Selina Kyle (also known as Catwoman) is a recurring character in the DC Super Hero Girls television series who debuts serving as the seventh main antagonist in #FightAtTheMuseum and the secondary antagonist of #AllyCat. She attends Metropolis High School. She is Batgirl’s enemy.

Development and design

Catwoman is depicted as an African-American and is seemingly inspired by Eartha Kitt, who played the character in the third season of the 1960s Batman television series.


Catwoman has short dark purple/black hair with light purple highlights, dark magenta eyes, light brown skin, and wears a small long-sleeve black jacket, with a white shirt underneath. She also wears diamond-like earrings, bracelets, and necklace, a dark violet oval-like belt, black pants with grey boots.


She is described as a naughty kitty, who likes being a villain. She shows herself as a gorgeous and sly girl. She can be disloyal, like when she betrayed the Super Hero Girls and Lex Luthor.

Episode Appearances


Super Shorts




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