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Batnapped is the first webisode of the third season of the DC Super Hero Girls webseries.


In the comics, Killer Moth is the first villain ever that Batgirl fought and defeated.

Supergirl and Batgirl call each other "super best friends", which references Super Best Friends Forever, a series of DC Nation Shorts that featured Wonder Girl, Batgirl, and Supergirl and was created by Lauren Faust, who later developed the second generation of the franchise.

Batgirl calls Supergirl "the world's finest partner"; "World's Finest" is traditionally the name given to the team-ups between the members of the Superman and Batman Families.


In the skies above Metropolis in the late afternoon, Batigirl pilots her Batjet and is suddenly pursued by Killer Moth piloting his own jet. After seeing him on her radar, she initiates a speed boost and tries to outmaneuver him.

Just as Batgirl believes she has lost him, Killer Moth pulls up in front of her jet, and begins firing at her. Batgirl tries to regroup and returns fire with her defence blasters, but Killer Moth uses his upgraded shield to deflect her counterattack. Killer Moth continues to pursue Batgirl and resumes firing at the Batjet. As the Batjet's system begins to malfunction, Batgirl boosts her jet forward out of the city and over a neighboring forest. Killer Moth eventually manages to shoot out her engine, forcing the Batjet into a tailspin.

Batgirl wakes up trapped in a cocoon hanging from the ceiling in Killer Moth's lair. Killer Moth greets her and reveals that he wants to begin a partnership with her. He goes on to explain that their team name would be "Creatures of the Night" due to their similar bat and moth themes. He shows her matching team jackets, featuring their juxtamposed logos, and asks Batgirl if she is a medium size. Batgirl activates a distress signal through her arm communicator hidden in the cocoon.

Meanwhile, in the evening at Super Hero High School, Supergirl works on her jet while Wonder Woman work on her bike in Doc Magnus' workshop. Doc Magnus tells them they need to pack up soon and resume working on their shop projects the next morning. Wonder Woman replies that she will only take a few more minutes, just as Lena Luthor enters carrying some copper wiring for Doc Magnus before stopping to admire Supergirl's jet. Supergirl explains that she is only modifying her parents' work. Lena notices some gunk on the side of the jet and wipes it off with a rag. Supergirl thanks Lena, explaining that crystalized Krypton dust will stick to everything. Lena then introduces herself as the school's new IT expert, which Supergirl remarks is Batgirl's old job, just as Batgirl's distress signal reaches her. Supergirl then hops into her jet and heads off to rescue Batgirl, while Lena examines the Kryptonian dust.

Back in Killer Moth's lair, Killer Moth sings a Bat-and-Moth team theme song just as Supergirl blasts down the wall in her jet. Supergirl exits the jet and compliments Batgirl's homing tech before freeing her from the cocoon with her heat vision. Batgirl thanks Supergirl for saving her as Killer Moth wanted her to sing with him. The girls then advance towards Killer Moth, who tries to show off matching mugs. Batgirl then throws her Batrope at him and ties up Moth, before explaining that the Metropolis SCU will come by to pick him up. When Killer Moth asks about their partnership, she replies that she already has a partner in Supergirl. After they do a handshake and hugging, Killer Moth buries his face in the ground.



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