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Catwoman first appeared in the season 1 webisode Welcome to Super Hero High. Cristina Pucelli voices her in the English version of the cartoon.

Season 1


Catwoman appears in the crowd by Amanda Waller.[1][2] She later appears in the classroom with Starfire when Miss Martian gets an A+ and turns invisible.[1]

She watches from the courtyard as Wonder Woman arrives, and is later seen in the hallway.[2]

Catwoman is in the room watching Harley Quinn's video, and she appears in it yanking a frozen piece of pizza from Frost's tongue and in the classroom when Bumblebee's outfit rips. She also gets angry at Harley Quinn for uploading it, but later starts laughing.[3]

She is part of the class watching Amanda Waller's announcement of Poison Ivy as the Hero of the Month.[4]

She shows off her Cat o' Nine Tails in Weaponomics class.[5]

Catwoman is in the courtyard with Harley Quinn.[6]

She watches Amanda Waller's announcement of Bumblebee as Hero of the Month.[7]

Season 2


Catwoman is in attendance at Wonder Woman's first super villain beat down party[8]

She watches Harley Quinn, being announced as the Hero of the Month.[9]

She's in the science lab, when Batgirl is announced as the Hero of the Month.[10]

Catwoman is one of the spectators at the tennis match, between Supergirl and Katana and The Flash and Cyborg.[11]

Catwoman is seen as one of the students, in the Weaponomics Class, featured in Katana's Hero of the Month VT.[12]

When Frost is announced as Hero of the Month, Catwoman tries to high-five her, but her hand gets frozen upon impact with Frost's hand.[13]

Catwoman appears as one of the students taking the Wilderness Survival exam, in the helicopter.[14]

Catwoman appears reading a book in the library with Cheetah, as Hawkgirl flies over them during her Hero of the Month announcement.[15]


She helps to welcome Supergirl to Super Hero High and is later hypnotized by Granny Goodness. When she's freed, she helps to fight Granny and her Furies.[16]

Season 3

She steals Ares' Amulet of Harmonia.[17]



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