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This article is about the recurring café from generation one. For the generation two version, see Sweet Justice.

Capes & Cowls Café, a local diner, is a major location in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. Located in the city of Metropolis, the students of Super Hero High and citizens alike frequently patronize this restaurant, in addition to Batgirl hosting a hidden Batcave within the other side. It is the workplace of Steve Trevor.

Building Description[]

Known Employees[]


Season two[]

In Quinntessential Harley, Lois Lane reports that the Café is jumping on the Harley Quinn fad by introducing a new product called the "Smoothie-Quinn", which explodes in her face when she tries to drink it. In Franken-Ivy, Poison Ivy's pet plant Frankie attacks Steve Trevor at the Café when he accidentally serves Ivy the wrong order. In The Cheetah Who Cried Wolf, Cheetah stages a robbery at the Café so that she can seemingly defeat a robber and get credit for the Hero of the Month award. When Wonder Woman arrives and notices that the robber was Harley in disguise, she tells her that it was the Cheetah's idea. In Dude Where's My Invisible Jet, Batgirl, Wonder Woman and Supergirl exit the Café with smoothies planning to fly to Themiscyra for the Feast of the Five, but find the Invisible jet missing. Later, Harley Quinn and the Metropolis Junior Detective Society help her find the jet around the Café with invisible ink. In Hero of the Month: Star Sapphire, Star Sapphire, Beast Boy and Frost watch Star Sapphire's Hero of the Month announcement from Star Sapphire's phone at the Café. In Riddle of the Heart, the Flash, Batgirl and Hawkgirl herd cats outside Capes & Cowls at night before finding the first clue left by the The Riddler in his date proposal for Batgirl.

Season three[]

In Tales From the Kryptomites Part 2, the Kryptomite infestation in Metropolis makes its way into Capes & Cowls and Batgirl and the Flash arrive to find many Kryptomites attacking Steve and the patrons. The Flash captures all of green ones in a trash can before doing the same with a red, one after it uses its anger-inducing powers on Steve. In Around Metropolis in 80 Seconds, Wonder Woman speeds by the Café as Steve brooms outside during her street race with Supergirl and Harley Quinn. In Body Electric, Thunder and Lightning usher several civilians into the Café for emergency shelter and heat during a rainy nighttime blackout. In Fresh Ares Part 1, Ares enters the Café to catch up with Wonder Woman and her friends. Meanwhile, Catwoman notices his Amulet of Harmonia while ordering milk and conspires to steal it. She lures Wonder Woman and her friends out of the Café and uses a pollen grenade to stun the patrons while she steals it. Upon doing so, Ares turns into a giant and goes on a rampage, growing through the roof of the Café. In Fresh Ares Part 2 and Fresh Ares Part 3, he battles Super Hero High students on the Metropolis streets outside the Café, at one point smashing his fist into the Café in the latter episode. His rampage ends when Catwoman returns the Amulet to him. In Dog Day After School, Supergirl, Beast Boy, Hawkgirl and Catwoman pursue a fast and unseen Kryptonian force rampaging through Metropolis into Capes & Cowls where it continues its rampage. Steve tells directs the Supers to an alley behind the Café where they discover the perp is Supergirl's lost Kryptonian Dog, Krypto.

Season four[]

In Ring Me Maybe Part 1, Lois Lane reports on Hal Jordan's going-away party at Capes & Cowls, as he explains that a new Green Lantern ring will be sent to Earth to take his place as he leaves for Oa. During the party, Solomon Grundy enters the Café to seek revenge on Hal for defeating him earlier, only to be defeated by Hal's friends at the party. In Ring Me Maybe Part 2, after Sinestro arrives in Metropolis and kidnaps many of the party attendees to take them to Korugar, Lois' camera woman Jessica Cruz hides inside the Café as she encounters a Green Lantern ring. In Ring Me Maybe Part 3, she tries to run away from the ring but eventually returns to the Café to work with Batgirl on defeating Sinestro, who captures Supergirl as she returns to the Café after escorting Hal to Oa. In Pets Peeved Part 1, Wonder Woman and Bumblebee walk their respective pets Jumpa and Honey while trying to teach them teamwork but they compete with each other to walk an old lady across the street near the Café. They leave their pets across the street from the Café as they are called to Centennial Park for a Save the Day Alarm. In Nevermore Part 1, Batgirl beats Supergirl in a race to the Café, as Supergirl was racing a hologram. They meet Bumblebee who offers them Honey smoothies, but they leave the Café when lava craters begin emerging in Metropolis. In Nevermore Part 2, a man running away from the lava with a girl in a stroller briefly runs by the Café. In Drive Me Crazy, Beast Boy accidentally sets Cyborg's tank, the Cy-Beast to destruction mode, and it begins approaching the Café. Batgirl exits the Café to save an old lady in its line of fire and it presumbly blasts the Café. Big Barda enters the tank and drives it away from the Café. In Tamaranean Dance Club Part 2, Wonder Woman and her friends dine at the Café after the Tamaranean Dance, or domination battle at the school. Steve then asks Wonder Woman if she would like to dance with him. After Katana reminds her that he is referring to a conventional dance rather than a Tamaranean one, she accepts and they dance in the Café. In By the Yearbook, Frost tells Catwoman a joke as they dine in the Café, while Harley Quinn takes a picture of Catwoman with milk shooting out of her nose for the SHHS yearbook.

Season five[]

In My New Best Friend, Batgirl rides to Capes & Cowls to pick up sandwiches for herself, Ivy and Hawkgirl, where she encounters Harley Quinn who notices that Catwoman is stealing her Batcycle. She exits the Café to confront her, but Catwoman hits her with a projectile from the Batcycle, causing her to hit her head on the awning of the Café, which falls on top of her, giving her amnesia. After Batgirl regains her memories and arrests Catwoman when she tries to steal Principal Waller's laptop with her, Batgirl and her friends eat nachos at the Café. In Anti-Hall Monitor Part 1, Harley and Batgirl go to the Café for smoothies to give Batgirl a break. In Anti-Hall Monitor Part 2, they return, but are zapped into a pocket universe created by the Anti-Hall Monitor monster. Hawkgirl later enters Capes & Cowls and finds it empty, as is Super Hero High School as all the students have been captured by the monster.

LEGO shorts[]

In Wonder Waitress, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Beast Boy are eating lunch at the Café. When Harley pulls a funny face that causes smoothie to squirt out of Beast Boy's nose, it spills all over the waitress Gladis, who quits furiously. Wonder Woman offers Steve to help out by becoming the new waitress, but she has a very difficult time doing so. At the end of the day, the Café ends up a mess, and Vice-Principal Grodd remains, awaiting for his order of countless banana pies. After Wonder Woman leaves, Mad Harriet arrives to steal the Café's food, only for Wonder Woman to return and battle her, eventually defeating her.