#BatAndSwitch is the sixth short of DC Super Hero Girls that was released online on YouTube. 


Zatanna's spell to help Batgirl and Commissioner Gordon better understand each other backfires, causing Batgirl to switch bodies with people all over the city.


Zee Zatara has come over Barbara Gordon's house. Barbara is showing her new device to Zee Zatara when they are interrupted by James Gordon, who has an appointment with a professional masseuse. James leaves, and Barbara expresses frustration at her inability to understand her father. Zee Zatara suggests her magic can help Barbara and her father better understand each other, but her spell backfires, and Barbara switches bodies not only with a cat but also people all over the neighborhood, a guy juggling bowling balls, a bunch of animal-masked robbers in a Mexican standoff at the Burrito Bucket, a skydiver and then finally her father just in time for his wax treatment. After much screaming Zee Zatara finally restores Barbara to normal, and she shoots Zee Zatara in her hair with the glue gun.


Starring the Voices of


  • This marks the first physical appearance of Commissioner Gordon.
  • The animal mask-wearing bank robbers from "Burrito Bucket" briefly appear in this short, predating their first official appearance in the same episode.


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