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Cheetah first appeared in the season 1 webisode "Welcome to Super Hero High". She is voiced by Ashley Eckstein in the English version of the cartoon.

Season 1


Cheetah appears in the crowd by Amanda.[1][2] She is later shown outrunning The Flash.[1]

She watches from the courtyard as Wonder Woman arrives, and is later chased by Hawkgirl down the hall for running. As this happens, Wonder Woman accidentally steps on her tail, causing her to growl and get angry at Wonder Woman before running away. She later appears walking in the hallway.[2]

She is in the supersuit design class.[3]

She appears for a catnap outside with a doctor's note while flight class occurs. She then uses a remote to sabotage Wonder Woman's flythrough of the obstacle course.[4]

She watches Harley Quinn's video, and appears in it running down the hallway before smacking into a door opened by Miss Martian before being scolded by Hawkgirl. Unlike the rest of the girls, she doesn't laugh with Wonder Woman at the end, instead still looking annoyed.[5]

She is in the hallway when her open locker causes Wonder Woman's cape to get caught in it. She later looks smug when Amanda Waller chastises Wonder Woman for her poor performance.[6]

Cheetah sabotages Wonder Woman's Weaponomics performance with Catwoman's Cat-o'-nine-tails.[7]

She is the guitar player in the Band Club.[8]

She watches Amanda Waller's announcement of Bumblebee as the hero of the month.[9]

She is found on the amethyst atop Super Hero High by Wonder Woman before falling off and getting ensnared by her Lasso of Truth. Upon landing on the ground, she reveals to Amanda Waller and Lucius Fox many of her misdeeds, leading to her getting detention.[10]

Season 2


Cheetah is in attendance at Wonder Woman's first villain beat-down party.[11]

Cheetah dodges out the way of Batgirl and Supergirl, when they're racing for the super food cake.[12]

Cheetah watches Harley's Hero of the Month announcement.[13]

Cheetah watches Batgirl's Hero of the Month announcement in the science lab.[14]

she spectates the Tennis Tournament.[15]

Cheetah appears in a Weaponomics class during Katana's Hero of the Month VT.[16]

Cheetah appears in the library with Catwoman, reading a book, as Hawkgirl flies over them, during her Hero of the Month announcement.[17]

Cheetah tries to gain recognition for a Hero of the Month award, through many different ploys.[18]

Cheetah explains how much of a princess Star Sapphire is during Starr's Hero of the Month VT.[19]


Cheetah helps Wonder Woman and the girls fight Giganta, but is too busy with her phone to do anything, but helps once Giganta breaks it.Cheetah later bullies Batgirl about being a non-super, when she turns in her phone for repairs, as well as later taunting Supergirl about her abilities.[20]



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