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Batgirl (b.September 23)(Virgo sign) is a main character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a student of Super Hero High School and the daughter of Commissioner Gordon. Her civilian identity is Barbara Gordon, a former member of the school's IT department.

Powers and Abilities[]

  • Computer Intuition: Batgirl is able to use any type of computer device due to her mental abilities.
  • Hacking Intuition: She has an innate ability to hack any type of electronic device.
  • Martial Art Intuition: Batgirl is a skilled hand-to hand fighter, knowing various styles of martial arts.
  • Enhanced Intelligence: She is really intelligente with a high level of IQ.
  • Enhanced Athleticism: Batgirl is really athletic and agile in movements.
  • Athletic Combat: She can combine her athleticism and martial arts knowledge to perform a wonderful melee combat.
  • Enhanced Investigation: She has an innate ability in investigation due to her father inheritage.
  • Photographic Memory: Batgirl can remember any type of visual information after having seen it.
  • Gadget Usage: She has every type of gadget into her belt such as batarangs and many others.
  • Hidden Arsenal: She has other types of weapons in her weaponry.
  • Aviation Intuition: She has a quite agile intuition for flight such as when she uses her Bat-Jet.
  • Grappling Proficiency: She is skilled in using her grappling hook to reach big heigths.
  • Enhanced Boomerang Proficiency: She has a sort of enhanced vision which helps her to use boomerangs with accurate efficiency.


  • Bat Jet
  • Batcomputer
  • Utility Belt
  • Grappling hook
  • Call bracelet
  • Bat Jetpack
  • Batarang
  • Call Bracelet
  • Oracle

Official Description[]

The Technowizard

Batgirl is the resident computer genius at Super Hero High. With her innovative technology and default detective disposition, Batgirl proves you don't have to be born with super powers.


Barbara Gordon was the IT technician at Super Hero High during Wonder Woman's first few months at the school. She usually helped sort out tech issues like with Harley's movie night and gave tech support. During Super Hero High, her time as the technician of the school was almost over, and her dad expressed how he was glad his daughter wouldn't be around any danger anymore. However, after developing a strong friendship with Supergirl, she becomes Batgirl, and helps Supergirl save the school from an invasion by the Female Furies. She later enrolls in the school not long afterwards.

Batgirl is often ridiculed by people such as Cheetah, Blackfire and Sinestro for her lack of superpowers. Although, she knows she can always rely on her smarts to save the day.


Batgirl is a fairly tall, slender, fair-skinned teenager with green eyes, brown eyebrows and long, tangerine-orange hair. She also appears to wear pink lipstick on her lips.

Her attire consists of a black eye mask on her face, a skin-tight dark blue hoodie with a golden Batman logo placed on the front and bat ears attached to the hood, a backpack with bat wings attached to it, black gloves and golden wristlets on both her wrists, a golden utility belt with her logo as the buckle, black leggings and yellow combat boots with black laces and soles.

As a civilian, her hair is kept in a high-ponytail, and her attire consists of a pair of black square-framed glasses over her eyes, a short-sleeved, off-the-shoulder black crop-top over a yellow tank top, an indigo sweatshirt around her waist, blue jeggings and the same boots from her superhero costume.


Batgirl is an extremely intelligent genius. She is a tomboy and loves to investigate criminals.



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  • Batgirl's artificial intelligence Oracle is most likely a parody to Marvel's Iron Man's J.A.R.V.I.S.
    • Furthermore, the name Oracle originates from the comics, in which it became Barbara Gordon's new identity after an injury.
  • This is the first version of Batgirl that use a jetpack instead to wear a bat-like cape.
    • Ironically, this also makes her the first version of Batgirl to be able to fly like a bat.


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