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Garfield "Gar" Logan, also known by superhero identity Beast Boy, is a character in the TV series, Teen Titans Go! (2013-present). He is a member of the Teen Titans.

Deception in the series[]

Years ago, Beast Boy was a normal human baby who was left on the doorstep of the Doom Patrol's house. The Doom Patrol except Chief instantly fell in love with him, but soon they got tired and needed Chief to also fulfill his parental duties for him. Chief, being too lazy and wanted to go for a shortcut to skip the diaper changing, decided to inject a syringe filled with experimental monkey genes serum into the baby as one of his typical unethical experiments, and successfully converted him into the Beast Boy we know in the present day. After a few years of serving with the Doom Patrol, Beast Boy eventually left them to defend Jump City from villains. There he met Robin, a fellow teenage superhero who was looking to form a team. Although the Boy Wonder was at first amazed by his powers, he soon learned that 99% of what Beast Boy cared about was eating. Regardless of his laziness, though, Beast Boy and the other fellow teens were somehow able to secure membership on the newly formed Teen Titans. Although he has been a fighting force on the team ever since, Beast Boy prefers to leave the fighting part of the job to the others. For him, it is all about the food and video games.


Relaxation, TV, and snacking are Beast Boy's main priorities in life... everything else (like his job as a superhero) comes second. His constant state of taking breaks and lounging around seriously irritates his team members, but does Beast Boy care? Not even a little. In fact, he is actually a little proud of his slothfulness, arguing with his equally-idle friend Cyborg about who's the laziest one. Obviously, Beast Boy's completely ignorant about what the expectations of a superhero are. When he is not sprawled out on the couch or scarfing down pies, Beast Boy enjoys doing other unproductive activities, such as having an indoor rodeo with Cyborg. Lacking intelligence, he also delights in simple-minded pleasures like pranking his friends, or singing a ridiculous song about waffles. The Titans will occasionally play along with Beast Boy's shenanigans, but most of the time, they get infuriated with his monkeying around (literally). With his cool and uncaring demeanor, Beast Boy can come off as selfish and egocentric. And while both of those traits describe him fairly accurately, every now and then he will put others before him. Deep down, he really does care about other people (particularly Raven), and when Jump City needs him, he will be there. Probably hours late, but he will be there nonetheless.


Initially a member of the Doom Patrol, Beast Boy still wears the magenta and black costume of his old team, only leaving behind the helmet. His sneakers have an animal paw printed on the sole, and he wears a pair of gray gloves. The silver utility belt around his waist is merely there for holding up his pants, although Beast Boy occasionally prefers to go around only in underwear. As for his complexion, it is no secret that Beast Boy has undergone a mutation. His skin and hair have turned green, he has large, pointy ears, and a long canine tooth sticks out from his lower lip. However, this is just his normal appearance—Beast Boy can take on a completely different look by turning into any animal that ever existed. And when transforming, his clothes conveniently disappear in animal form, but somehow reappear when he changes back.


Metahuman Physiological Abilities[]

  • Animal shapeshifting
  • Animal communication
  • Shapeshifting bestowment
  • Human shapeshifting


  • Extreme Laziness
  • Martial Arts
  • Bilingual/Fluent in Spanish

Outside of DC Super Hero Girls[]

  • Music: Beast Boy can play multiple instruments, mainly stringed ones. Examples include the sitar, the electric guitar, the keyboard, the acoustic guitar, the keytar, the drums, the flute, and the trumpet.
  • Artistic Skill
  • Massaging
  • Poetry

Appearances Throughout the Franchise[]