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Gemmygod Gemmygod 14 February

Crossover Movie is on the way!

So the DC Superhero Girls/Teen Titans Go crossover movie trailer just dropped earlier today, and it's really interesting! I think it will just be a direct to DVD movie as far as I know. And for those wondering, I'm pretty sure they found a new voice actress for Supergirl/Kara by this point. We don't know who yet, but when the movie officially releases, we'll know.

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Lakerfan Lakerfan 24 July 2021

How Am Batgirl Never Got The Title Fixed... Until Now

Let me just say how important the show is. Who could have thought it looked almost good as Teen Titans GO! does? So I may have one typical reason about something that almost got my nerves away: #AmBatgirl with no "I" on it. Why? Here's how.

Last year on DC Fandome, a preview clip was shown that Batgirl and Robin are arguing after he caught The Riddler first just as Batman arrives. A few months later, DanTheBoyAndNoOneElse had uploaded the clip coming from God of-Knowledge18's YouTube video. So I guess that title looked good, except it looked wrong. There are several media that had so many title errors. For example, the second Fast and Furious movie was 2 Fast, 2 Furious. However, Universal had decided to stick with the title and the working…

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Cumber Boxman Cumber Boxman 8 June 2021

DCSHG Season 1 villain introduction

1) #SweetJustice (Introduces Lena Luthor, Lex Luthor and Harley Quinn)

2) #SheMightBeGiant (Introduces Giganta and Livewire)

3) #MeetTheCheetah (Introduces Cheetah)

4) #AdventuresInBunnysitting (Introduces Magical Bunnies)

5) #HateTriangle (Introduces Star Sapphire)

6) #SuperWho? (introduces Chemo)

7) #FromBatToWorse (Introduces Poison Ivy)

8) #FightAtTheMuseum (Introduces Catwoman and Shaggy Man)

9) #IllusionsOfGrandeur (Introduces Gremlins)

10) #DCSuperHeroBoys (Introduces General Zod, Ursa and Non)

11) #Frenemies (Introduces Starro and the Super Villain Girls)

12) #BurritoBucket (Introduces Bank Robbers)

13) #RageCat (Introduces Dex-Starr)

14) #BeastsInShow (Introduces Ethel and Lucy)

15 #SoulSisters (Introduces Katana)

16) #TheGoodTheBadAndTheBizarre (Introduces Bizarrogirl)

17) #Awe…

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Scarletta909 Scarletta909 20 April 2021

!best!the is Zatanna

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Snazzy Ophelia Snazzy Ophelia 31 March 2021

Nicknames 4 everyone

Poison Ivy:


Harley Quinn:


Wondy (awkward, Wonder Woman, Wondy Woman)


Double B

Jessica Cruz:


If you have something to say or have any requests, comment it!

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Snazzy Ophelia Snazzy Ophelia 31 March 2021

Bless my soul Herc is on a roll

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Batgirl Harley Fan Batgirl Harley Fan 30 March 2021

Nicknames 4 everyone

Poison Ivy:

Ivy, Ives

Harley Quinn:

Harley, Harles, Harl

Wonder Woman:


Jessica Cruz/Green Lantern:

Jessie, Jes, Greenie


Double B, BB, Bee, Bumby



Requests for adding charicters and nicknames and/or adding nicknames and what you think down below, plz!

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Purrincess Tech Girl Purrincess Tech Girl 29 March 2021

Best charicters in G1 DCSHG





GreenLantern (Jessica Cruz one)

Requests below

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Meg Fan Girl 4ever Meg Fan Girl 4ever 26 March 2021

Jokes that Harley Quinn should use

At age 10, all I put on my oatmeal was nutmeg!

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Megara Fan Girl 4ever Megara Fan Girl 4ever 26 March 2021

Super Hero High Quinntastic perspective


Harley Quinn here.

I go to Super Hero High!

My room mate is Wondy (Wonder Woman)...aaaaaand we don't get along so well.

Sorry, but Quinntastic Perspective is still in progress. Plz comment what you think so far!

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EditorMore434 EditorMore434 7 March 2021

Hello, everyone!

Since this is my first blog post and my first time communicating with people on this wiki in general, I figured I might as well say hello and let you know I'm happy to help and hang out. You can also check out my YouTube channel where I upload shows in different langauges: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCN_cT5ct-UB8AMOOvA_qd1w

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Farmanurkara1234.gmail.com Farmanurkara1234.gmail.com 11 February 2021


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LimeSparkle-9 LimeSparkle-9 8 February 2021

First Post, First Week

Today I have 1 week since I joined the dc superhero girls fandom and today I made my first post. I really like this series and this fandom is a nice cozy place to talk about my favorite series. Thank you.

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HexletVexlet3 HexletVexlet3 4 February 2021

Week 1

Today I officially been 2 weeks in the dc superhero girls fandom! I really like this place. (PS: I noticed the mistake in the title. Sorry!)

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Joystick-Paddle Joystick-Paddle 3 February 2021

Zatanna, Katana

Zatanna. Katana.

Both names almost sound the same.

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Triniti36538 Triniti36538 8 January 2021


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WitchWay2016 WitchWay2016 3 January 2021

DCSHG Season 1 Overview part 2

13) #SoulSisters (Introduces Bruce Wayne, Alfred Pennyworth & Katana/Tatsu Yamashiro)

14a) #TweenTitans (Introduces Vicky Vale, Harvey Dent, Kory Anders/Starfire, Victor Stone/Cyborg, Rachel Roth/Raven & Garfield Logan/Beast Boy)

14b) #TheGoodTheBadAndTheBizarre (Introduces Bizarrogirl and explains why Kara had to switch schools)

15a) #Abracadabrapalooza (Zee's origin story shows when she got her magical powers since childhood)

15b) #AwesomeAuntAntiope (Introduces Antiope and the Royal Flush Gang)

16a) #Retreat

16b) #LivingTheNightmare (Introduces Fuseli)

17a) #EmperorPenguin (Introduces Oswald Cobblepot/Penguin)

17b) #CrashCourse

18) #LeagueOfShadows (Introduces Ra's Al Ghul and the League of Shadows)

19a) #BackInAFlash

19b) #PowerSurge (Introduces…

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WitchWay2016 WitchWay2016 3 January 2021

DCSHG Season 1 Overview part 1:

1-2) #SweetJustice (Introduces Lex, Lena, Commisioner Gordon, Mr. Zatara, Hal Jordan, Barry Allen, Harleen Quinzel, Hippolyta, first appearance Sweet Justice & Garth's first non-speaking cameo)

3a) #SheMightBeGiant (Introduces Leslie Willis & Doris Zeul, Doris became Giganta and Karen give Bumblebee suit an upgrade)

3b) #MeetTheCheetah (Introduces Barbi Minerva when she became Cheetah)

4a) #AdventuresInBunnysitting

4b) #HateTriangle (Introduces Green Lantern (Hal), Kilowog, Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire & Garth's first speaking apperance)

5a) #SuperWho? (Introduces Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen & Superman)

5b) #ShockItToMe (First appearance of Livewire)

6a) #FromBatToWorse (Introduces Robin, Poison Ivy, Batman &

6b) #FightAtTheMuseum (Introduces Selina Kyle…

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616RedSpider 616RedSpider 29 October 2020

The Princess and The Spider

Someday When I get in to the show I'll be my own Spider Hero

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Imari101 Imari101 29 October 2020

Being your own Super Hero

It doesn't matter if you have power or no power,anyone have courage to help people.

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8AnimeChampMaster 8AnimeChampMaster 9 October 2020

DC Superhero Girl (G1 and G2) Quiz

Test your knowledge and see if you are a real DCSHG Fan by answering 10 questions about both series (G1 and G2) and each question is worth 10 points, you must score at least 80% to prove you are a fan. Now the rules.

1. All Question can be T/F or Written Questions.

2. F questions in t/f questions must be written for correct answer

2. For each one that is wrong is -5 points

1. In G1 Weaponomoic: What was the nickname Mr. Fox had when he goes ballroom dancing?

2. (T/F) In G2 #Dinner for Five: When Babs removed her sneakers at the dinner table, her socks are shown to have yellow/purple stripes on them?

3. (T/F) In G2 #Crushinit: the order of the girls (Minus Batgirl) who tries to take out Steve are Supergirl, Green Lantern, Bumblebee and Zatanna?


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Lakerfan Lakerfan 9 October 2020

Fanon Quiz Results

Hi. Lakerfan again. Since nobody answer this quiz, here are some are results:

1. Beeline, Frenemies, Soul Sisters

2. 5

3. C

4. B

5. B

6. B

7. A

8. 14

9. True. She will introduce new villains.

10. A

Bonus: Space Out Chapter 13

I guess nobody really showed up yet. Better luck next time!

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Lakerfan Lakerfan 8 October 2020

Fanon Quiz

What's up! This is Lakerfan and welcome to my Fanon Quiz. If you're a DCSHG fan, then it's time to take the next challenge.

Here are some rules:

1. You must answer the following questions.

2. You have one chance of answering below, so DON'T edit your comments.

3. This is a really difficult one, so answer it at once.

What are you waiting for? Let's begin!

1. Name 3 episodes that the Super Hero Girls and Super Villain Girls battle/interact each other.

2. How many characters Keith Ferguson voiced?

3. Which one of the Hero Girls who does NOT have powers?

A. Supergirl
B. Wonder Woman
C. Batgirl

4. What's Batgirl's voice sounded like?

A. Timmy Turner
B. Twilight Sparkle
C. Dil Pickles

5. How many appearances (including cameos) does Batman appear?

A. 7
B. 5
C. 3

6. …

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Napalm Reign Napalm Reign 2 October 2020


I intend to adopt this wiki and become a new administrator and/or bureaucrat. I have made many substantive edits to this wiki, primarily completing articles for the first generation of this franchise. I am also the first and so far only editor to have earned the Justice League Starter badge for contributing to the wiki every day for 365 days. A partial list of articles I have worked on completing can be found on my user page. As this wiki's current admins are barely if at all active, this wiki has become overrun with misinformation, vandalism, and unsourced edits. As an admin, I would therefore be able to enforce policy, block vandals, and give other users privileges to help with this project. I am now seeking community approval to become …

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Miraculousladybugfan2005 Miraculousladybugfan2005 17 September 2020

DC Super Hero Girls Meet 6Teen

Note: This Is Not A Real Episode Its Fan Made. It Is Based On A Page That Was Deleted.

  1. Grey Delisle Griffin as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman Doris Zeul/Giganta Barbara-Ann "Barbi" Minerva/Cheetah
  2. Tara Strong as Barbara Gordon/Batgirl Harlen Quinzel/Harley Quinn
  3. Nicole Sullivan as Kara Danvers/Supergirl
  4. Myrna Velasco as Jessica Cruz/Green Latern
  5. Kimberly Brooks as Karen Beecher/Bumblebee
  6. Kari Wahlgren as Zee Zatara/Zatanna Carol Ferris/Star Sapphire
  7. [[* Jason Spisak as Hal Jordan/Green Lantern
  8. Eddie Perino as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow
  9. Jessica McKenna as Garth Bernstein/Aqualad
  10. Phil LaMarr as Barry Allen/The Flash Hawkman/Carter Hall
  11. Cree Summer as Selina Kyle/Catwoman
  12. Mallory Low as Leslie Willis/Livewire
  13. Cristina Milizia as Pamela Isley/Poison Ivy
  14. Christian Poten…

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Miraculousladybugfan2005 Miraculousladybugfan2005 17 September 2020

About The Fake/Fan Episodes

So Originally There Were 2 Fan Made Episode. Hi Jude. (Or What I Called DC Super Hero Girls Meets 6Teen) & The Ultimate Enemy. The First Was About The Cast Of 6Teen Joining DCSHG. The Other Was About A Character Name Black Mask.

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8AnimeChampMaster 8AnimeChampMaster 15 August 2020

Which villains do you want to see in the series?

When the series was release in 2019 we were given villains we knew from the dc comic/animated such a the villains girls, Lex Luther, and even general zod. But what other kinds of villains you would like to see in the show. Here is a gallery of villains I created who would be perfect for the show (with some updated version )…

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Lakerfan Lakerfan 10 August 2020

(Un)lucky 7

First of all, let me just clear my own time and make a difference of watching tv or play video games or whatever you need. When I watch DC Super Hero Girls (TV Series), though I'm a fan of Superman and Batman, I might have major problems on 3 groups consisting of 6 members. In fact, there's only one thing: No 7th member!

Because of these events, the Super Hero Girls and the Super Villain Girls doesn't need a 7th member. The reason why they never have is because the G1 Super Hero Girls consists of 7 members: Batgirl, Supergirl, Wonder Woman, Bumblebee, Katana, Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy.

So now let's get on to the Super Villain Girls. They really don't have a 7th member at all. In fact, I've listed some of the members, with information, who …

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RonTheCowardlyDog RonTheCowardlyDog 3 August 2020

Why is there no DC Super Hero Girls NEW episodes yet?

Please, can you please explain this Lauren Faust? It's been 2 or 3 months and no new episodes. I want to see the show back. Where are the episodes? If anyone found a reason why they remove the episodes for a reason, then please explain it to this blog or my account page.

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SuperTapperPlus SuperTapperPlus 24 July 2020

Anyone has Discord???

I'm calling out to those who have Discord, so I can make a Discord server exclusively for the show. However if there is one already, please let me know.

Thanks and have a nice day ;)

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Arturo Ungaro Arturo Ungaro 8 July 2020

Dizi Film A.Ş. Teknik Edition by Superhero Bee

Dizi Film A.Ş. Teknik Edition 2020 Tarihinde Piyasaya Çıktı. Edition ve Version İçin Kullanmaktadır.

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Unikitty1004 Unikitty1004 11 June 2020


I just started right now 

my best ship is


did u know that there is a person name Barbara Barry?

There is a song called Barbara Allen

There is an actor named Barry Gordon

They were meant to be

I'm sorry Iris

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MoreWitch MoreWitch 15 April 2020

Imaginating a new superhero

Hi, everyone! This is my first blog post. I always wanted to write a huge amount of books. And there, the protagonist would have powers and he/she would discover her/his amazing and unknown past. When I entered to this wiki I imagined how could be the protagonist and I decided she (yes, I decided it would be a she) would be a superhero. Here are some details:

Name: Lily Heavens

Age: 18

Superhero name: Starlight

Powers: Throw Star Rays, comunicate with stars and animals who fly, be invisible and read minds.

Well, see you on my next blog!


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Xandher Xandher 28 February 2020

Kara X Jude

Kara meet Jude in Judesworld. And they kissed.

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Littlecharmersfan Littlecharmersfan 17 October 2019

My Idea Villains for DC Super Hero Girls

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8AnimeChampMaster 8AnimeChampMaster 3 August 2019

New DC Super Hero Girl Villain: The Weakness

Having seen the series, It made me realize that they don't have a ORIGINAL character. So i created this new character who is also a villain, His name is the Weakness,

Name: Vincent Davis

Age: 16

Supervillain Alisa: The Weakness

Powers: Martial Artist/ High I.Q./ Inventor.

Gadgets: Specia; Adapting Gloves that allows him to analyze any individual weakness after being touched by them once and create said weakness.

Reason: Only pretending to be one so that the person who made him a villain would help him to find the killer who killed his family.

Friends: Barbara Gordan (Girlfriend)

Enemies: All DC heroes and Batgirl (Archenemy/doesn't know that that she's Bargirl and Vice Versa)

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Joystick-Paddle Joystick-Paddle 5 June 2019

DC: Super Hero Girls

DC: Super Hero Girls is more catchy than Justice League Action and Teen Titans Go!

I would watch all episodes.

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Tobylittleboy Tobylittleboy 27 May 2019

My favorite heros


wonder woman


If you wanty comment whos your favorite superhero

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Jona faith equestria Jona faith equestria 4 May 2018

dc super hero girl lover

hello im jona faith and i discovered dc superhero girls since i was child and i really love it thats why i always watching this im now 13 years old and im so glad i discover this action cartoon for kids love you dc superhero girls i will never ever gonna give up with you! 

i love wonder woman shes strong and powerful and i love him being a princess

i love super girl ofcourse she is powerful and the strongest of all..

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Curtman2016 Curtman2016 18 July 2017

My Analysis/Commentary/Discourse Regarding Blackfire

I personally do not think that Blackfire as a character is evil. I do believe that there is some good in her. Overall, I do think that Blackfire as a character is just very misunderstood, underrated, overlooked, & conflicted. She is very similar to many of my favorite animated characters (most of them female), including Soi Fon from Bleach (Mai Waifu), Charmcaster from the original Ben 10 storyline, Star Sapphire from DC Super Hero Girls, & Sour Grapes from Strawberry Shortcake's Berry Bitty Adventures. Both Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls depict her in the way that I think she really is as a person.

Blackfire knows deep down that her sister Starfire is better than her at almost everything, such as being the better hero (most importan…

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Twinkle spark6 Twinkle spark6 22 May 2017

dc super hero girls dolls

  1. ok so the original dolls were poison ivy,harley quinn , bat girl ,super girl , wonder woman and bumblebee later on katana , frost and starfire were also added in , i hope they make a sister pack with blackfire and starfire that would be awesome they should also make cheetah i would love that!
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Twinkle spark6 Twinkle spark6 22 May 2017

the best heros

  1. 1 starfire , why? because she is a funny yet smart girl and a bit ditzy if you ask me
  1. 2 black fire , the same as starfire accept she is a bit more sassier 
  1. 3 cheetah , she is a very very fast person and also has a great taste in fashion
  1. 4 sapphire , she is just like star fire and has a great personiltiy 
  1. 5 big barda i like her because she proves that she can change from bad guy to super hero and is a great inspiration to little girls who were told " you ant change"  

==well thats it stay postive

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MrQuest17 MrQuest17 7 March 2017

DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games to feature Korugar Academy students?

Hi guys MrQuest17 back again today with another scoresome blog for all my super hero peeps, anyways as some of you may or may not know the next movie in the DC Super Hero Girls Movie series, is gonna be known as Intergalactic Games. Now recently the dvd cover of the movie has been leaked by Amazon UK, revealing some pretty interesting details.

Now one of the main points of interest I find found within the cover art, was the obvious inclusion of Starfire's sister; Blackfire in the background facing her sister. Of course as we all know Blackfire is a student at Korugar Academy; a rival school to Super Hero High, as revealed in the Super Hero High year book. Now the name of the movie implies that some sort of school based tournament is gonna t…

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Raven Beauty Raven Beauty 28 November 2016

Temporary absence.

If you're reading this, I wrote the same thing on the TTG wiki that I'm in charge of but I'm putting this out there that I will be out of town all day on Saturday, December 3rd, which means I won't be here watching over the wiki and editing and such because obviously I won't be at home on my laptop. I don't know when I'll be back on that day but as one of the admins, I encourage you guys to take care of this place and keep up with all your helpful edits you make!

If you got any questions or concerns before I go, let me know in the comment section to this blog post.

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MrQuest17 MrQuest17 23 October 2016

DC Super Hero Girls Fandom Wiki now available!

Hi guys, MrQuest17 here today. Now as you all know our affliates of Monster High and Ever After High Wiki, both have Fandom wiki's associated with them. These are wikis, where you can go and create your own characters and stories within those universes, using different creation software tools like Photoshop and Sumo. Anyway today in lieu of our upcoming affiliation with MH and EAH wiki's, I've decided it's finally time to open up the DC Super Hero Girls Fandom Wiki. Like it's sister wiki's this will work as a wiki, where you can create your own DC Super Hero Girls content and adventures and share your art with the community. However I've only just began work on the wiki and will need some help finding tools and resources that can be used t…

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MrQuest17 MrQuest17 4 June 2016

E3 2016 on the way, DCSHG's video game, a possibility?

Hi guys, MrQuest17 here back with another blog today. Now as some of you may know the annual video gaming press event known as E3, is on the way to LA in just two weeks and of course Warner Bros interactive are going to be there. This has got me thinking, so far pretty much all DC Comics TV series or kids media franchise has received a game of sorts, With the original Teen Titans TV series, gaining a game on PS2 and Gamecube, Teen Titans Go getting a toys to life mobile game this summer, Batman the B and B gaining a game on most consoles and Young Justice doing the same. Now my question is will DC Super Hero Girls follow suite with a Game on the console. I most certainly hope so, I mean even it's Mattel predecessor Monster High got a new g…

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Alexis 23456789 Alexis 23456789 29 May 2016


This wikia shows potential, just as the franchise it was based upon. I think I might like it.

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MrQuest17 MrQuest17 24 February 2016

Happy DC Super Hero Girls Week!

Hey guys, MrQuest17 here today with another blog. Today I've just realized that it is in fact DC Super Hero Girls Week this week, so DCSHG's week everyone and sorry for the late up-bring on it. All week doll reviewers and DC youtubers alike have been reviewing the dolls and figures for the franchise is honor of this week. Tomorrow there'll also be another brand new DCSHG's webisode, don't miss it. Anyways I'll leave some links to some of the best reviews down below, and until later happy heroing heroes!

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AGUmWbjY_uA
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mC4yQOhmelA
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MrQuest17 MrQuest17 23 December 2015

Christmas quiz round 1 results

Hi guys, MrQuest17 here with the results of the first round of our festive quiz. I can now officially reveal the correct answers to you. They are:

  • 1 Greg Cipes
  • 2 Jinx
  • 3 Themyscira
  • 4 Shea Fontana
  • 5 Superman
  • 6 Wonder Woman
  • 7 The flight track
  • 8 She tosses him across the courtyard
  • 9 Frost
  • 10 Bumblebee

Now we only had two different participants in this round and it was very tight, but I must choose the person who I think was the most accurate with their answers. This person is YslimeGirl. Congratulations, I'll be posting a shout out for you later in the day, before the next round commences.

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MrQuest17 MrQuest17 22 December 2015

DC super hero girls wiki: Christmas quiz round 1

Hi guys, MrQuest17 here today with the first round of the quiz competition. Our special prize for today will be a shout out on the front page of the site. Here's the rules:

  • No looking at other wiki pages for answers
  • Don't go elsewhere for answers either
  • Don't share or give away answers if you know them

Anyway that's that, there will be a total of 10 different questions to answer. the quiz will close tonight at 10PM exactly, at which point I will gather up all the results and highlight the winner who will then receive their prize in the morning. Let the quiz begin!

  • Question 1- Which voice actor is not associated with DC Super Hero Girls?
  • A-Annais Fairweather
  • B-Yuri Lowenthal
  • C- Greg Cipes

  • Question 2- Who was the character who created the love heart …

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