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Bumblebee, born Karen Andrena-Beecher,[2] is a main character in the the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is superhero, scientist, and a student at Super Hero High School.



Bumblebee is a black teenager with a shapely-figure, brown eyes and curly, dark brown hair which sports honey-yellow streaks, and with the left part of her head having cornrows. She also wears both pink blush and pink lipstick for makeup.

Her attire consists of a full-length, black spandex-bodysuit with a stand-up collar, along with most of the upper section colored in yellow, while the calves of her suit are decorated with honeycomb-inspired patterns. She also wore a white belt around her waist, and honey-orange boots with black detailing, along with black laces and soles. She also wore turquoise gauntlets with bumblebees on the front, and a pair of yellow bumblebee-inspired wings with turquoise straps - her gauntlets being used to discharge a sonic blast, while her wings allow her to fly.


Bumblebee is sassy and confident. Although she can be competitive, she is very helpful and looks out for others, like how she guided Wonder Woman around school on her first day. She is also incredibly determined and selfless as she is willing to sacrifice herself to protect others.


The Social Butterfly / Buzz-Worthy Scientist

Here's the buzz on Bumblebee! Her ability to shrink makes her the perfect superhero to secretly find out what supervillains are up to without them knowing. It's how she makes sure her team is infrequently surprised by their gossip.

Peak Human Intelligence: Karen is a research engineer, though she's never stated which field she specializes in she has a general overall knowledge of scientific matters.

High-Tech Exoskeleton: She designed and created a power-suit that grants her with a number of superhuman abilities. Enables flight through rapid movement on her wings that are attached to her costume, faster movement and a vibration application allow her sonic disruption. It also acts like a body armor that enhances her strength.

  • Energy Manipulation:
  • Enhanced Durability:
  • Enhanced Reflexes:
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Personal Size Manipulation:
  • Wing Manifestation:


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