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Beast Boy debuted in Wonder Woman at Super Hero High on March 1st, 2016.


Beast Boy gets frozen by Frost during the assembly, causing Katana to attack Frost. He later performs a false flight failure during Flyer's Education, making Red Tornado angry.[1]

Graphic Novels[]

Finals Crisis[]

In Finals Crisis, Beast Boy, transformed into a bird cheers for Wonder Woman when she defeats the Cheetah in a sparring match in phys ed class. After the class, he stands in the Super Herho High School hallway eating a sandwich with Animal Man when the students are summoned to the auditorium for the assembly on Semester Finals tomorrow. He subsequently appears yawning in the final Intro to Super-Suits class before Finals. He then appears in Poison Ivy's flashback getting attacked by her plant Chompy while playing Go Fish with Starfire, which smashes through a wall causing them to flee. While retrieving a tool from the Weaponiomics room, Bumblebee encounters Beast Boy transformed into a goat playing Super Hide-and-Seek with Katana, and he makes her promise not to tell Katana where he is. To train for Finals, Katana spars with Beast Boy, finding him to be a perfect practice partner for being "quick, fun and totes unpredictable". After winning three matches to Katana's 642, they decide to play Super Hide-and-Seek. He is found by Katana at various places around the school before hiding in Principal Waller's office, where Katana accidentally slices a bowling trophy on her desk in two with her sword when finding him. After Katana repairs the trophy in the Super Suits classroom, Beast Boy distracts Principal Waller by skateboarding in the halls, causing her to chase after him while Katana returns the repaired trophy to her office. Their playing of Super Hide-and-Seek in the greenhouse is revealed to have been a distraction for Batgirl when she tried to study for Finals there, prompting her to leave. Harley Quinn is later revealed to have watched him spar with Katana. He later attends Harley's Finals party in her room. After Finals, he stands in the crowd of students around Principal Waller as she congratulates the students for passing Finals.

Hits and Myths[]

He also appears as a main character in Hits and Myths, usually helping the other girls with missions. At a certain point in the book, after he meets Raven for the first time, he is seen awkwardly waving at her while having a noticeable nervous grin formed on his face, which he may have implied at having a possible interest in her.