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Beast Boy is a supporting character.


  • Shapeshifting:
  • Shapeshifting Combat:
  • Animal Morphing:
  • Powerful Positivity:

Beast Boy isn’t out to prove how big and strong he is. He loves to live just for the fun of it.


Beast Boy being a shape-shifter, he has green skin, green eyes, dark green hair and pointed ears. He also has pointed fangs on his lower set of teeth. He wears a black turtle-necked jacket with a large purple stripe going down it and wears a light gray t-shirt underneath with a circular shape design that has a symbol of a human hand with a animal paw print on it. He also wears black pants with a thick purple stripe going down the side of each pant leg and he wears purple and white high tops.



  • Because he has Animal Morphing as his signature power, this can make him similar to Skinwalkers, which are basically a form of Homo Magi Superiors in folklore.
  • Beast Boy is a vegetarian.[1]
  • He likes Pumpernickel