The Cavalier also known as Mortimer Drake is of the Antagonists of DC Super Hero Girls. who first doubted in the episode #DramaQueen


in the episode #DramaQueen, when Zee cannot decide between Oliver Queen & Mortimer Drake for the male lead role in a school play she is directing. Oliver wins it by sabotaging Mortimer's audition, but several mishaps during rehearsals put his safety at risk. On opening night, he blames Mortimer for the accidents and admits to the audition sabotage and it was then that Zee reassigns the role to Mortimer and starts the play, with herself as the female lead. Oliver wrecks his stage room and Discovers his Greatest secret; Mortimer intends to harm Zee because Her Arrogance and foolishness criticizing Mortimer's acting and praising Zee's. Mortimer threatens her onstage and reveals himself as the villain Cavalier, bent on avenging himself. it was then he ends up battling Oliver who suits up Green Arrow, pulls Zee to safety, and fights Cavalier in a pitched battle; the audience cheers wildly, mistaking this for the actual play. Green Arrow wins the fight, with Cavalier delivering a dramatic death scene that earns praise from both Green Arrow and the audience. The two boys come to respect one another and turn their scorn toward Zee's acting and directing as she fumes in the wings.


  • He is originally was meant be Batman's enemy but instead he become Green Arrow's rival
  • He is voiced by Griffin Puatu, who voices in Warcraft and Deathstroke: Knights & Dragons


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