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This article is about Batgirl (G2). For the generation one version, see Batgirl (G1).

Barbara Kathleen "Babs" Gordon (also known as Batgirl) is one of the main characters in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a member of the Super Hero Girls, the daughter of Commissioner Gordon, and a student at Metropolis High School.

Depiction in the series

Barbara and her father move from Gotham City to Metropolis for Babs to study at Metropolis High School (which she was enrolled). Her dad gives a homeroom number to her and drives to work. Babs then suspects some of the girls who seem to have superpowers. She enters the school with her schedule on it. At lunch, Babs starts throwing food at Kara, which she was mistaken that Karen was the one who threw food at her. She then throws back to her, in which Jess blocks her by using a food tray but the food hits Zee's hair. After that, Babs declared a food fight and Mr. Chapin interrupted, causing the 5 to go to detention on their first day. Moments later Wonder Woman, who cut class, entered the room. Babs then confirms her suspicions and Diana was impressed since she has never seen anyone other than her be eager in saving the world of man. All of the girls then agreed that they will become Super Heroes and Diana agrees to take lessons in becoming a normal teenager.


Batgirl is the comic relief out of all of her friends. She is known to be bubbly, cheerful, confident, fun-loving, funny, ambitious, and downright optimistic. She is the one who wants everyone to get along and is often seen as the "cheerleader" in the group because of her contagious enthusiasm and zest for life. However, she is a fangirl and her determination makes her destined to be Batman's future sidekick. She is also a creative problem solver and will use her creativity and her surprisingly analytical thinking to stop the bad guys and be the glue in her friendships.


Barbara is a short, slim and fair-skinned teenager with rosy cheeks, bright-emerald eyes and long, hot-orange hair with a brighter-colored ombre on the bottom with highlights, usually tied back into a ponytail. She also appears to don reddish-pink lipstick.

As a civilian, Babs wears a bright yellow-and-light violet ringer-tee under a purple hoodie-jacket with two yellow stripes on the long sleeves and bat ears attached to the hood, dark purple short-shorts, white thigh-high socks with purple and yellow stripes, and yellow sneakers with white shoelaces and toes.

As Batgirl, she wears a purple bat-shaped cowl with her hair sticking out of the back, and a similarly-colored bat-shaped cape with yellow inner lining. Her cape is worn over her form-fitting, dark purple Batsuit with her logo colored in yellow, which is located on the chest area. She also wore a yellow elbow-length gloves with spikes on them, a yellow utility belt around her waist, and yellow calf-high boots.

In Season 2, she temporarily shares the same outfit as Batman, which is the same as her last costume but colored black and gray.


  • Batarangs
  • Swiss Army Knife Batarang: Contains a toothbrush, fork, key, and corkscrew.
  • Grappling Hook
  • Bat Stab
  • Shark Repellent

Appearances Throughout the Franchise

Season 1

Season 2




Graphic Novels



  • "Super awesome superhero-ness, here we come!" - Sweet Justice
  • "I missed you, SBFF!" - Frenemies
  • "I tried blaming the burrito, I tried blaming Barry, but the truth is, I only had one person to blame - myself..." - Back In a Flash
  • "I am the night, THE EMPLOYEE OF THE NIGHT!!!" - Burrito Bucket
  • "Fine, I'll clean up. A bit..." - Pack Bat
  • "Oh my GOSH, it's you! It's really you!" - Am Batgirl


  • This incarnation of Batgirl references the 1960s Batman TV series on a few occasions.
    • Her superhero design is loosely based off the Yvonne Craig portrayal of the character.
    • She has a stash of shark repellent.
  • On the Cartoon Network rebranding trailer, she wears her new outfit for Season 2, sharing the same appearance as Batman.
  • Barbara's hoodie is similar to her generation one's appearance.
  • Tara Strong, the voice of Batgirl, previously voiced Batgirl for a majority of DC Animated Universe sequences, which included The New Batman Adventures, Batman Beyond, Gotham Girls, and Super Best Friends Forever (another Lauren Faust series). She continued to voice Batgirl/Barbara Gordon in the Cartoon Network series Beware the Batman, Teen Titans Go!, and voiced her in Batman: The Killing Joke.
  • In "Living The Nightmare," it is revealed that her biggest fear is sharks.
  • She doesn't like Bruce Wayne, but she likes Dick Grayson (In the comics).
    • This is due to her not knowing their secret identities.
    • Ironically, she has a bitter interdimensional rivalry with Robin from Teen Titans Go! (the two have serious issues with their universe versions of each other (Batgirl with Robin in the SHG Universe and Robin with Batgirl in the TTG Universe), which led both to show a huge distrust of each other).
  • She has mentioned her mother in “From Bat To Worse” and “Dinner for Five“.
  • She can speak Spanish, as demonstrated in "Burrito Bucket."
  • She is the same age as Harleen, as depicted in "Gotham Con," since they were best friends since Grade Two.
  • She and Harley Quinn are the only members of the group that do not have superpowers.
    • Although on a technicality, Jessica and Karen also lack superpowers - without their Green Lantern ring and Bumblebee suit they will be powerless.
  • She has the most appearances in Season 1.
  • She is part of the Metropolis High School Marching Band and plays the xylophone.


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