. In "Super Wonder Bat Bee Zee Lantern Mobile", two bank robbers appear: one is male and the other is female.

Appearances Throughout the Franchise[]


  • The trio of bank robbers appear to be based on the Terrible Trio, as like the trio in the comic they use animal masks to hide their identities. The difference is that the Terrible Trio uses the fox, the vulture and the shark as masks.