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Bizarrogirl (A.K.A) Bizarrogirl Kara or Bizarro Kara is a character in DC Super Hero Girls who serves as the main antagonist of the episode "The Good The Bad and the Bizarre."

Depiction in the series[]

Season one[]

Bizarrogirl is the evil version of Supergirl. She was the reason that Kara was expelled from Smallville High and got her in trouble at Metropolis High. Like Supergirl, she had superpowers, which she used to frame Kara as herself and Supergirl around the world. Later, after she was defeated by Supergirl, Bizarrogirl reveals that she only did it because she wanted to prove that she's a better villain than her cousin Bizarro, and while Batgirl doesn't buy it, Supergirl sympathizes with her. Later, Supergirl and Bizarrogirl appeared on the front page of the Daily Planet, not only saving both Kara and Supergirl's reputations and viewing Bizarrogirl as a major threat, but beating both of their cousins onto the front page.

Season two[]

She would later make an appearance in Am Batgirl where Supergirl attempted to get her to be the new replacement for Batgirl when she is asked to be Batman's Sidekick. However when Bumblebee tries to befriend her, Bizzarogirl attacks her instead, which was the result of her being the opposite of Supergirl, meaning instead of a friend, Bumblebee wanted to be enemies with her.

In the episode Double Danvers Kara asks Bizarro to takes her place in supporting Jeremiah with his interview while she goes to a concert at the Lazarus Pit. Bizarro Kara agrees but only if she does something for her in return. While at the concert Kara had to constantly check up on Bizarro to keep her from messing up. Jeremiah talks to Bizarro thinking it’s Kara thanking her for being there which Kara overhears on the phone with Bizarro. Soon she comes home and apologizes to Jeremiah unaware that Bizarro is still there. The investor, Ted Kord analyses the necklace Bizarro is wearing as a form of kryptonite and soon Bizarro flies off in anger with Ted Kord. Jeremiah just thinks his inventions are good that supervillains want to steal them while Kara changes into Supergirl and flies off to chase Bizarro. While flying Kara calls Clark and asks if purple kryptonite exists to which he corrects her saying that it’s called periwinkle kryptonite to the annoyance of Kara. He says it’s harmless and it’ll just make her giddy. When she asks what would it’s opposite effects be if it got to Bizarro he says if would cause rage and anger. When he asks if she gave the kryptonite to her bizarro, she hangs up. She finds Bizarro, saves Kord, and gets rid of the periwinkle kryptonite. Bizarro flies away but later Kara has to go with her to an Up Past 8 concert as part of their agreement to Kara’s annoyance.

Episode Appearances[]

Season 1[]

Season 2[]



Kryptonite: Like the other kryptonians, it weakens her and nullifies and gives her pain.

Periwinkle Kryptonite: Puts her into a rage as opposed to its effect on regular kryptonians by making them giddy.


  • In the DC Comics, Bizarrogirl was created by the third bizzarro (known as Bizarro Nº. 1) to help him defeat space invaders but was sent to Earth instead.