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Calliope is a character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a superhero monkey and the pet of Harley Quinn.


Depiction in the web series

Season four

In Gone to the Dogs Part 1, Calliope appears standing on Harley's shoulders as she sits by the fountain in front of Super Hero High School after Principal Waller abolishes the school's "no pets" rule. In Pets Peeved Part 1, Calliope appears along with other pets in the school gym where she and her owner hang from a rope during a class taught by Vice-Principal Grodd, who threatens to fail the pet owners if their pets don't work together. In Pets Peeved Part 2, Calliope appears on a trapeze in Harley's room when Jumpa recruits her and the other pets to rescue their owners after they are captured by the Animilitia at the zoo. At the zoo, Calliope steals Killer Moth's keys but gets captured by his net gun. In the ensuing fight between the pets and the Animilitia, Calliope is freed from the net by Kitsune. After the Animilitia is defeated, Calliope uses the keys to free their owners.

Season five

In Haunted Harley, Harley Quinn uses Calliope to sound the Save the Day alarm to preempt doing an algebra quiz, but Calliope is caught by Grodd and Harley gets detention. Calliope accompanies Harley in detention when a shrunken Bumblebee causes disturbances in the detention room due to her suit's malfunctioning shrinking ability. As Harley begins to believe the room is haunted, Calliope attempts to engage the spirit and ends up knocking Bumblebee to the ground. As the unseen disturbances continue, a frightened Harley takes Calliope with her as she runs out of the room. In All Pets Are Off, Harley enters Calliope in the Super Hero High Pet Show. She is seen juggling bananas in one event and is later awarded a medal. She is then abducted with the other pets by Artemiz in the Battywagon, who plans to bring them to Apokolips to join Granny Goodness' Animal Army. With Supergirl's help, the pets manage to escape, defeat Artemiz and reunite with their owners. As the pet show resumes, Calliope and the other pets split the grand prize for showing "teamwork, courage and creativity".

Graphic Novels

Spaced Out

In Spaced Out, Calliope appears as a giant monkey disarming Green Lantern in a virtual reality simulator during a training exercise for phys ed class. As Green Lantern surrenders, Coach Wildcat sends Star Sapphire for backup, who defeats Callope by smashing a barrel construct over her head. After the simulation ends, Calliope jumps on Coach Wildcat's head, who tells Harley to control her, before she jumps back into Harley arms. Harley mentions that Calliope has also eaten his lunch and left "little pressies" under his desk.

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