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Grrr, how is she this good?
~ Kara Danvers

#BreakingNews is the forty-first episode of Season 1 of DC Super Hero Girls.


A giant Killer Moth arrived at Metropolis, causing panic when suddenly the superhero girls arrived and began to outnumber and outmatch the moth, with Supergirl punching it to the sky. As the girls are being praised by their heroic deed, Jimmy took a few photos of the action and showed it to Lois who, after skimming through the photo told Jimmy that she wanted something better than the Super Hero Girls saving the city, even comparing to the stale half-eaten doughnut next to her desk. She explains that she is hoping to get the biggest scoop so that she can get what she want; an internship at the Daily Planet. After looking at old photos of the girls, Lois came up with the greatest idea ever, to expose the identities of the Super Hero Girls, not knowing that Jessica overheard it (who was pouring coffee and looking terrified.)

Later at lunch, after Jessica told the girls about what Lois is planning, Kara said they had nothing to worry about as Lois always writes stories about them but Jessica says that this is different as Lois is known to never stop until the job is done and explain that if Lois expose the girls' secret, it will cause eyes to follow them, villains knowing who they are, and even believe their parents will be angry at them (which caused Karen to panic and use her lunch bag to help her breath.) However Kara still believes that there's nothing to worry about as they've kept their identities secret for too long and Lois will never know they are the Super Hero Girls. Unfortunately Lois is revealed that already discovered the secret identities of the superhero girls and just needed prove that they are.

Later after finishing up on reapplying her lipstick, Zee encountered Lois who tried to ask her for a few questions, but before she could leave, Lois asked about her magic show, which she agreed and explains how she preforms them. Lois then asked her about the whereabouts of her when Sweet Justice was destroyed that night and Zee almost revealed the girls in their superhero forms, only to stop herself as she ran off and encountered Jessica and Karen (who got over her panic attack and throw her bag away) and confirms that Lois is good as she almost got Zee to spill the beans about them and Jessica told the others they have to make sure that no one they known about their secret tells her about them. Then they saw Lois talking to Hal Jordan, who spelled his last name wrong and grabbed him to ask him what did Lois wanted (plus Jessica threaten to hurt Hal if he revealed their secrets) and he replied that she wanted to know about what happened during the Zod invasion and told her to ask Barry, who revealed that he told Lois about how he worked at Sweet Justice and about the incident with the robots and how he met the Super Hero Girls. Jessica then asked Barry if he told her that the girls were there before the Super Hero Girls and he replied that he doesn't remember.

During lunch as the girls (with Karen who is still using a bag to help her breath) are shown to be worried that Lois is getting closer to the truth but Kara still thinks they're paranoid until she saw Lois from a table close to them as she is watching them. Babs pointed out that she knows that look she's giving and suggest them to not move, which Lois then wrote on her notepad. Babs then them to move (by doing weird wacky moves while a wacky music is playing) but she still writes down what she see and Babs suggest they run as Lois continues to wrote down what she saw.

In a short montage the girls are still being followed by Lois, such as they all asked for a bathroom pass when they notice a few giant months attack the city, only for Lois to revealed to have the pass, causing them to put their hands down. Later at the pier as they notice more giant moths and attempt to fight them, only for Lois being there to witness their actions, causing them to act causal until a month attack them. Then (in full superhero mode) the girls manage to defeat a couple of moths as Batgirl threw away a wrapping from a burrito when Lois search and discovered that Burrito Wrapper is from Burrito Bucket, which Lois knows where Barbara Gordan works. Back in the secret lair as Babs couldn't believe the mistake she made, Karen wondered if they should be worried about the invasion of Moths hitting the city but Kara said they need to be more worry about Lois and her plan to expose their secret. Babs then realize that since Zee has magic she can cast a spell to erase her memory but Zee said she hasn't master it yet. Kara then suggest an easy idea but Jessica (without looking) said they can't punch her into the space then Diana came up with a better idea (once again saying the punch into space is not needed) that will make sure Lois doesn't know the truth.

At School Diana bumped into Lois and after a few bad acting moments she pointed out that Wonder Woman is in front of them (which is shown to be Karen and Jessica dress in Wonder Woman's outfit and blue wig) revealing that Diana and Wonder Woman are not the same person, but Lois sees through the deception and continued to write down. Later after punching a moth in space (which she needed it) Supergirl and Batgirl attempt to get out before Lois come until Batgirl left random stuff on the ground, revealing her plan to leave false evidence so that Lois doesn't think She and Kara are Batgirl and Supergirl but someone else (i.e. Garth's Library Card) But Lois still knows Barbara was the one who left the trash, Batgirl then suggest taking the notebook from her. Later in Lois' Locker Bumblebee waited inside as Lois left her lunch bag and flew out of it and notice the notebook sticking out of her bookbag and manage to get it and bring it to the girls, Unfortunately Lois anticipated it as switched it with a decoy saying "WRONG NOTEBOOK LADIES!!!" with a smiley face giving out a raspberry, causing them to gasp as Karen fainted.

At Sweet Justice, with all their plans failed the girls notice Lois behind them with a smirk on her face as she took a pencil out of her hair and prepare to see what the girls will do next. As the girls are worried that once Lois revealed their secret everything will change for the worst; For Diana she'll never taste the sweet food of Sweet Justice again, Kara will have to move to a new town where she'll not get appreciated, Zee's magic will be expose and people won't see her as a great magician, Babs' dream of being a sidekick to Batman will never come as he would never hire someone who can't keep a secret and Jessica would have to leave this to Hal, which made her kind of angry. Meanwhile Karen notice on the screen that Killer Moth has recently created an army of other moths and attempted to get the attention until she finally did. Unfortunately the chaos was shown behind Lois as she still waiting to see of the girls will go into action. Babs then suggest to wait until other heroes appear and save the city, when suddenly an anchorman reveals that there are no heroes at this time. After a few moments of intense waiting, one of the moths hit the window, causing Lois to fall to the ground, giving the girls the moment to change into their superhero team and fight the moths and save the city.

After seeing the girls in action on the screen, Lois finally got the proof she needed and headed back to the school. After writing down her story on an email and preparing to send it to the Daily Planet, she took another look at photo from the heroic deeds the Super Hero Girls have done to the city and began to feel remorse about almost exposing the girl's secret. With that Lois decides to delete the email and protect the girls' secret. Later as the school bell rings, the girls are looking upset as their lives are now over when they notice Lois coming and try to act casual, with Karen jumping into a trash bin. Lois walks past them as the girls believe that their plan has succeeded and their secret are safe, not knowing that Lois already knows who they are but decided to keep it to herself. Lois then looked at the last newspaper and saw an article about Superman, written by Daily Planet Intern Clark Kent and plans to beat Clark and expose Superman too.




  • In one scene Zatanna's eyes are blue from after she absorbs her dark half from "Living the Nightmare."
  • Among the newspaper photographs that were hung on Lois' wall are screenshots from "Burrito Bucket," "Shock It To Me," "Beeline," Adventures In Bunnysitting," "Misgiving Tree," and "Sweet Justice."
  • This episode marked the debut of Killer Moth.
  • The photos Lois has of the girls having learned who they are, are exactly the same ones from the opening title.
  • Lois finally learns what the Super Hero Girls' identities are.
  • Apparently, Hal Jordan cannot spell his own name.
  • This is the first episode that Wonder Woman seems to be flying as when the Girls head towards Killer Moth.


  • When Killer Moth roars, the Wilhelm Scream can be heard. This is the third episode to use the Wilhelm Scream.


  • At the news, the headline says "Killer Moth and Her Army of Moths Attack Metropolis". Clearly Killer Moth is actually a male, not female.


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