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Cheetah, also known by real name Barbara Ann "Bobby" Minerva, is a supporting character in the first generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a dishonest, anti-heroic student at Super Hero High School and Wonder Woman's arch rival.

Official description

Cheetah wants nothing more than to rule Super Hero High with an iron paw. She’s very charismatic and that’s what draws the other girls to her. But watch out, she’s not afraid to cheat to get her way, just like her name suggests. Get it? She’s a cheatah.


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Like her name, she resembles a Cheetah. She has tan fur, long brown hair that reaches down to her ankles, a tail that reaches the floor, and pointed ears. She has gray-blue eyes and spots on her cheeks and shoulders. She wears pink blush, orange eye-shadow and pink lipstick. She wears a pink sweatshirt with an orange collar and sleeve cuffs, a black tank top with pink borders and a cheetah face design, black and pink capris and orange sneakers with white laces and black cheetah prints on the toe area. She also has simple gold bracelets.

In her human form, she has blonde hair with fair skin and blue eyes, and wears a white dress. She looks similar to Lena Luthor in this form.


Cheetah's backstory is detailed in the season four episode, Truth of the Lasso Part 4.

As a child, Barbara Ann Minerva appears accompanying her mother Professor Minerva, an archeologist hired by Queen Hippolyta to uncover ancient relics on Themiscyra. She insists on being called Bobbie, and shows interest in one relic, the Claw of Deceit, which according to legend, gives whoever is marred by it the power to turn into a powerful beast while also turning them dishonest. After Professor Minerva finds the relics, Bobbie disobeys her and touches them, summoning Cerberus, the giant three-headed dog. She is saved by Princess Diana, a young Wonder Woman and lies to her mother about touching the relics. Later, she scratches herself with the Claw of Deceit, transforming into the Cheetah, and receiving the effects of the legend.



Powers & Abilities

  • Cunning:
  • Fighting skills:
  • Werecheetah physiology:
  • Metamorphosis:
  • Superhuman speed:
  • Superhuman agility:
  • Superhuman reflexes:
  • Sharp claws:


  • She is best friends with Catwoman.
  • She is referred to as an anti-hero in a video on the official YouTube account.
  • One of the few adaptations of Cheetah to mostly be a hero, rather than a villain. However, of almost all the students at Super-Hero High, she has always attributed the most villainous qualities.


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