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Cheshire is a recurring villain in the DC Super Hero Girls web series. She is an assassin. Her real name is Jade Nguyen.


Cheshire is a teenage girl that has black, wavy, waist-length hair and green eyes. She wears a red headband and green dress with black leggings. There is a red belt with a Cheshire Cat symbol on the middle of it around her waist and one side of her dress is sleeveless. She also wears a gold bracelet on her sleeveless arm and has black pointy claws.

Depiction in the web series

Season two

In The Odd Couple, Lady Shiva and Harley Quinn are assigned together for an advanced stakeout class project on a nighttime rooftop in search for Cheshire. Cheshire appears on the rooftop and attacks them, but they escape by jumping off the building. They return to the rooftops to prevent Cheshire from getting away. As Cheshire sneaks up behind Harley, Lady Shiva punches her, knocking her out. Cheshire then appears locked up in the back of a police van to be taken to jail.[1]

Season four

In By the Yearbook, Cheshire makes a non-speaking appearance sabotaging a power plant, causing in blackout in Metropolis. She then fights Poison Ivy when she tries to stop her. Cheshire is defeated when Ivy ensnares her with a giant vine that hangs her upside down by the foot as Wonder Woman takes pictures of their fight for the Super Hero High yearbook.

Season five

In Hackgirl, Harley Quinn, Hawkgirl, and Batgirl go to the docks to fight Cheshire. After defeating her henchmen, Cheshire tries to test her new poison on them. Hawkgirl's failure to control the new modifications on her mace accidentally incapacitates Batgirl and Harley and impedes her ability to fight Cheshire, who counterattacks by shooting at her with a dart gun. After removing the modifications, Hawkgirl defeats Cheshire by hitting the water tower she was standing on, causing her to fall off. Cheshire then gets splashed with water from the tower and then trapped inside as the tower falls over her.


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