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This article is about Bee, one of the clones. For the original character, see Zatanna (G2).

Bee is the clone of Zee Zatara in the episode, "MultipliciZee."

Description in the series

Bee is a clone of Zee when the latter decided to watch TV instead of studying magic. Zee then cloned herself more so she could do multiple things at once. However, Bee finds the spell book, thus creating more clones which brought chaos in Metropolis. At one point, she decided to cast a spell where the clones would exist permanently.

However, Zee convinced her and all her clones that cloning herself meant losing a part of hers, and they all conceded as Zee cast the spell and return all the clones back to her.


  • Bee having Blue Eyes rather then Pink Eyes is a reference to Zatanna appearance in both the comics and the animation incarnations.