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Scene: Metropolis. The alarm was ringing.

Boy: Help! Help! They're loonabricks!
(Everyone were screaming.)
Katana: Hurry up! They'll be here soon!
(Mind-controlled Bumblebee explodes the doors. Mind-controlled Katana opens the drawer and Bumblebee takes her jewels.)
Supergirl: Stop right there, evildoers! (The superhero girls are shown) How was that? Commanding enough?!
Wonder Woman: Perfect!
Batgirl: I loved the way you said "evildoers". If I were doing evil, I'd be scared stiff!
Supergirl: Aw, thanks! You guys are the best. (gasps) Let's grab a Krypton kale smoothie after this?
Batgirl: Bumblebee?! Katana?! What are you two doing here?
Supergirl: We heard there was a break-in, and—
(Bumblebee shoots at the lost items)
Wonder Woman: Great Hera, it's them?! They're the thieves?!
Batgirl: How can our classmates from Super Hero High be thieves? Principal Waller would have totally caught that in their application!
Katana: We have the jewels! It's time to go.
Supergirl: You were saying?
Batgirl: Guys, this is so weird! What are you— We really need to have a talk with admissions!
Boy: You couldn't have just pushed the door open?! Glass doors aren't cheap, you know!
Wonder Woman: Hurry up, they're getting away!
Batgirl: Let's stick together. I'll drive!
Supergirl: There goes our smoothie time.
Batgirl: Seatbelts!
Supergirl: Batgirl, Wonder Woman and I are pretty much indestructible. Besides, we can fly. Why are we even... (Batgirl drives away with them faster) Whoa!
Wonder Woman: Point taken!
Supergirl: Yeah.
Wonder Woman: Watch out!!
Batgirl: Why in the world would Bumblebee and Katana suddenly decide to become criminals?
Supergirl: And why would they try and make a fast getaway in rush hour? (Her Batmobile chases Bumblebee and Katana. They chased into people) Waste food much? (Batgirl releases them.) Whoa! What's happening?!
Batgirl: Batmobile, eat your heart out!
Wonder Woman: You should really be using your blinker.
Bumblebee: Faster! They're ganging on us!
Katana: Not for long!
(Katana cuts through the barrel walls.)
Wonder Woman: Uh... Batgirl?
Batgirl: I see them!
(Her Batmobile shoots at the barrel walls. They chase Bumblebee and Katana.)
Supergirl: Don't lose them!
Batgirl: I don't lose anything!
Wonder Woman: What about those earrings I loaned you?
Batgirl: Never lose a thing!

Scene: Building. Her Batmobile chases Bumblebee and Katana.

Supergirl: Giant construction thing!
Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHH!!!!
(They stopped screaming and focused.)
Wonder Woman: Uh, that was close!
Supergirl: Don't worry, I got this. (pulls up the construction worker) Pardon us, citizen. (they drive away. Supergirl pulls down the construction worker, and gets back) Oh, man! You see the look on that guy's face?
Wonder Woman: What are you guys doing?!
(Her Batmobile and Bumblebee and Katana run up. They drop down and chase them. Her Batmobile destorys the building.)
Worker: Huh?! Argh!
Supergirl: Uh, did anyone notice the "Do Not Enter" sign back there?
Batgirl: Nope!
Wonder Woman: Probably a dead end. That means they have nowhere to go!

Scene: City. Bike splashes into water.

Supergirl: Okay, that was impressive!
Wonder Woman: Yet at the same time...
Wonder Woman, Supergirl and Batgirl: AAAAAHH!!
Supergirl: Time to ditch!
Wonder Woman: Agreed! Batgirl?
Batgirl: No, wait! I got this. (grunts; her Batmobile transforms into a plane)
Wonder Woman: You are so gonna be my partner in shop class!
Batgirl: I can't see them! Supergirl?!
Supergirl: (eyes zoom in) There! They're headed toward that alleyway. Turn here.
Batgirl: Here?!
Supergirl: No, the next one.
Batgirl: Okay, next time, you guys can fly.
Wonder Woman: They must be inside, let's go! (Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl jump off.) They could be hiding. Be careful.
Supergirl: What was that?
Batgirl: Sorry, breakfast burrito.
Wonder Woman: Not that, i heard it too.
Supergirl: Uh-oh!
Batgirl: I vote, we go home now.
Wonder Woman: Seconded.
Supergirl: Third-ed... I don't feel so good.
Wonder Woman: Uh-oh... Kryptomites.
Supergirl: (shakily) That would explain... (Kryptomites snarl at them)
Eclipso: Let's see if we can make these good girls... bad! (laughs maniacally)
Lena Luthor: (in call) Uh, which good girls? I'm not there so I don't really know who you're referring to.
Eclipso: I wasn't talking to you, specifically! I was just pontificating to myself and— You know what? Never mind!
Lena Luthor: Well, if we're supposed to be partners, we should pontificate together. Like, about evil stuff!
Eclipso: Can we talk about this later? I have to go before I'm spotted!
Lena Luthor: Spotted by whom? Again, I'm not there! I don't really— (Kryptomites snarl at them again and charge at them)

Scene: Wonder Woman's dorm. Wonder Woman was sleeping.

Wonder Woman: Whoa, that was the weirdest dream. (alarm buzzes) Oh, I'm gonna be late! Huh, where is everybody? (alarm buzzes again) Oh! (alarm buzzes again and again) Good thing you slept in your clothes.
Batgirl: Oh. You mean Amazon. Go away!
Wonder Woman: And now, to rope me a Supergirl. Good morning, sunshine!
Supergirl: (groggily) I need super beauty rest.
Wonder Woman: C'mon, ladies, we're gonna be late.
Batgirl: Morning people... Blech!
Wonder Woman: I heard that!
(The girls had breakfast time. Supergirl spills milk on cereal, but she doesn't.)
Supergirl: What's that over there? (swaps bowls; and eats)
Batgirl: What? I don't see anything.
Supergirl: Huh, my mistake! (walks away)
Wonder Woman: Looking good, Diana.
(Batgirl looks for her stuff out. Supergirl uses laser eyes in her coffee, and drinks it.)
Wonder Woman: Ready?
Supergirl/Batgirl: Ready!
Wonder Woman: Let's do this thing!

Scene: Super Hero High School. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl walk out. Beast Boy, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and the Flash are shown. The people had fun.

Batgirl: Today's the day. The Yearbook Club is going to release the results of the Most Likelies.
Wonder Woman: "Most Likelies"? Is that another strange ritual like spin-the-bottle?
Supergirl: Oh, I just heard about this. It's where people vote on who is most likely to do stuff in the future. Like, be president. Or open a Big Belly burger franchise.
Wonder Woman: Oh, well, in that case, I think the most logical choice is Batgirl. Because she's so smart, right?
Batgirl: You're so sweet. But I totally think it's gonna be you. I mean, Amazon Princess, heir to the power of the gods. Am I right? Or am I right?
Supergirl: Well, maybe it'll be me. (Wonder Woman and Batgirl turn around to face her) What? It could be. I mean, look at my cousin. He's become the most popular superhero in the whole world.
Batgirl: Eh, that's debatable.
Supergirl: And I'm just as cool as he was when he was in high school.
Wonder Woman: Also debatable.
Batgirl: Well, whoever wins the award, let's make a promise right now to be supportive of each other.
Wonder Woman: Deal!
Supergirl: Deal!
Batgirl: Deal!
(Supergirl throws away Batgirl up in the sky.)
Supergirl: Oops, I've got her. (Batgirl falls down. Supergirl catches Batgirl) Kind of funny how often that happens. (laughs) Right?
Batgirl: It's okay. But what's not okay is that. (points to Amanda's car)
Supergirl: I know, right? At least spring for a hybrid in this day and age.
Wonder Woman: Is that Principal Waller's car?
Batgirl: Yup. I can tell by the license plate.
Supergirl: "Wall forever". Odd choice. I mean, it's kind of off-putting. Like she has some sort of wall that's forever up and no one can break through.
Batgirl: Pretty sure that's not her intent.
Supergirl: But how do you know? It could be a cry for help. We should talk to her.
Wonder Woman: What happened to the amethyst? In the wrong hands, that could be a serious problem.
Supergirl: Then why isn't it, like, kept in a locked room or something?
Batgirl: Whoever did this is going to get detention for a year.
Wonder Woman: My money's on Beast Boy.
Supergirl: I mean, it's just sitting there, out in the open. At least it was.
Wonder Woman: It makes the building look cool, okay?
Supergirl: Seems like a pretty high-stakes sacrifice to make for aesthetics.
Batgirl: Let's go! I heard from a source there's going to be a pop quiz today.
Wonder Woman: What source?

Scene: Super Hero High School, inside the classroom.

Gordon: Good morning, class.
Wonder Woman: "Source", huh?
Batgirl: Well, it's a "pop" quiz, and he is my pop.
Gordon: I'm handing back the pop quiz we had yesterday.
Supergirl: Yesterday?
Gordon: I'm sorry to say that some of you didn't do as well as I'd hoped, despite his or her remarkable upbringing. (walks away)
Batgirl: A C-minus?! But I've never gotten a C-minus in my life! That's like a bat-ugh!
The Flash: C-minus? That means... ♫ I beat you, I finally beat you, And you wear meat shoes! ♫ Okay, clearly I haven't really worked out the lyrics yet. But it looks like the race for the highest GPA is just about over, and you are looking at the winner. (chuckles) Whoo-hoo! (they do) I meant me, of course, in case you didn't get what I meant. Uh, I didn't really point at myself or anything, so...
Harley Quinn: You stink!
Supergirl: I don't even remember taking this.
Wonder Woman/Batgirl: Me neither.
Supergirl: Jinx! Sorry, I just learned that one too.

Scene: Gym class.

Supergirl: Hope we didn't miss a gym class pop quiz too.
Wonder Woman: That's actually not a thing.
Batgirl: Uh, creepy much?
(Catwoman, Star Sapphire, the Flash, the Riddler, Harley Quinn, Green Lantern, Cyborg, Cheetah, and Hawkgirl are shown.)
Wonder Woman: I've got a bad feeling about this.
Wildcat: All right, you plastic-headed delinquents! It's time for you to exercise that teenage angst away with some physical activity. Let's play some super dodgeball!
Wonder Woman/Supergirl/Batgirl: Huh...?
(The Super Hero High Supers throw the dodgeballs at them.)
Batgirl: Hey, I'm on your team!
Harley Quinn: Oh, after what you did yesterday? You can eat my team! (hits dodgeball at Batgirl)
Wildcat: You're out, Batgirl, take a seat! Never mind, you're already in one.
(The Super Hero High Supers throw the dodgeballs at Wonder Woman.)
Wonder Woman: Oh, Hades. (gets hit)
Wildcat: All right, Princess, take a seat!
Wonder Woman: (gets hit by another dodgeball) Come on!
Supergirl: Uh, can we talk about this?
(In slow motion, Supergirl goes hardcore by fighting dodgeballs at the superheroes. Cheetah gets hit by a dodgeball. Supergirl scowls at them, and gets done.)
Wildcat: Nicely done, Supergirl. All right, you bricks. Looks like you're ready for some sit-ups. How about 10... (Everyone sighs) thousand. (Everyone groans)

Scene: Capes & Cowls Cafe.

Batgirl: This has been such a weird day!
Supergirl: A solid two on my top 10 list of weird days.
Wonder Woman: What's number one?
Supergirl: Facing Giganta after that chili cook-off?
Batgirl: Oh, yeah, that was a gas factory.
Supergirl: But still, I wonder what's gotten into everyone.
Harley Quinn: As if you don't know!
Batgirl: Know what?
Harley Quinn: How about the fact that you uploaded that embarrassing video of me on your Hero Hotline page WITHOUT MY PERMISSION!
Batgirl: What!? I don't even go on Hero Hotline! Too many ads.
Harley Quinn: (shows Batgirl her video)
(In Hero Hotline, Harley Quinn sings.)
Harley Quinn: ♫ I'll be your hero. You'll be my clown! ♫
Wonder Woman: How is that any different from the other videos that you post of us?
Harley Quinn: I spent my entire life, i.e., the past three months trying to make something viral! (points at Batgirl) And little Miss Bat Ears over there posts one video of me and WHAMMO! She gets all the credits!
Supergirl: Whoa, look at that view count! Congratulations, Harley! You've reached cat video status!
Batgirl: Whoa! I got like 2k more followers!
Harley Quinn: That's it! This wrong must be righted! I challenge you to a—
Supergirl: Dance-off?!
Harley Quinn: No! That wouldn't even be fair. I challenge you to a—
Wonder Woman: Medusa head throwing contest?! (Harley Quinn knows) What? It's a thing.
Harley Quinn: Um, no! I challenge you to a— (Everyone knows)
Wonder Woman: Well, what?
Harley Quinn: Well, I don't actually have anything, okay? I'm— I'm still thinking!
Supergirl: (gasps) Oh, I know! All right, you know the rules. Whoever eats the most in one minute wins! Are you ready?
Wonder Woman: So there's really only one rule? You said "rules." So I was just—
Batgirl: Wait, I thought you said this was a pie-eating contest!
Supergirl: It is! These are pot pies.
Batgirl: Pot pies are filled with vegetables and meat. Regular pies are filled with love and sugar!
Supergirl: Which is terrible for your teeth.
Harley Quinn: Aw, what's the matter? Scared?!
Batgirl: No. I just don't like to consume that many nitrates. And lima beans make me gassy. (Harley Quinn imitates chicken, annoying Batgirl) Oh, it's on girl! I'm powering through this!
Supergirl: Okay then. On your mark! (Harley Quinn and Batgirl look angrily) Get set! (growling) EAT!!!
(Harley Quinn and Batgirl eat up too fast. Score counter is dinging.)
Wonder Woman: That is a lot of microwaved gravy.
(Harley Quinn and Batgirl eat up. Score counter is dinging.)
Harley Quinn: Some of these are still frozen in the middle!
(Score counter is dinging. Harley Quinn and Batgirl eat up again. Score counter is dinging again and again.)
Supergirl: Ten more seconds!
Harley Quinn: Huh? (Batgirl goes hardcore) She's inhuman!
(Batgirl tries to open her mouth and the pie is dropping. Score counter times up.)
Supergirl: Time!
Wonder Woman: Wow, seriously? That was impressive! And also gross.
Batgirl: It just takes discipline and focus... Something that some people don't have.
Harley Quinn: Yeah, but you know what I do possess?
Batgirl: What?
Harley Quinn: Timing! (throws pie on Amanda)
Amanda: What is the meaning of this?!
Batgirl: Yeah. Great timing.

Scene: Super Hero High School.

Amanda: (sighs) Do you know how hard it is to get gravy out of your hair?!
Batgirl: Tell me about it.
Harley Quinn: Not as hard as pudding!
Amanda: I expect more from you.
Wonder Woman: Really? Even Harley?
Amanda: Actually, Harley, you're dismissed.
Harley Quinn: I am?
Supergirl: (whispering) Gift horse, girl! (Harley Quinn walks away)
Batgirl: I'm sorry, Principal Waller, it kinda escalated and... I think you still have a lima bean in your hair.
Amanda: I'm sorry. After the stunts you pulled yesterday, you'll need more than an "I'm sorry!"
Supergirl: Yesterday? Why does everyone keep talking about yesterday?
Amanda: Really? (points to Supergirl) Vandalizing the Hero Ball Arena, (points to Batgirl) releasing bats in the halls, (points to Wonder Woman) and kicking my car onto the top of the school!
Wonder Woman: Who, me? I would never do something like that!
(Amanda turns on the screen. Lois appears.)
Lois: Lois Lane reporting live from Super Hero High School, where a few of the students took it upon themselves to wreak havoc throughout the campus. Supergirl created a little Kryptonian chaos as she made a super mess of the school's Hero Ball Arena!
(Supergirl uses laser eyes and creates Supergirl badges on the Hero Ball Arena. Supergirl waves hello to everyone. Batgirl presses buttons by the fire alarm. The people, Miss Martian, Starfire, Frost Cyborg, Beast Boy and Green Lantern are running.)
Lois: It was a particularly dark night for the cleaning crew, who still haven't found all of the nocturnal nasty's Batgirl let loose in the hall.
Batgirl: Come on! Who writes this stuff?
Lois: And finally, the Amazon Princess shows off her athletic ability by kicking Principal Waller's car into the eye of the amethyst tower.
Wonder Woman: Gooooooooooal!
Lois: The amethyst still remains missing as does any punishment for the crazed classmates! I'm Lois Lane, and clearly it's been a slow news day.
Amanda: Still sticking to the "I never do anything like that" shtick!?
Wonder Woman: That's clearly doctored. I can't hold a note that long!
Amanda: You have one chance to make things right. I want to know where the amethyst you stole yesterday is and I want to know now!
Batgirl: But yesterday was Sunday! We weren't even in school.
Amanda: Don't play dumb with me, Miss Gordon. Yesterday was Monday and today is Tuesday, the day you're expelled.
Wonder Woman: Nooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!
(Outside Super Hero High School)
Wonder Woman: Huh! I guess, I can hold a note that long.
Batgirl: What just happened?
Supergirl: This feels exactly like when I was forced to leave Krypton.
Wonder Woman: The school has been like a second home to me. So much for becoming "Most likely to succeed."
Batgirl: Without a high school diploma, the only thing we're most likely to succeed at is a dead-end job. Like... politics!
Supergirl: How could all three of us not remember an entire day?
Wonder Woman: That's true. Something's as fishy as Poseidon's breath. And believe me, that's fishy. Whoa, P.U.
Supergirl: You can smell under water?
Batgirl: I might know how we can get to the bottom of it.
Wonder Woman: How?
Batgirl: By analyzing the footage that I swiped from Principal Waller's office. To the Batgirl bunker!

Scene: Metropolis. Screen moves in the Metropolis and shows to Batgirl's bunker.
Scene: Batgirl's bunker.

Supergirl: So, it's less of a bunker, and more of a...gizmo shack!
Batgirl: The footage isn't doctored. As far as I can tell, it really is us doing all of this.
Supergirl: Cool! What's this one do?
Batgirl: (points) There, you see that glow?
Wonder Woman: Oh, that's my new shampoo. (touches her hair) Really adds some shine.
Batgirl: Nothing ends that much shine. (enters to Eclipso's diamond on Wonder Woman's brain inside her head)
Wonder Woman: A diamond?
Batgirl: A really big diamond! But how come we can't see it?
Wonder Woman: The shampoo. (touches her hair again) Ha! Serious volume.
Supergirl: That's so weird? I had this dream last night that Bumblebee and Katana were robbing a jewelry store and they had this weird look in their eyes and their hair was glowing too when we're all like, "Stop, evildoers!", and then we went on this chase and there was fighting and we ended up at a—
Wonder Woman and Batgirl: Warehouse!
Supergirl: Yeah! Wait, how'd you know that? And why do villains always hang out in abandoned warehouses?
Wonder Woman: We all had the same dream!
Supergirl: But that's impossible.
Batgirl: Unless... it wasn't a dream at all! Whoever was controlling Katana and Bumblebee must've used the same diamond to control us.
Wonder Woman: And... make us steal the amethyst!
Supergirl: But why make us do all the silly pranks?
Batgirl: I dunno. Comedy? (Wonder Woman walks off)
Supergirl: Where are you going?
Wonder Woman: I'm going to check the dorms to look for Bumblebee and Katana.
Batgirl: Good idea! (they walk off) Katana hasn't returned those nun chucks she borrowed from me, like, eight months ago, and...Hey! Wait for me! (follows Wonder Woman and Supergirl)

Scene: LexCorp. Bumblebee and Katana are standing still.

Lena Luthor: I told my boss that you two are good. I told her we can count on you.
Bumblebee: But we gotta wait with the diamonds.
Lena Luthor: Barely. "Lena Luthor" is a girl of a word, and you two almost cost me that word!
Katana: But we actually didn't. And... that sentence didn't overly make sense.
Lena Luthor: Well, then, where are the jewels?
Katana: Diamonds.
Lena Luthor: Ugh, whatever! Yes! Where are they!?
Bumblebee: We hid them.
Lena Luthor: Ohh, phew. You hid them?
Bumblebee: Yes—
Lena Luthor: And that doesn't answer my question!
Katana: What was the question again?
Lena Luthor: Where are my jewels?!
Bumblebee: Diamonds?
Lena Luthor: Whatever! Yes!
Bumblebee: They're safe.
Lena Luthor: At?!
Bumblebee: My room.
Lena Luthor: (walks off) So you hid stolen magic jewels...
Katana: (o.s.) Diamonds.
Lena Luthor: I know already!!! UGH! So you hid stolen magic DIAMONDS in your room?
Bumblebee: Ye—
Lena Luthor: At Super Hero High School!
Bumblebee: Yeah.
Lena Luthor: Where there are a lot of, like... superheroes!
Katana: Well, technically they're not full-blown superheroes yet.
Lena Luthor: But the teachers are!
Bumblebee: Not all of them. Some are just...cops or, like, business dudes.
Lena Luthor: Anyway, get me those diamonds and bring them back here! (Bumblebee and Katana are standing) Well, what are you waiting for?
Katana: Well, it's like we're in the middle of last period right now.
Bumblebee: We should probably wait about ten minutes, so we get there right when the last bell rings, you know? Otherwise, we have to get tardy slips and...
Lena Luthor: Fine! Go in ten minutes. (crosses her arms)
(Bumblebee and Katana are standing still and waiting. Lena Luthor is annoyed.)
Bumblebee: This is gonna be a long ten minutes.

Scene: Super Hero High School.

Supergirl: That's weird. Where is everybody?
Harley Quinn: (o.s.) Almost perfect!
Batgirl: Maybe Harley knows.
(They walk inside to talk to Harley Quinn)
Supergirl: Hey, Harley.
Harley Quinn: Oh, it's you! Hold on a sec while I finished my project for art class!
Supergirl: Whoa, Harley! That's amazing! And here, I thought you were holding a grudge against Batgirl for that embarrassing video she posted of you.
Batgirl: (chuclkes nervously) Not helping!
Harley Quinn: Uh, I dunno. It needs a little something...Oh! I got it! (she smashes a Batgirl statue with completely force as Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl being shocked) Ha! Perfect! That's A-plus materiel for sure!
Batgirl: Harley, listen, this isn't my fault...
Wonder Woman: Let me handle this. Harley, yesterday, we had a dream that Bumblebee and Katana robbed the jewelry store in Metropolis and they—
Harley Quinn: Rob? Those two square pegs? Ha, you kidding me!?
Supergirl: Well, do you know where they were yesterday?
Harley Quinn: Yesterday, they were... You know, I don't remember. But honestly, that's nothing new. I can barely remember what I was doing five minutes ago!
Supergirl: Oh, you were smashing that bust you made of Batgirl—
Batgirl Anyway, for argument's sake, let's say they did rob a store. Do either of them have a place where they stash things they don't want anyone to know about?
Harley Quinn: Oh, for sure! Follow me! (They walk in Bumblebee's room) Bumblebee thinks I don't know about her hiding spot. (opens the drawer) But really. Could it bee anyone obvious? Ha?!
Batgirl: Yeah. So obvious.
Harley Quinn: I mean if she is gonna hide something, it will be...Uh-oh! These aren't what you're looking for, were they?
(Bumblebee appears at Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl and Harley Quinn.)
Bumblebee: What are you guys doing in my room?!
Harley Quinn: Oh, uh... Hi, Bumblebee! Do you happen to know why there are a bunch of stolen jewels in your super-secret safe that only you think is super-secret?
Bumblebee: You'll all find out soon enough! (starts to steal her bag away and attempts to shoot at the pipes)
Wonder Woman: Can you see her?
Batgirl: Can even see you! And you're right in front of me.
Wonder Woman: Actually I'm behind you.
Batgirl: My point exactly!
Wonder Woman: Supergirl, X-ray vision.
Supergirl: Oh, good idea! (uses her X-ray vision, sees everything, and sees Bumblebee trying to escape) There she is! She's headed for the window!
Batgirl: Where's the window?! Again, can't see anything!
Supergirl: I got it! (inhales deeply)
Harley Quinn: Wow! You should totally try out for the swim team!
Wonder Woman: Supergirl, are you okay?
Supergirl: (gulps unexpectedly) That wasn't so bad....
Batgirl: Come on. We have to go after her.
(Supergirl's powered burp blasts Wonder Woman, Batgirl and Harley Quinn, including Metropolis and the whole world.)
Harley Quinn: Gross! Did you eat yesterday's tuna in the caf today? Followed by a lot of goat cheese!?
Supergirl: (sighs) I did..
Batgirl: Harley, you still have that mini-jet?
Harley Quinn: Sure! It's conveniently hovering right outside the window!
Batgirl: Okay, thanks! Bye! (lands in Harley Quinn's mini-jet)
Wonder Woman: Batgirl! Wait for us!
Harley Quinn: (interrupts) Hey! That's my new jet! She better not scratch it!
Wonder Woman: Come on. She's going to need our help! (she and Supergirl fly off)
(Amanda appears and clears throat)
Harley Quinn: Oh, hey, Principal Waller! What brings you around the dorms? (Amanda's eyes turned hypnotized by Eclipso and the Kryptomites) Hey, that looks just like— Uh-oh...

Scene: Metropolis. Batgirl chases Bumblebee.

Batgirl: Alright, Harley, let's see what this thing can do! (presses Harley Quinn's button and makes it an evil cackle) Okay, that's creepy. Gotcha! (Supergirl appears over Bumblebee) What?! Look out! (Harley's jet captures Supergirl with a net as she falls down by bonking Supergirl's head) Uh... My bad!
Wonder Woman: Don't worry, Batgirl, I've got her!
(Wonder Woman flies up and down to chase Bumblebee. Bumblebee stings Wonder Woman as she chases her.)
Batgirl: Come on, Harley! There has to be something in here that could help. Well, this is definitely an emergency!
Harley Quinn's jet: Please enter your four-digit code thingy!
Batgirl: Ugh, four digits?! Are you kidding me?! (thinking to herself) Come on, Babs, it's Harley here. How hard can it be? Maybe it's her birthday?!
Harley Quinn's jet: Code thingy inaccurate!
Batgirl: Uggghh!!
(Cuts to Wonder Woman chasing Bumblebee. Cuts back to Batgirl fail typing her four-digits, a jet repeating "Code Thingy Inaccurate!".)
Batgirl: I have an IQ of 210? And I can't figure out Harley's four-digit code thingy?! Come on! No, wait! H-A-H-A!
Harley Quinn's jet: Turbo boost thingy initiated!
Batgirl: Technically, those aren't even digits— (Harley Quinn's jet goes super faster) (shouting) It's—... (screaming) Get outta the way! Outta control clown jet! (goes closer to Wonder Woman and Bumblebee as she stings Harley Quinn's jet's boost like crazy) Where's my Bat-barf bag?!
Harley Quinn's jet: Your barf bag? Please enter your four-digit code thingy!
Batgirl: Oh, shut it, Dashboard Harley! (vomits)
Window Washer: Another uneventful day as a window washer! Where nothing outta the ordinary ever ha— (looks at Batgirl and Harley Quinn's jet and screams)
(Batgirl looks faster as Wonder Woman saves her with her Lasso of Truth. Batgirl waves nervously.)
Wonder Woman: Batgirl! (straining) Shut down the engines!
Batgirl: Right. Hold on! (grunts) Stupid airbag!
Harley Quinn's jet: Please enter your four-digit code thingy!
Batgirl: (falls off; annoyed) Argh, come on!
Wonder Woman: I can't... hold it...! (Supergirl confronts Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth) Huh? Supergirl! (she and Supergirl pull off Batgirl and Harley Quinn's jet)
Batgirl: I think I got it! Z-Z-Z-Z!
Window Washer: Okay, I'm going back to stand up much safer.
Batgirl: Okay... Harley's code thingies make no sense! If it wasn't for that, I would've had Bumblebee for sure.
Wonder Woman: And you wouldn't have endangered yourself and civilians in the process!
Batgirl: Yeah. Um, sorry about that. Thanks for helping out there! I really appreciate it.
Wonder Woman: Aww, it's okay. That's what friends are for! But it looks like we lost Bumblebee.
Supergirl: Ugh, she was our only lead! What do we do know?
Batgirl: Just retrace our steps from yesterday and find some clues as to who was controlling us and what they were up to!
Wonder Woman: How are we gonna do that?
Batgirl: By accessing the GPS software that's embedded in each of our wrist communicators.
Supergirl: Aw, man! Why didn't we just start with that plan?
Wonder Woman: You know, we needed a de-action sequence.
Batgirl: There! Those dots indicate the two places we stopped yesterday.
Supergirl: Where's the nearest stop?
Batgirl: There! It looks like... Huh? That's weird!
Wonder Woman: What is it?
Batgirl: The Hero Ball Arena?

Scene: Hero Ball Arena.

Supergirl: Are you sure we came here? I guess so.
Lashina: What are you three doing back here?!
Male Announcer: LASHINA! Apokoliptian Fury! Powers: Electric whips! MAD HARRIET! Powers: Energy claws! ATREMIZ! Powers: She's mean! (pause) And...she has a bow!
Batgirl: That was weird.
Supergirl: Ohh! Is that-
Wonder Woman: -the Furies!
Male Announcer: THE FURIES!
Batgirl: Okay, we get it!
Wonder Woman: You're a long way form Apokolips, ladies! And I use the term "ladies"? Very loosely!
Artemiz: Like Lashina told you yesterday! We're not leaving until we become the best hero ball players this tiny mud ball you called planet has ever seen!
Supergirl: What a hard goal of a spire too.
Mad Harriet: And if you wanna come back for another one, we want a rematch!
Batgirl: Another one?! Another one what?
Lashina: (mimicking) "Another one what!" (scoffs) Can you believe the nerve of this girl, Artemiz? Let's raise the stakes! We win, you have to go live on Apokolips and we get to go to Super Hero High School!
Supergirl: You guys would get a lot of detentions!
Batgirl: Still not sure what "another one" is referring too!
Wonder Woman: And if you lose-
Lashina: Artemiz, Mad Harriet and I will leave Earth for good! Now enough talking! Play or leave!
Batgirl: Okay! If we're able to beat them, we'll be one step closer for getting "another one"! And also knowing what's going on! What do you think, Wonder Woman?
Wonder Woman: Uh, it's Hero Ball! This'll be a breeze!
(The girls fall)
Batgirl: AAAAAHH!!! (thud)
Supergirl: AAAAAHH!!! (thud)
Wonder Woman: AAAAAHH!!! (thud) Bye, Hera.
Batgirl: I can breeze, huh?
Lashina: Oh, come on! We're the girls that played for keeps yesterday! First to 400 wins!
Batgirl: Uh, 25 to zero! So I guess we're gonna be here all day!
Supergirl: We can do this!
(Wonder Woman throws the first buddy away with the Lasso of Truth, Batgirl's rocket boost charges as Batgirl throws away the second buddy, Lashina stops to the fire and gets burnt and throws away the third buddy. Supergirl grabs the fourth buddy and puts it away, Artemiz throws away the fifth buddy, Mad Harriet and Supergirl lunging to throw the sixth buddy away.)
Batgirl: Whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper, whisper-
Supergirl: No! That's nuts!
Wonder Woman: Nuts are brave!
Supergirl: Go long, Wonder Woman!
(Wonder Woman flies off, Supergirl throws away Batgirl, Batgirl has her grappling hook, Wonder Woman spins Mad Harriet's head around, Mad Harriet stops Wonder Woman, and Batgirl. The final buddy is thrown away.)
Supergirl: We won?! Ha! WE WON!!!