#BoothBoot is the forty-second short of DC Super Hero Girls that was released online.


When a trio of elderly women is sitting in the Booth, which is also the entrance to the superhero girls hideout, Barbara must figure out a way to get rid of them in order to stop Harley Quinn.


While at Sweet Justice and about to eat her favorite dessert, Barbara sees on the news that Harley Quinn is causing mayhem in midtown metropolis. Excited to hear that Barbara rushed to the booth to get her gadgets. Unfortunately, she spotted three elderly women sitting in the booth and tries to prevent them from finding the secret switch that will open the secret entrance to the hideout. As Barbara told them that this booth is reserved one of the women mistook her for an employee and asked for three banana splits, hold the banana.

As Barbara was about to explain that she's doesn't work here, she saw in the news that Harley is causing more chaos in mid-town. Trying to find a way to get them out, she sees Barry coming out of the kitchen, with a tray of desserts and told him his shift is over and she'll take over. Afterwards, she gave all three women their sundaes (with no banana) and told them to eat fast. As the Elderly Woman began to slowly eat the sundaes, Barbara became impatient as she sees Harley causing more chaos and laughing even more. Just then the woman who asked for the sundaes asked if they can have this to go as they have to go somewhere, which made Barbara happy as she went to get containers for the sundaes, only to be asked for water for their pills, which Barbara (with her eyes twitching) agreed to get it.

After seeing them take their pills, Barbara asked if they are good and all three left the booth, giving Barbara a chance to go into the hideout and turn into Batgirl with her new grabbling-hook, only to hear the police sirens as she sees from outside that Harley has been arrested as she revealed that she was defeated by the elderly women, who cane tripped her and stop the chaos. As the elderly women are being interviewed by the local news reporter, Batgirl appearing in the corner looking sad as she wasn't the one who defeated Harley Quinn. The New Reporter then asked one of the elderly women if they have anything to say, which one of them asked if anyone has seen her cat, which confuses the reporter and Batgirl.



  • This "Digital Exclusive" short was paired up with "BabsGirl" on its original release date.


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