DC Super Hero Girls Wikia
Frost Achoo!
Lady Shiva Frost, are you ill?
Frost Yeah. But I didn't wanna miss Ivy's big show. Achoo!
Poison Ivy Frost! You iced my irises and froze my freesias.
Guy Aah! Help!
Police Officer Firefly, unhand that citizen!
Firefly Who's gonna make me?
Wonder Woman We are!
Frost Achoo!
Lady Shiva Frost! Your illness is affecting us all. Get yourself to bed!
Frost Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!
Batgirl Okay. That was almost a brain-freeze. Alright. We're helping you kick this cold before you cause another ice age.
Bumblebee Whenever you need to get better, we're on it! Honey tea!
Poison Ivy Chill juice! Huh?
Batgirl Humidifier! Uh.
Frost Achoo! Achoo! Achoo!
Batgirl Frost, how are you feeling?
Frost Fab! I guess my cold ran its course. Thank you, guys!
Poison Ivy