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Captain Cold is a villain in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise who appears in the season five episode Fortress of Solidarity.


He wears a parka and carries a freeze gun.

Depiction in the web series[]

Season five[]

In Fortress of Solidarity, he attacks Supergirl in the arctic when she travels there to relieve her homesickness, accusing her of trespassing. When he sees her Kryptonian crystal, he announces his plans to use it to start a new ice age. He manages to incapacitate Supergirl with kryptonite, but she is rescued by her friends. Batgirl uses a snowplow from the Batjet to box him under a cliff. He escapes and battles Frost, Wonder Woman, and Mera before fleeing. As he is cornered by the sea shore, he holds a polar bear hostage. He is defeated when Mera uses water from the sea to splash him from behind before being frozen in a block of ice by Frost. He then appears being taken away by a Metropolis SCU helicopter, still frozen.

Chapter Books[]

Wonder Woman at Super Hero High[]

Captain Cold is the main antagonist in the chapter book Wonder Woman at Super Hero High, and a student at CAD Academy. His younger sister Lisa, also known as Golden Glider, was a former student at Super Hero High. She tried to help her brother cheat by threatening Wonder Woman, and ended up getting expelled for it.

  • Batgirl at Super Hero High
  • Katana at Super Hero High
  • Harley Quinn at Super Hero High


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