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This article is about Bumblebee (G2). For the generation one version, see Bumblebee (G1).

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Harley Quinn wants to blow it up so she doesn't have to take a test, which is crazy because why didn't she just study? And Catwoman lost a coin toss, so she's there, too. And so is Giganta, and Livewire, and Star Sapphire, and Poison Ivy. And if they succeed, traffic is going to be nuts, and that's no good for anybody. And I have to cross that bridge to get to piano lessons. And, like, I want to spend that much time in a car listening to my dad talk about the '90s?

—Bumblebee, "Beeline"

Karen Beecher (also known as Bumblebee) is one of the main characters in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a member of the Super Hero Girls and a student at Metropolis High School.


  • Flight:
  • Energy Projection:
  • Ability to Shrink:
  • Speed and Reflexes:
  • Unexplained strength:
  • Electrokinesis:
  • Stingers


  • Genius Level Intellect:
  • Engineering:
  • Robotic:


  • Super Suit
    • Designs Sonic Bursts:
    • Super Attire - (Improves Strength and Flight):
    • Sight display:

Depiction in the series

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She can be very shy and nervous. When she has to she is brave, heroic, and will never try, but do to save the day. Even though she is shy, that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to put bad guys in their place.despite her shyness she can be a little aggressive when she or her things where disrespected as shown in enter night sting.


Main Article: Bumblebee (G2)/Designs

Karen Beecher is an African-American short and skinny teenage girl at shoulder-length light. She has dark brown-streaked hair with honey blonde highlights that she normally ties into bun-like pigtails, light brown skin and green eyes.

For her civilian attire, she wears a long-sleeved yellow and brown striped sweater, a short yellow skirt, dark brown tights or leggings, and light brown boots. She also wears brown lipstick.

As Bumblebee, she wears custom made bumblebee-like battle armour with yellow and brown parts and a green visor. The suit also has blue wings which allow her to fly.

For nightwear, she wears a short-sleeved light yellow shirt with white sleeve ends and a bumblebee symbol and long-legged light yellow pants. She also lets her hair down, showing her hair to be shoulder-length.


  • Bumblebee's suit is strikingly similar to the Mega Man franchise.
    • However, throughout G1 of the franchise, she didn't have a helmet of any kind.
  • Her main enemy is Giganta, although she can choose an enemy too.
  • She loves romance as seen in "The Bird and the Bee".
    • However, she hates the Diana and Steve's relationship. This is mostly likely because Diana is always distracted by Steve's presence whenever he is around and loses concentration on other things.
  • She holds the most numerous times in which her transformation sequence is shown as showcased in Season 1.
  • She is the shortest in the group.
  • Her nose always seems to be missing when she is transformed into Bumblebee.
  • She is 14 years old, as revealed in both "League Of Shadows" and "Crash Course".
  • She is currently the only member of the team to not have her parents physically appear in the show.
  • Bumblebee along with Aqualad and Poison Ivy are the youngest of their groups.
  • Bumblebee is so far the only member of the Super Hero Girls who knows of Bruce Wayne's identity as Batman.

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