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The following list is of censored scenes throughout the DC Super Hero Girls franchise that were either changed or removed due to differing reasons in various countries.


Season 1[]

Fall Into Super Hero High[]

  • In Middle East and North African broadcasts, the following dialogue exchange after Wonder Woman rescued Beast Boy from falling was cut:

- Beast Boy: Nice catch...
- Wonder Woman: One of a kind!


  • In Middle East and North African broadcasts, After Star Sapphire confesses she loves flowers, the part where she dreamily turns to Hal Jordan and admits she actually loves getting flowers, alongside her line "So romantic!", were all cut.

Season 2[]

Super Hero High[]

  • During Supergirl's training montage, every part where she flew really fast up close to the screen were slowed down in Middle East and North African broadcasts.

Riddle of the Heart[]

  • This episode was banned in the Middle East and North Africa due to its themes of romance at the end.

Season 3[]


  • In Middle East and North African broadcasts, Harley Quinn's line, "Yowza! I was almost the meat in a ceiling-bed sandwich!" was cut.

Spring Prison Break[]

  • In Middle East and North African broadcasts, Brain's line, "Please hurry! I'll give you all the mashed potatoes you want!" was cut.

Seeing Red[]

  • In Middle East and North African broadcasts, Supergirl and Beast Boy's fight was heavily censored.

Day of Fun-Ship[]

  • In Middle East and North African broadcasts, the part where Starfire tricks King Shark into running into a cardboard cutout face hole of a mermaid was cut.


Season 1[]

Sweet Justice[]

  • The scene Wonder Woman slapping Supergirl's head is cut in a few broadcasts. This edit is choppy and noticeable due to the girls' sudden movements. Some other broadcasts simply add a bright flash.
  • In the Middle East and North African broadcasts of part 2, Babs's teenage lesson about romance, alongside the entire scene of the girls watching a romantic-drama together at the movies, was cut due to romantic content. It instead cuts straight over to when they are exiting the theater.
  • In Asian airings of part 4, the scene where Bumblebee plugs herself into the robot and gets electrocuted was cut, implying that she got the plug back in without any difficulty.

She Might Be Giant[]

  • At the very beginning in Middle East and North African broadcasts, Babs' text message has been modified, digitally removing the emojis relating to love.
  • In Middle East and North African broadcasts, the scene where Doris injects the serum inside her is cut. The scene immediately fades to the hideout as soon as she lifts up the serum injector.
    • Her transformation later on in the episode is also shortened.
  • In Middle East and North African broadcasts, the scene where Supergirl is repeatedly smashed on the ground by Giganta is cut due to violence. It immediately cuts to when Giganta throws her out of the mall.


  • In Middle East and North African broadcasts, any instance of Bumblebee saying explosives were at the bridge was cut. The scene where she tried to get Kara's help was also cut for unknown reasons.

Super Who?[]

  • In EMEA broadcasts, the part where Superman and Supergirl bash their heads into each other was poorly cut making the scene very confusing. It was cut probably because the executives didn't want kids to imitate violent actions.

Crushing It[]

  • In some countries, when Supergirl says "Diana can handle anything", As soon as a ball is about to hit Diana's face, it instead happens off-screen and the episode immediately cuts to the Tuesday backdrop due to violence.

Soul Sisters[]

  • The scene that showed Diana and Tatsu punching each other's abs was cut in African broadcasts. However, the original made its way back after a few reruns.

Gotham Con[]

  • In Asian broadcast airings, Harley Quinn pulling a ring from a grenade was cut, possibly due to it being a World War II reference.
  • The two scenes where Babs spat out her milk tea are cut due to spit-take situation.

League Of Shadows[]

  • In Middle East and North African airings, a great majority of You're Mine, especially the second verse where Ra's Al Ghul is forcefully puppeteering a lifeless Kara, is cut.
  • Ra's Al Ghul's line, "Cockroaches. Viruses. Or cockroaches carrying viruses." was cut from all Cartoon Network and Netflix releases.
  • Ra's Al Ghul's line, "And now, the cleansing begins." was shortened to "And now...." in UK airings. The sequence shortly after where he uses red kryptonite to continue his control over Kara is also shortened.
  • In Middle East and North African airings, during Let Me Save You With My Love, the part where Hal tells Bumblebee that he's "got just the thing", and glimmers his teeth at her, causing her to gasp in delight, was all cut due to suggestive content.

House Pest[]

This is the most censored episode so far:

  • This episode is banned in some broadcasts, due to the LGBT content of Jessica having two mothers.
    • Some other countries however simply removed the scene at Jess' house. The censor made the episode confusing as why Diana did not go to Jess' house.
    • To avoid the episode being banned in Russia and Southern Eastern Europe, the Russian and Bulgarian dubs had Jess say that she was picking up her "relatives", with no indication whatsoever of Siobhan and Angela being her mothers.
  • Diana's ritual at Zee's house is cut.
  • Diana referring to various Greek gods, including referring to Athena as "The Goddess of Wisdom", were cut.

Awesome Aunt Antiope[]

  • In Turkish airings, the scene showing the girls following the ritual and holding hands together was cut for obvious reasons. It is also cut in most of the other broadcasts.
    • This made the scene very confusing.
  • One of Antiope's dialogue is modified. The words in bold were removed possibly due to suggestive content; "Studying? You live in a world of motorcycles, men, action movies, pizza, men, and even more men! and yet you choose to read books?"
  • The part where Diana burps is also cut in a few countries due to grossness.

School Ghoul[]

  • In Russia and Southern Eastern Europe airings, various shots of Silver Banshee flying up towards the screen were cut.

The Fresh Princess of Ren Faire[]

  • The part where Kara burps at the screen while eating turkey legs is cut in Turkey due to grossness and possibly not to encourage bad manners to its target child audience.

Where to Find It Uncensored[]

  • Most countries broadcast the episodes from both series uncensored, and the only uncensored streaming service so far is Amazon for episodes from the 2019 series.