Bruce Wayne, also known as Batman, is a recurring character in the series DC Super Hero Girls.


As Bruce Wayne, he is self-obsessed, sassy, and enjoys the spotlight, but he can be a jerk to Grayson. As Batman, he is shown to be emotionless.

Physical Appearance

Bruce's normal outfit consists of a sleeved shirt with sunglasses hanging, black pants, and shoes. His hairstyle is supposed to be based on Robert Pattinson

His Batman outfit was inspired by Batman: The Animated Series  with his signature pose on the rooftop.


  • Batarang
  • Grapnel Gun
  • Smoke Pellet
  • EMP Gun
  • Utility Belt
  • Sonic Batarang
  • Remote Batarang
  • Cryptographic Sequencer
  • Exploding Gel
  • Freeze Bomb
    • Glue Grenade in Arkham Origins
  • Shark Repellent
  • Lie Detector
  • Batmobile Remote Control
  • Taser
  • Shock Gloves in Arkham Origins
  • Cell Phone Sonar Device
  • Cloaking Suit.


Batgirl first mentions Batman in the episode Sweet Justice when Wonder Woman questions her about her skills. Batman's likeness is seen several times throughout the episode in Babs's room and in her section of the underground base. Batman is more prominently featured in the episode From Bat to Worse, both in Babs's memories from Gotham about trying to meet Batman, and in two phone calls to Commissioner Gordon. Bruce Wayne licenses the Batman alter-ego in an episode of the series. He appears in Tween Titans, and the host of make it wayne, and disliked by Babs for some reason (probably a jerk to Grayson)

Episode Appearances


  • It is shown that Batman grumbles when he talks and the only people who are able to understand him are Robin and Jim Gordon.
  • He is a Millionaire.
  • He sold some of his copies of his books about psychoanalysis.
  • In the comics, he love interests was Catwoman. But goes to Talia Al Ghul.


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