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This article is about Cheetah (G2). For the generation one version, see Cheetah (G1).

Barbara Ann "Barbi" Minerva (also known as "The Cheetah") is a villain in the second generation of the DC Super Hero Girls franchise. She is a student at Metropolis High School.


Although the Cheetah in this continuity is portrayed by Barbara Ann Minerva, her appearance and lifestyle make her more like Priscilla Rich, the first character to adopt Cheetah's alter ego in the Golden Age of comic books.

According to Lauren Faust, Cheetah is not considered part of the main villain group due to redundancy in theme, as she shares the trait of envy with Star Sapphire and the theme of cats with Catwoman[1].


  • Super Agility
  • Super Reflexes
  • Super Speed
  • Metamorphosis
  • Enhanced Combat
  • Sharp Claws


Barbi is smart, athletic, social, but is selfish and prone to jealousy due to her desire to always be seen in the spot light. When Diana becomes a threat to her popularity, Barbi in turn becomes jealous and resentful. Resorting to try and curse Diana to gain back her popularity, Barbi inadvertently curses herself into becoming the Cheetah, causing another change to her personality.

As the Cheetah, she possesses an animal mind and is incapable of speech. She is savage, tough, and ruthless.


Barbi is a pretty teenager with light tan skin and a slim figure, which curves into wide hips that are more noticeable when wearing her gymnast uniform. She has slanted amber eyes with long lashes protruding from them, thin and bushy brown eyebrows, long honey-blonde hair that is tied into a high-ponytail with both darker and lighter-colored streaks, and sports makeup which consists of pink eyeshadow, light blush, and maroon lipstick on her lips. In the short Lost And Found, she reveals that she dyes her hair and wears contact lenses.

As a civilian, Barbi wears a pale yellow coat with two pockets on the sides, and dark brown cheetah spots around the off-white fake fur trim. She also sported a short, pinkish-red pleated skirt, and off-white, calf-high stiletto boots.

As Cheetah, she takes on the appearance of her namesake. Resembling a cat-like creature covered in yellow fur with black spots, a tail and the iconic black tear-lines belonging to cheetahs, and her eyes change color to a bright emerald-green.

Depiction in the series[]

Season 1[]

In "Meet The Cheetah", we were shown that Barbi Minerva was top of her class at everything she did. Nevertheless, it was until Diana arrived at school that she unconsciously began to overshadow Barbi. First becoming the new captain of the volleyball team and second getting top marks on tests, filling her with jealousy. But the straw that broke the camel's back came when Barbi's friends politely declined her invitation to help Diana decorate for the school dance. Even more jealous, Barbi stormed over to her house and entered a forbidden trophy room where a golden cat idol was kept.

Barbi wants to use the idol to cast a curse on Diana, but it doesn't seem to work. But when she closes the room leaving it in darkness, the idol activates and the Cheetah's curse falls on Barbi. The next day, Cheetah wreaks havoc on the school to get the attention of Diana and her friends, all of whom take out the entire student body with a mishap made on purpose by Supergirl, which proves effective. The six heroines assume their identities and split up to search for the new threat; but one by one they fall for the claws of Cheetah, who turns out to be more dangerous than they knew, and with her strength, speed and agility she easily defeats them. When Cheetah goes against Bumblebee, she gathers her courage and confronts her, but her stingers did little to hurt Cheetah who attacks her.

Finally, when Wonder Woman arrives, she and Cheetah fight a showdown in which Cheetah is defeated and runs away to the girls' washroom. Wonder Woman goes after her, only to find Barbi. She admits her jealousy to Diana and the creation of the Cheetah. Diana advises Barbi to stay away from jealousy telling her that they are like a green-eyed monster that will consume her if she doesn't let her go. However, when Diana leaves to follow Cheetah only to run into her friends, Barbi chooses to embrace her newfound power and identity as the Cheetah and vows revenge against Wonder Woman.

In "Shock It To Me", Barbi appears as one of Livewire's victims in her MetropoVids videos.

Super Shorts[]

In "Lost And Found", Barbi appears in the school gym talking about modeling when Harley throws the Lasso of Truth at her while having fun with him. While she was tied to the Lasso, Barbi revealed that her whole appearance is a lie considering her to be a fraud. When she is free, is confused not knowing what happened to her.

In "BabsGirl", Cheetah is mentioned by Batgirl as one of the possibly Gotham or Metropolis villains who she hoped find.

In "The Bee Stands Alone", Barbi and the members of the Super Villain Girls (Doris, Selina, and Leslie) form the opposing team for the dodgeball game. She, along with the other villains, wants to take advantage of Karen, but the four are defeated by her.

In "Purse Scratcher", Cheetah gets into a fight with Catwoman over a beautiful bag, but Catwoman cunningly outsmarts her and gets electrocuted by a lamp.

In "Flash Forward Flashback", Cheetah appears trapped in a tree, and Flash tries to get her down thinking she was a normal cat, until he realizes.

Teen Titans Go! & DC Super Hero Girls: Mayhem in the Multiverse[]

She along with Toyman was captured by the Flash, but both were rescued and recruited by Lex Luthor to join the Legion of Doom along with him and other villains, including Harley Quinn and the Super Villain Girls. In the Hall of Doom, Harley (who was coming out of the restroom after using it) wiped her wet hands on Cheetah, but Cheetah's fur stick to her hands; to which Harley complains asking if she is a real cat, and she mocks Selina telling her to eat her heart out. Lex tells his team that he has the power to get rid of the superheroes by using the Amulet of Cythonna to lock them in the Phantom Zone. Cheetah, along with Toyman and Giganta, wreak havoc at the Metropolis Fair to lure Flash and Green Arrow, where Giganta confronts them and locks both heroes in the Phantom Zone.

A little later, the Legion locked almost the entire Justice League in the Phantom Zone. After that, Cheetah along with the Legion was controlled by Cythonna, and they fought against the superheroes. She and Catwoman fought Wonder Woman, but she defeated them using her Lasso of Truth to knock them out. In the end she and Catwoman appear tied together, with the rest of the villains, which were left out of the control of the evil Kryptonian goddess.

Appearances Throughout the Franchise[]


Season 1[]



Graphic Novels[]


  • Interestingly, unlike in the main TV Series, in the Graphic Novels Cheetah is able to talk and keep her human intelligence while she's in her cheetah-form, implying that the comic stories are non-canon.
  • This so far is the most dangerous incarnation of Cheetah in the media.
  • Like her G1 counterpart, Cheetah can transform from a werecheetah and back to her normal appearance. The difference is that G1 Cheetah has more control of her powers while G2 Cheetah has a mental disorder and is guided by her wild instinct.
  • Although in the series she has blonde hair and amber eyes, this is known to be false since in "Lost And Found", she explicitly confirms that she is not a natural blonde and who wears colored contact lenses. So it is unknown what the real color of her eyes and hair is.
  • The fact that she is called Barbi instead of her real name is because in series production did not want to confuse children with Batgirl, since both characters are called Barbara.
  • Her Cheetah appearance is based on her DC Animated Universe incarnation while resembling Priscilla Rich's costume.


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