Cold Blooded is the twenty-fourth webisode of season 2.


The webisode starts off in the courtyard, with Poison Ivy conducting her flowers dance in the school fountain, while the other students watch her performance. Frost then sneezes, feeling sick from her cold. Lady Shiva then asks Frost whether she's ill just as Frost blows her nose with her hanky. Frost then explains that she didn't want to miss Ivy's performance despite her cold. However Frost then sneezes freeze breath and manages to freeze Ivy's plants.

Ivy, unhappy at what has happened, scolds Frost for freezing her flowers. In the city, Firefly has taken hold of a businessman, who cries out for help, while dangling in the air. Amanda Wallerthen flies by in a chopper, demanding Firefly to let the civilian go. Firefly then asks who's going to stop hi, just as Wonder Woman and co stop him in mid-flight. Frost then sneezes again and manages to freeze Firefly, the civilian and Amanda's chopper solid. Wonder Woman and Starfire, then manage to quickly catch and safely land them on the ground, then breaking the ice, setting them free.

Shiva then demands that Frost, get herself off to bed, explaining that her cold is hindering their missions. In the corridors of Super Hero High School, Bumblebee, Batgirl and Poison Ivy, hear someone sneezing, while noticing a frost blowing in. The three know it's Frost and go to check on her, but find her cold's getting so bad, it's beginning to freeze the dormitories. They manage to break through the ice to Frost's room, dodging an incoming sneeze in the process.

Seeing, Frost's room the girls decide to help Frost with her cold, in order to stop the school from freezing over, with Bumblebee explaining they'll help her with anything she needs to get better, while Batgirl proceeds to put a thermometer in Frost's mouth, resulting in it freezing and breaking. Bumblebee then suggests Honey tea, but Frost sneezes again and it gets frozen. Ivy then suggests Kale juice, but as Frost drinks it, the glass freezes it to her arm. Finally Batgirl brings in the humidifier, however it just freezes. As night comes and goes, the girls are exhausted, just as Frost comes out of her room, with Batgirl asking what happened to her how she is.

Frost explains that she feels fab, saying that her cold has run it's course, thanking the three girls, before skipping off joyfully. However it turns out that Batgirl, Bumblebee and Ivy had caught her cold.




  • This episode was listed as the twenty-seventh webisode of season 2 on YouTube.
  • Beast Boy's shirt is missing its logo at the beginning of the episode.
  • The events in the official description never occur in the video.
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