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Beast Boy is a supporting character in the DC Super Hero Girls web series. He is a student at Super Hero High School.


  • Shapeshifting:
  • Shapeshifting Combat:
  • Animal Morphing:
  • Powerful Positivity:

Beast Boy isn’t out to prove how big and strong he is. He loves to live just for the fun of it.


Beast Boy being a shape-shifter, he has green skin, green eyes, dark green hair and pointed ears. He also has pointed fangs on his lower set of teeth. He wears a black turtle-necked jacket with a large purple stripe going down it and wears a light gray t-shirt underneath with a circular shape design that has a symbol of a human hand with a animal paw print on it. He also wears black pants with a thick purple stripe going down the side of each pant leg and he wears purple and white high tops.


Beast Boy2.png
Beast Boy as Eagle.png
Beast Boy as Pteranodon.png
Beast Boy as Elephant.png
Beast Boy as Bloodhound.png
Beast Boy as Monkey.png
Beast Boy as Bat.png
Beast Boy as Rooster.png
Beast Boy as Sloth.png
Beast Boy as Gorilla.png
Beast Boy as Aphid.png
Beast Boy as Lion.png
Beast Boy as Bear.png
Beast Boy as Octopus 1.png
Beast Boy as Octopus 2.png
Beast Boy as Chimpanzee.png
Beast Boy as Cricket.png
Beast Boy as Centipede.png
Beast Boy as Hippopotamus.png
Beast Boy as Gazelle.png
Beast Boy as Cat.png
Beast Boy as Pig.png
Beast Boy as Porcupine.png
Beast Boy as Wolf.png
Beast Boy as Tiger.png
Beast Boy as Kangaroo.png
Beast Boy as Ram.png
Beast Boy as Manatee.png
Beast Boy as Sea Turtle.png
Beast Boy as Starfish.png
Beast Boy as Dolphin.png
Beast Boy as Sea Urchin.png
Beast Boy as Hammerhead Shark.png
Beast Boy as Kraken.png
Doll stockography - Action Figure Beast Boy.png
Beast Boy snuggles with Raven 2.jpg
Hero of the Month Beast Boy cap.png
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  • Because he has Animal Morphing as his signature power, this can make him similar to Skinwalkers, which are basically a form of Homo Magi Superiors in folklore.
  • Beast Boy is a vegetarian.[1]
  • He likes Pumpernickel


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