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Black Canary (real name Dinah Lance) is a character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a singer and reformed villain who is the former lead vocalist of the band Black Canary and the Birds of Prey and now a solo artist.


Black Canary has long blonde hair, pale skin and light blue eyes. She wears pale pink lipstick, light blue eye shadow, and a light shade of pink blush. She wears a navy blue jacket with light golden accents and wears a turtleneck black leotard underneath. She also wears light blueish gray tights with light golden accents and black combat boots.

Graphic Novels[]

Hits and Myths[]

In Hits and Myths, Black Canary first appears with Silver Banshee as the sirens in Wonder Woman's dream as Professor Etrigan summarizes the Odyssey. She later appears in person with her band Black Canary and the Birds of Prey participating in the Battle of the Bands at the Portal Coffee Shop to win the Batplane. The reigning champions of the competition, after the performance by Miss Martian, Supergirl and Beast Boy, she and her band performs against Silver Banshee's band the Bad Banshees. Both using their superpowered voices against each other they disorient Supergirl, Miss Martian and Beast Boy and start an actual fight between the three bands. As Wonder Woman and her friends arrive to help them, Black Canary throws a microphone at Supergirl, who uses it to tie her up with the cable. After Wonder Woman and her friends discover the portal to the underworld, Black Canary and her bandmates steal the Batplane and Supergirl, Batgirl, Poison Ivy, Hawkgirl and the Flash pursue them. After Wonder Woman and their other friends rescue Professor Etrigan from the Underworld, they join in the pursuit of the Batplane. Black Canary flies the Batplane to Smallville, and manages to stay away from their pursuers until the plane runs out of fuel and nosedives near Jonathan and Martha Kent's farm, with Supergirl managing to stop it before it can crash into the farm. As Black Canary and her bandmates flee on foot, and are chased by the Super Hero High students. Black Canary uses her canary cry to disorient the Kents, angering Supergirl. Eventually, after her bandmates Black Condor and Magpie are captured, she battles the Flash, and Batgirl gives Supergirl a pair of soundproof headphones, protecting her from her canary cry, allowing her to disarm and capture her in fencing. Now captured, she tries to bribe the heroes into letting them go and accuses Magpie of pressuring her into stealing the Batplane as a tour vehicle before the two begin arguing. The three are then picked up by the Smallville S.C.U. in a wagon pulled by a tractor.

Out of the Bottle[]

In Out of the Bottle, Black Canary appears at the electronics store Super Buy, having an autograph signing for her new album, "The Canary Cries". While meeting a fan on a wheelchair, Harley's evil paper drawings brought to life by magic paint, run by being chased by Katana. Katana accuses Black Canary of colluding with them, but Black Canary denies this, claiming that she no longer gets involved with criminals anymore after the Batplane incident and is now focusing on her music career by going solo. As her CDs are stolen by the Bumblebee drawing, she runs to stop her, and the boy on the wheelchair uses a drone to get the drawing to drop the CDs. Katana recruits her to help her defeat the drawings and Black Canary uses her infamous "Canary Cry", which hurts the ears of the Batgirl and Supergirl drawings nearby, allowing Katana and the boy to subdue them, with Katana using a special track Black Canary recorded specially for her to blast in headphones worn by the Supergirl drawing. Later, Black Canary gives the fan her CDs and tells her to get them somewhere safe, as she, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee and Katana leave the store to confront the army of villains created by the Enchantress. As they arrive at Super Hero High School with their other friends, Black Canary gets the idea to use the living drawings to battle the Enchantress' villains. Black Canary uses her Canary Cry on Starro, only for it to fail as Starro has no ears. After Harley Quinn uses a drawing of a magical pen to eliminate all the living drawings, and the Enchantress herself is turned back into Miss Moone by Katana's classmates, Black Canary shakes hands with Katana, who tells her she can help them anytime, as Black Canary leaves to return to "the limelight". [1]



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