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Batgirl will appear in Wonder Woman at Super Hero High on March 1st, 2016.


Barbara Gordon is revealed to be a student of Gotham City High who helps out at Super Hero High School. She gives Wonder Woman her locker combination and explains how to open it.[1]

Graphic Novels[]

Finals Crisis[]

In Finals Crisis, Batgirl cheers for Wonder Woman after she defeats the Cheetah in a sparring match in Phys Ed class. While walking down the Super Hero High School hallway after class with Supergirl and Wonder Woman, she is summoned with the rest of the students to the auditorium on Semester Finals. She orders Oracle to set an alarm for Finals at 9 o'clock tomorrow. As she prepares to go to the last Intro to Super Suits Class before Finals with Supergirl and Wonder Woman, Supergirl speeds away, claiming to have left her Stealth suit project in her locker. At the class, when Crazy Quilt takes attendance and asks if anyone saw the absent Supergirl, Batgirl tells him that she thinks "she wasn't feeling well", seeing her fly away from the school out the window. Later in the class, she shows off her stealth wear, and gets praised by Crazy Quilt for her "excellent work". She later tries to study for Finals in her dorm room, but is interrupted by her roommate HArley Quinn playing loud dubstep music. When she refuses to lower the volume, she leaves her room to study on a bench outside the school, where she is again disturbed by Poison Ivy baby-talking to her plant nearby. She then tries to study at the greenhouse where she is again disturbed by Katana playing Super Hide-and-Seek with Beast Boy. Her subsequent effort to study at Capes & Cowls Café is ruined by the noises made by the broken smoothie machine. She uses her Batplane to fly to her underground Batcave, where she tells her father Commissioner Gordon that she could not study at the school. Their, the noises made by Wonder Woman, Hawkgirl and Lady Shiva defeating Giganta in the park above prompt her again to leave. In her Beta Batcave, she leaves again due to the noises made by a shadowy figure defeating Poison Ivy in a nearby building on the surface. At night, she returns to the school in her Batplane for her last resort, her risky, but completely soundproof Batcave accessible through the faculty lounge. After her father, the only teacher at the lounge leaves after hearing that Solomon Grundy is downtown, she enters the Batcave, where she encounters the shadowy figure who defeats and captures her in the dark of the Batcave, aided by its own soundproof nature, before crossing her name off his list. Later, Harley Quinn notices Batgirl and her other friends missing from her Finals Party and sets off to find them, eventually tracking to a Lexcorp Garden Supply store in Metropolis where she is captured by the shadowy figure and imprisoned in a Kryptonite cell with Batgirl and the other friends on his list: Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Bumblebee, Katana and Poison Ivy. The shadowy figure reveals himself to be Lex Luthor, who announces on his webcast that he plans to avenge his sister's rejection from Super Hero High by taking its top students off its roster. Batgirl uses her gadgets to build a power amplifier to help Ivy use a plant outside to stealthily free them while Lex is distracted. As they are freed, Batgirl and her friends work together to defeat and imprison him in the cell. She then tells Oracle to alert the Metropolis SCU to pick up Lex, but is also reminded that Finals start in a minute. She and her friends race back to the school, only to arrive a minute late, and Principal Waller refuses to allow them to take it due to school rules. Batgirl gets a message from Lois Lane, who shows her Lex's webcast she found online, showing her and her friends defeating him. Batgirl and her friends argue that this video is their Finals performance as they did not have to be taken at the school, and also that the video proves that their powers have improved as now they can combine their powers to work together as a team, as they did to defeat Lex. Principal Waller agrees, but also gives them three weeks detention for breaking the rules. After detention, Batgirl and her friends stand in the crowd of students around Principal Waller as she congratulates the students for passing Finals. [2][3]