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Cheetah debuted in Wonder Woman at Super Hero High on March 1st, 2016.

Graphic Novels[]

Finals Crisis[]

In Finals Crisis, the Cheetah spars with Wonder Woman during Coach Wildcat's Physical Education class. In Wonder Woman's thoughts, she describes them as "friends", but not "friends friends", and someone she would probably wave to if she saw her at Capes & Cowls Café. She is eventually defeated when Wonder Woman captures her in her Lasso of Truth, and hisses jealously after Wonder Woman unties her. Later, she appears in detention where she encourages Poison Ivy to "crank up the fertilizer" during semester finals tomorrow to show how much her powers have improved since first arriving at Super Hero High School. She subsequently attends Harley Quinn's Finals party. After Finals, she stands in the crowd of students around Principal Waller as she congratulates the students for passing Finals.

Hits and Myths[]

In Hits and Myths, the Cheetah makes a cameo appearance sitting in Professor Etrigan's Intro to Epics class. She later appears standing outside the door to the Super Hero High School theatre department using her phone and denying entry to the Metropolis Junior Detective Society as it is a private rehearsal. When they manage to sneak in and get noticed by the rehearsing theatre students, she joins in and chases after the Flash, eventually helping them capture the members of the Junior Detective Society. She follows Ravager and the other drama students as they show the Detectives the costume closet, only to find it ransacked. Later, while still standing outside the theater department door, Wonder Woman uses her Lasso to ask her if she has done anything to the missing batplane. Under the Lasso's power, she denies it and is released by Harley Quinn and Wonder Woman.

Summer Olympus[]

In Summer Olympus, Wonder Woman asks the Cheetah if she would like to spend summer vacation on Mount Olympus with her. The Cheetah declines, as she has summer school and is displeased at the idea of spending summer with her. When Ares and Strife bring their army of brainwashed Olympian Gods and Goddesses to Metropolis to sow discord, the Save the Day alarm goes off, and she springs into action with the other students, thrilled as she now has an excuse to get out of summer school. She and the other students battle the brainwashed Olympian Gods and Goddesses, with her specifically battling Apollo. She and the other students eventually defeat them and she leaves with most of the rest of them to battle Ares and Strife. When Strife casts a spell on the students to make them succumb to infighting, the Cheetah battles the Flash, competing to be the only "fast kid at Super Hero High". Wonder Woman eventually breaks the spell. After summer vacation, the Cheetah appears in class with a jealous look on her face as the only student not applauding after Wonder Woman finishes giving her report on summer vacation.

Past Times at Super Hero High[]

In Past Times at Super Hero High, the Cheetah appears in an alternate timeline as a student of Savage High School walking to her battle station with other students in response to an Anti-Savage insurgent being spotted on the premises of the school and subsequently appears escorting the captured "insurgent" Liberty Belle to insurgent detention with Star Sapphire. She later appears guarding insurgent detention, and while playing on her phone, she spots Poison Ivy trying to break in from the ceiling in her phone's screen reflection and cuts her down from the vines she uses to hang from the ceiling. In the fight that ensure between Insurgent detention guards and the Super Hero High students trying to rescue Liberty Belle, she and the other guards eventually win by capturing most of the other students, who are also sent to insurgent detention. Cheetah later appears in Vandal Savage's propaganda story "The Grand Story of Vandal Savage", in which she appears as part of his army at Savage High School, attacking Liberty Belle and helping him conquer the galaxy being played in the year 2150. Back in the present, Cheetah and Mammoth appear being captured in Wonder Woman's Lasso, enabling her and Bumblebee to rescue their captured friends from insurgent detention. Later, she appears in Star Sapphire's room agreeing with Star Sapphire and Frost about Principal Savage's plan to conquer the world, calling it "purr-fect". After Harley and Batgirl alter the past to return the present to normal, the Savage High version of the Cheetah presumably merges with that of the restored timeline.

Out of the Bottle[]

In Out of the Bottle, the Cheetah appears captured in the combined Lassos of the three living drawings of Wonder Woman being carried by them. She asks them if they want to take over the school and offers to help them as she has "info". One of the drawings then asks her if she "wants to play dirty". When she replies "yes", the three drawings throw her into a trash can.


Cheetah starts the rumor that Mandy Bowin was expelled to make room for another hero at the school, namely Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman later pokes Cheetah on the shoulder during the assembly and introduces herself, and Cheetah responds by growling and introducing herself. She later trips Wonder Woman, but she ends up rolling out of her fall, much to the chagrin of Cheetah. She later tells Star Sapphire that she will not let Wonder Woman rule the school.[1]