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Bumblebee will debut in Wonder Woman at Super Hero High on March 1st, 2016.


She is announced as Hero of the Month and is assigned to give Wonder Woman a tour of the school.[1]

Graphic Novels[]

Finals Crisis[]

In Finals Crisis, Bumblebee appears flying through a Super Hero High School hallway as an announcement on the PA system is made summoning all students to the auditorium, for an assembly on Semester Finals tomorrow, in which students must prove that their powers have improved since first arriving at the school to pass. She later appears in the final Intro to Super Suits class before Finals where she tells Crazy Quilt during attendance that the last time she saw the missing Supergirl was in Weaponomics. She later appears cramming for Finals with the Flash and Starfire, but leaves to get food at Capes and Cowls Café when her stomach rumbles. Upon arriving at the Café, she walks in on Killer Croc stealing tuna sandwiches and engages him. She uses her shrinking ability to escape his grasp before regaining her size and defeating him with her electric sting. She asks Steve Trevor for a honey smoothie, only for him to tell her that the smoothie machine is broken. She uses her shrinking ability to enter the machine and inspect the damage, discovering a damaged circuit. She flies back to the school to get a solar reconflabulator from the weaponomics supply closet to fix the machine, where she encounters Beast Boy playing Super Hide-and-Seek with Katana. Upon procuring the tool, she decides to take it to repair the machine and return it before anyone notices it as missing as she cannot find Mr. Fox to sign off so she can borrow it. She repairs the machine with the tool and gets a free smoothie from Steve. While flying back to the school enjoying the smoothie, she is lured into an alley by the scent of honey cookies, cakes and lattes, where a shadowy figure rips the battery out of her suit, and proptly captures her in a net. Later, Harley Quinn notices Bumblebee and her other friends missing from her Finals party and sets off to look for them, finding Bumblebee’s dropped smoothie. She eventually tracks them down to the LexCorp Garden Supply store, where she falls through a trapdoor into a kryptonite cell with Bumblebee and her other friends, Supergirl, Batgirl, Wonder Woman, Poison Ivy and Katana, who were all on the shadowy figure’s list of names to cross out when he captured them. The shadowy figure reveals himself to be Lex Luthor, who boasts of his plans online to avenge his sister’s rejection from Super Hero High by eliminating its top students. After Batgirl and Ivy manage to free them, Bumblebee and her friends work together to defeat Lex, with Bumblebee shrinking to open his suit and zap the circuits inside. After defeating him, Bumblebee and her friends race back to the school for Finals, only to arrive a minute late, with Principal Waller refusing to let them take Finals. Batgirl then receives a message from Lois Lane, who sent her Lex’s webcast showing them defeating Lex. Bumblebee’s friends argue that that is their Finals evaluation, as they are stronger now by combining their powers and working together as a team to defeat Lex than when they first arrived at the school alone. Waller agrees, but gives them three weeks detention for breaking the rules. After detention, Bumblebee appears in the crowd of students around Principal Waller as she congratulates the students for passing Finals.[2]

Hits and Myths[]

In Hits and Myths, Bumblebee appears thanking Wonder Woman in the Super Hero High hallway for attending her DJ show last night. She later attends Professor Etrigan's Intro to Epics class and appears as one of Wonder Woman's friends when she dreams herself living the events of the Odyssey. Later, she arrives at the missing batplane to go to the slumber party at Themiscyra with Wonder Woman and her other friends. To find it, she and the other girls split up, going with Batgirl to a meeting of the Metropolis Junior Detectives Society. At the scene of the crime, she shrinks and finds a strand of pink hair in the bushes. Upon analyzing that it is from a synthetic wig, the Junior Detectives Society go to the theatre department, and Bumblebee shrinks through the keyhole to open the door when the Cheetah denies them entry to a private rehearsal. They are eventually noticed by the rehearsing students, who eventually capture them, with Star Sapphire chasing her with a wasp construct before capturing them all in a cage construct. After they convince the rehearsing students to release them, Ravager shows them the costume closet, which is found to be ransacked. They then run into Professor Etrigan's classroom, which they also find ransacked. Later, Bumblebee, Batgirl, the other Junior Detectives and their other friends searching for the Batplane race to the Portal Coffee Shop in Metropolis after receiving a distress call from Supergirl. Upon arriving, they battle the battling bands, the Bad Banshees and Black Canary and the Birds of Prey. With the Batplane stolen by Black Canary and the Birds of Prey and Professor Etrigan deduced to have been taken to the underworld through a portal, Wonder Woman assigns her, Miss Martian, Beast Boy, Harley Quinn and Katana to accompany her to the underworld to rescue Professor Etrigan and assigns the rest of their friends to recover the Batplane. There, Bumblebee discovers rocks on the ground that trigger fire and warns her friends to avoid them. After Raven shows them where Professor Etrigan is being held captive, they soon encounter Trigon, who imprisons them in cages of fire. While trapped, she notes that it is still too hot for her to shrink through the bars. After Miss Martian frees them, Bumblebee, her friends and Professor Etrigan rush back through the portal while being chased by Trigon's demons, and eventually all escape through the portal before it closes. They later race to Smallville to help their other friends recover the Batplane, after it lands near the Kents' farm, Bumblebee and her friends battle Black Canary and the Birds of Prey as they try to get away. After they are defeated and arrested, Bumblebee and her other female friends are carried in the fuel-depleted Batplane by Wonder Woman and Supergirl to Themiscyra for the slumber party, where they soon fall asleep.